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"Amazing Fat Loss Secrets Of A Natural Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, And Everyday "Average" Guy From Maine!"

Here I am before I used my own body as an experiment A few weeks later... entering a natural bodybuilding competition I walked home with two trophies that day ... and proof my system works That's me today, still going strong!

"Imagine you only have 30 days to live because of health reasons... UNLESS you lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass... What would YOU do?

Read below because you're going to learn exactly how to lose the most fat possible in 30 days time... as if your life depended on it!"

Dear Friend,

You only have 30 days to live!

"Huh? Whaddya mean?" you're probably asking yourself.

Bear with me for a minute, don't get depressed quite yet...

Here's the scene...

You were at your Doctor's office today for your annual check up.

But instead of giving you a clean bill of health, he politely informs you that YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MONTH TO LIVE UNLESS....

You lose 10 pounds of fat AND
gain 10 pounds of lean, toned muscle...

In the next 30 days!

That's right, doc has just told you that you have a life-threatening illness. Not only that, the only way to cure it is to gain more muscle and lose more fat than you've ever had! Better yet, you gotta do it in 30 days!

So, what do YOU do?

Do you accept defeat and slump down in your chair, ready to give up? Or do you look doc straight in the face and accept the challenge?

Would you know where to start if your
life depended on losing fat and gaining muscle?

This all sounds pretty far-fetched....

Or does it?

The news is out, over one-third of American adults are considered obese. With that comes the increased likelihood of heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

And there's no doubt these diseases and health problems contribute to early death. I don't think anyone would dispute that.

And although I'm not suggesting you're one of the statistics, what if you were?

What if you really did have to change your life and your body in only 30 days, where would you start?

Well, you'll soon know what I'd do if I was in that situation.

Shawn standing

Who I Am And Why I'm
The Logical Choice To Help You

My name is Shawn LeBrun and I'm a certified personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, and one of the internet's most trusted fitness experts.

In fact, you may have even used one of my top-selling fitness programs.

Let's just say I've learned the "ins-and-outs" of fat loss and muscle gain over the last 6 years, both with my own bodybuilding training as well as with teaching my personal training clients.

I'm now one of the internet's most published fitness and bodybuilding writers.

Many of my 200+ articles are being published on some of the biggest bodybuilding sites and newsletters worldwide, including, Critical, Fat Loss Tips, Nutricounter, and many, many more.

More importantly, I make my living helping people like yourself reach your own fitness goals.

In fact, well over 26,400 men and women worldwide have used one of my fitness programs to get leaner and more muscular than they ever thought possible.

Not only that, I've:

  • Lost a lot of fat and gained a ton of lean muscle myself, in a very short time.

  • Competed in natural bodybuilding shows, so I know what works to burn fat and build muscle.

  • Helped many others lose weight and build muscle while working as a personal trainer.

  • Studied long lasting, permanent fat loss and muscle building success.

Well, that's all well and good, but I'm sure you're thinking "Okay, Mr. Smart Guy" what's that all have to do with me?

Well, let me put it this way...

You can learn and DO anything you want...IF you're motivated enough to stick with it.

And one sure way to achieve anything you
want is to act as if your life depended on it!

Would you know the first step to take if your life depended on losing fat or gaining muscle?

Better yet, would you know exactly what to do for the entire 30 days so that you lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle?

Trouble is, most people don't.

Most people will try every program and routine under the sun and fail to stick with one long enough for it to work.

They READY... FIRE... AIM!

And start doing whatever they see others in the gym doing (which is usually the blind leading the blind scenario)...

So they try this and that, stick with something for a little while and when it doesn't appear to be working, bounce to something else.

Months later, there's still no progress and so they figure, "Ah, why even bother?"

Have you ever felt this way?

Do you pretty much think to yourself "Working out is for the birds, I never get anywhere, so why bother?"

Or the other type of person is the READY.. AIM... READY... AIM... READY... AIM...

And they take NO action at all!

Often times, the "paralysis of analysis" has stopped them right in their tracks. They're unsure of the first step to take.

They have no idea what it takes to get in the best shape of their lives. So they talk themselves out of doing anything at all!

Do you sometimes feel this way as well?

That would all change if your life
depended on getting in the best shape possible!

So why not approach it like your life really did?

With the drive and commitment you'd have, there's no way you'd fail. You'd literally walk through broken glass for another chance to see your kids grow up.

Or to be with your loved ones again.

In fact, doing ANYTHING as if you only had 30 days left to live is a sure-fire way to accomplish more in that 30 days than you'd normally accomplish in a year!

Are you ready to step up to the plate and prove what's possible when you really set your mind to something?

How You're Going To Gain More
Muscle and Lose More Fat in 30 Days Time

Learn the same exact fat loss and muscle building tips I previously only revealed to my paying personal training clients!

My brand new 172 page ebook, "30 Days to More Muscle and Less Fat--Guaranteed!" was written with one goal in mind...

To lay out a step-by-step fat loss and muscle building plan that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to lose fat and gain muscle in 30 days time!

No, you probably will not transform your body into a Greek statue these first 30 days, but this plan is set up to continue forever!

And as you keep at it, the results will keep coming and coming...

Until you finally have the
body you've only dreamed of!

This new ebook has 172 pages of "do this, then do that" detailed information so that you know exactly what needs to be done in 30 days to lose fat and gain muscle!

Click here to view the table of contents.

"30 Days to More Muscle and Less Fat--Guaranteed!" focuses on 3 important key areas of your fitness:

  • Intense weight training.
  • Intense cardiovascular/aerobic exercise.
  • Proper nutrition to support the above 2 areas.
These are the 3 key areas you need to focus on to achieve:
  • Dramatic Fat Loss.
  • Improved Muscle Gain.
  • Increased Flexibility.
  • Improved Strength.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Increased Confidence.

In fact, here's just a few of the amazing things you'll learn in "30 Days to More Muscle and Less Fat--Guaranteed!"

  • Learn how to warm up correctly so that you increase the weight on all your lifts the very first day!

  • Learn how to bust through any fat loss plateau - even if you've been stuck at the same weight for years!

  • Learn the proven rep and set range you MUST DO to skyrocket your strength and gain more lean muscle. It's not the old 3 sets of ten myth you may be doing!

  • Learn how long you should keep your workouts to--Train longer than this length and your results start sinking like a rock.

  • Learn how how many days a week is best for muscle growth!--If you lift a lot more or lot less than this number, good luck gaining muscle!

  • Cut your gym time down to 3 hours a week max, while gaining even more muscle and shedding more fat.

  • Discover the single most important thing you MUST DO before you even step foot in a gym to start any fat loss or muscle building program!

  • Learn how you MUST set up your weight lifting programs and cardio routines to maximize muscle and speed up fat loss. If you do cardio and weights in the wrong order, you'll lose muscle!

  • Eliminate overtraining and training plateaus in your weight lifting programs and learn how to break through a plateau if you're in one.

  • Learn what it truly takes to gain fat-free muscle weight!

  • Learn what it absolutely takes for you to get bigger, stronger, and leaner in less you can look better and get noticed a lot more!

  • Learn why you're at the weight you're at now and how to change it. Uncover exactly why you're overweight and learn how to change it forever.

  • Discover how to pinpoint what you really want to achieve with your fitness goals. Once you figure out what you want to achieve, just follow my steps to lose fat and gain muscle, perfectly laid out for you.

  • Find out the biggest deciding factor between losing fat or staying at the weight you're at now. If you fail to take this one step, losing fat will be nearly impossible!

  • Find out why only an hour or less of cardio or aerobics a week can lead to incredible fat loss success. You do not have to spend hours doing cardio. Learn how to burn fat in the quickest manner, saving you time and energy!

  • Discover the 30 "MUST DO" steps to gaining more muscle, losing more fat, and increasing your strength in record time so you save more time and get more results by focusing on what really works.

  • Gain more muscle with your weight lifting programs. Have more self-confident, more pride, and just look damn good!

  • Learn how to set up your training to increase testosterone naturally. Increasing testosterone will add more muscle mass and increase your strength more than any other hormone!

  • Find out how to get your body burning fat around the clock - even while sleeping!

  • Learn the single most important nutrition product you can use for building lean muscle and melting body fat! Stop downing nasty weight-loss shakes or taking dangerous fat loss pills!

  • Learn how to increase your strength dramatically in your weight lifting programs. Be stronger, faster, and more competitive at sports.

  • Learn the secrets to losing more ugly body fat. Feel sexier, impress others more, and feel better about yourself.

  • Learn the right way to warm up and work out. Increase your bench press, squat, and all your lifts on the very first day you try this simple, common sense principle!

  • Learn to set up your workout to be the most efficient use of time and energy. Drastically cut down the amount of time you spend, from 6 to 8 hours a week to 3 to 4 hours, getting even better results! Use that extra time to spend with family or friends!

  • Learn how to figure your daily calorie needs based upon your own unique body type. If you're an ectomorph, you no longer have to be small or skinny because of your genetics! If you're a mesomorph, your calorie intake may hold the key to your weight loss!

  • Skyrocket your self-esteem and confidence with the muscle you gain and the fat you lose. Feel bigger, more powerful, and more proud of your size...not small and inferior.

  • Learn how many reps and sets you must do to gain rock-solid muscle mass and improve strength. Get stronger and bigger for football, hockey, or other contact sports. Stop being picked on and called "Small Fry"

  • Find out the best weight lifting tips to shock your body into muscle mass growth. Gain muscle mass and stop being embarrased when you look in the mirror.

  • Discover that how you eat will determine what your results will be. Set up your nutrition so you're packing on muscle and losing fat 24/7.

  • Uncover the "right" approach to cardio so that you're not burning off all your hard earned muscle.

  • Learn how many days to train, how many muscle groups to target, and how much to rest. Save a ton of time and energy by only doing exactly what you need to do, in and out of the gym.

  • Learn HOW, WHAT, and WHEN to eat to gain muscle and lose the pounds.Since your diet is the key to gaining muscle and losing fat, you'll learn the right way to eat to do both.

  • More importantly, learn how to workout safely and effectively! You DON'T need steroids, a ton of exercise, or other hyped up supplements or solutions. Turn every workout into a muscle builder.

  • Learn the best supplements on the market to build muscle and melt off fat. You'll save money and headaches by only using proven supplements to help you pack on muscle and get ripped. Don't fall for the hype!

  • Learn which weight lifting exercises you should be doing in the gym for maximum muscle, dropping the worthless ones for good. Some exercises are a waste of time and will not help with muscle growth or strength. Find out which ones to do and which ones to drop like a rock.

  • Discover the best fat burning tips--Lose fat and feel sexier, more attractive, and better about yourself.

  • Find out how to have more energy--I show you invaluable tips on the most productive and quickest ways to boost your energy so you feel vibrant and alive.

  • Learn how to to eat better--We'll talk about setting up your nutrition to burn fat around the clock. It breaks down what protein, carbs, and fats are and how much to get of each one and also includes sample food lists and sample meals.

  • Discover the training routine I use for muscle growth and fat loss! ALL of my exercises and the number of sets and reps I do. Skip the trial and error and just copy what I do to gain muscle and lose fat. It's all laid out for you, step-by-step!

Shawn, thanks again for another great program. "30 Days" was very easy to follow but I could tell I was on to something in the first few weeks. I lost 6 pounds of fat in the first 2 weeks but yet I felt stronger, fuller, and more muscular. Anyways, just wanted to keep you informed of my success with this program, it really does work. Take care...John Syder

What you see above is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you want a fool-proof, easy-to-follow fat-loss and workout plan...

You Need To Follow The Blueprint In This Ebook!

Because whether you want to lose 10 pounds of fat or gain 10 pounds of muscle...

  • You're frustrated trying to figure out the truth about what it really takes to melt fat, boost strength, and add lean muscle.

  • You want a program that's simple and easy to follow, yet extremely powerful and productive! After all, you've got better things to do than read a boring, theory-based text book. You want all-meat and no filler!

  • You're skeptical about all the workout and fat loss programs and products that are out there because of all the exaggerated claims and hyped-up promises they make.

  • You're tired of trying useless weight loss programs or diet fads, being disappointed with the results.

  • You'd like to lose fat and gain muscle without using some radical diet or pill and without having to exercise your butt off!

  • You're fed up with watching late-night TV commercials lie to you about how easy it is to lose a ton of weight using THEIR machine, and theirs only.

  • You'd do just about anything to cut through the lies and learn what it truly takes to lose fat and gain muscle.

Don't worry, if any of these describe you -- that's exactly why I created "30 Days To More Muscle and Less Fat!"

To show you there's no magic pill for building muscle and losing fat.

It takes hard work, but it should be directed, focused hard work!

And as a trainer, it's my job to show you what needs to be done. Now you can take an "informative shortcut" and learn my "best-of-the-best" tips for building muscle and losing fat

So you can cut out all the
guesswork and start doing what works!

Hi Shawn, I have just finished the 23rd day of your "30 days" program and all I can say is "wow!".

I have been going to the gym for some time and have been seeing gradual results, in the last couple of weeks I have seen dramatic results!

I have found your book excellent, it is well written, full of good ideas and has kept me motivated (I am also saving a fortune on takeaway food!).

Thanks again, Daniel Macdonald

Let me ask you, is this the year you take action to get the body you want?

Please don't let it be another year you sit back and say to yourself...I'll really do it next year!

Guess What? Next Year Never Comes!

It's a viscious cycle and the only way you're going to change and get what you want is if you make it happen...Right NOW!

In fact, your perfect body only takes place at the moment you're fed up and have finally had enough...

  • of being overweight!

  • of being unhappy!

  • of not having the sex appeal you want!

  • of not having enough energy!

  • of not having the muscle you want!

  • of not having the killer, washboard abs you want!
  • of not having the confidence you want!

Or, like I mentioned earlier...

If your life depended on it!

So skip the aggravation and confusion of hunting down the most effective and proven fat loss tips and muscle building weight lifting programs...

Because I'm bringing them to you in a 30-Day, easy-to-follow plan so you can save valuable time and money!

Cut right to the chase and get the vital information you need to get in the best shape of your life!

Walk the beach with more pride and confidence this year. Show off a leaner, more muscular physique while walking the sand!

In summary, here's what you get:

Each 172 page PDF "30 Days To More Muscle and Less Fat--Guaranteed!" e-book comes with a 30 Day, step-by-step plan you can use immediately!

Click here to view the table of contents.

Benefits of an ebook like this one...

  • Save a tree if you don't want to print it on paper.
  • Have instant access to your purchase after payment, no waiting for snail mail!
  • Read it with any computer, like IBM or Mac and any browser. It's in universal .pdf format!
  • There's **NO** shipping and handling costs!
  • It's easy to lose or misplace a printed book, but it's pretty hard to lose your computer!

Also, if you order right now, you pay the special price of only $49.95 $37.00

I can promise you, this fat-loss and muscle-building plan is easily worth much, much more--in fact, I've personally spent well over $500 total with all the books, courses, and programs I bought years ago ...

So that you don't have to!

And like I mentioned earlier, this is the same exact system clients have paid me $100.00 per hour for!

And act immediately and I'll also guarantee you get these 7 bonuses 10 bonuses, worth well over $499 dollars, absolutely FREE!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to say YES now, I want to give you an even bigger reason for acting now. Each and every one of these valuable bonuses are "useable" and will help you get the most out of this e-book! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

Free Bonus #1 ($39.94)-- All Star Trainer's Secrets A special compilation of all-time favorite articles from some of the top fitness writers and personal trainers.

It was SIX months in the making but finally with the help of all 13 Newsletter writers, we decided on what was the VERY BEST articles published throughout the years that people would enjoy reading.

Free Bonus #2 ($100.00 potential)--I'll enter your name into a weekly drawing for $100.00 worth of FREE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS OF YOUR CHOICE! Only the people who have ordered will be entered into the random drawing.

Not only that, I'll also give you the link to a "unique" website few people know about where you can buy supplements from 40-50% off normal prices! This bonus will save you a ton of money in itself.

Free Bonus #3 ($19.97)--You'll also get my 2 Ab Sculpting reports, "The 3 Keys to Killer Abs" and "Make 2003 the Year of 6 Pack Abs" sent with your order immediately. If you really want to get those "6-pack abs", these reports will show you exactly what must be done for washboard abs!

Free Bonus #4 ($39.94) -- Get 2 free e-books "How I Lost A Ton of Fat in 12 Weeks" and "Bodybuilding Recipes"

The first e-book is an exclusive free bonus that you won't find anywhere else online! The second, "Bodybuilding Recipes", gives you high protein, low fat recipes you can use to make your nutrition planning a lot easier.

Free Bonus #5 ($99.97)--Order this muscle building and fat loss program now and I'll also include a month of online personal training, which I normally charge $99.97, for FREE!

That way, anytime you have a question, just zip me an email and I'll send you an in-depth, knowledgeable answer within 24 hours! So you'll never be left without help.

People that have purchased this email training separately have told me that it's worth well more than what I charge! If you order right now, it's included with this ebook!

**NEW** Free Bonus #6 ($19.97)--If you order now, I'll send you 2 bonuses that show, in real video, how to perform ANY of 340 different exercise that you want to know--for FREE! If you're unsure how to perform any exercise, these exercise demos are a must.

**NEW** Free Bonus #7 ($99.97)--Order "30 Days To More Muscle and Less Fat" now and I'll also include a free year-long subscription to my cutting edge fitness "Change Your Body" newsletter!

Stay up-to-date with the latest tried-and-true fitness, weight loss, and supplement tips you can use immediately in your routine to see results.

And if you act now, the $99.97 subscription is yours free!

**NEW** Free Bonus #8 ($49.97) Just Added!--Order this program now and you'll get access to a tool I use every single day of the year! It's a database that lists the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content of every single food known! At the click of a button, find the protein, carb, and fat content of any food in literally seconds! This makes your nutritional approach precision-accurate!

**NEW** Free Bonus #9 ($29.97) Just Added!--"Muscle Building Smoothies This ebook contains over 120 different protein drinks and smoothie recipes to help you gain muscle, shed fat, and not get bored with plain old vanilla or chocolate!

**NEW** Free Bonus #10 ($49.00) Just Added! "Maximum Muscle In Minimum Time 2-hour coaching call Here's a 2-hour coaching call I had with my paying clients where I laid out a step by step plan of attack for gaining the most muscle possible in the least amount of time. And yes, it also comes free with this purchase!

guarantee for these muscle building programs

8-Week No-Risk Unconditional
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

If you're still the least bit hesitant about making this investment in a leaner, more muscular, more energetic you ... here's my promise to you:

I know you'll be satisfied using this program, but you really don't know that yet, until you have it in front of you.

So I want to eliminate all worry for you...

Get this muscle building and fat loss program. If you're not absolutely 100% satisfied with what it's done for you, just ask and you will receive a full and total refund. Period. No questions asked.

And the $499.00 worth of muscle-building bonuses are yours to keep, even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee.

So I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this program is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn't do everything I say and more...

If you don't lose more fat, increase your strength and energy, and tone up your body ...

If it isn't life-changing, if it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you're fully protected under my no-risk, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose (except body fat) and everything to gain (especially lean, toned muscle).

Take The Shortcut To Success
And Learn From An Expert!

Please, don't procrastinate and wait. If you're tired of not having the body you want ... that will change by using this program.

Hey Shawn, thanks for a very informative book. It really covered all of the questions I had and pinpointed the reasons why I wasn't seeing any results with my current routine.

I'm extremely excited to take these tips and run with them! Thanks for putting together a great program...Robert Brusby

Don't leave your results to chance. Order now and you'll be downloading in just a minute. It will be one of the best decisions you make this year.

Here's how to get your e-book right now!

"30 Days To More Muscle and Less Fat" is not available in book stores. It is only sold right here, on this site.

The first and fastest way to order this e-book is to click the link below

That way, you can get the download links emailed to you within minutes after ordering.

I use a 100% secure server for all orders on this site, so your credit card information is 100% safe!

You can also pay by check online if you would prefer.

Download "30 Days To More Muscle
and Less Fat" Now For Only $37.00!

Here's to your success in health and life!

My signature
Shawn LeBrun
Certified Personal Trainer

P.S. Remember, you'll get specific steps containing the best "how-to-lose-fat-and-gain-muscle" information available. Written by a real person and a real trainer who produces real results. I'm not a faceless company looking to sell you some magic formula.

So if you're tired of trying everything you can to lose fat and gain muscle, give this a try. You can waste all that sweat and energy in the gym with trial and error, or you can get the results you want much faster.

The choice is up to you. And remember, all the risk is on me and the program is guaranteed!

Download "30 Days To More Muscle
and Less Fat" Now For Only $37.00!

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It would be easier to just keep doing what you've been doing to try and lose fat and gain muscle.

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It's time to do better so you can get better!

This is your moment, take the leap of faith by ordering below.

Download "30 Days To More Muscle
and Less Fat" Now For Only $37.00!

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