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The Basics Of Weight Training Routines

When designing weight training routines, I try to keep two basic principles at the forefront of my mind. These two principles are "simplicity" and "efficiency."

One of the reasons why I feel many people stop making gains in their weight training routines is that they think the longer they have been involved in fitness, the more advanced and difficult things need to become.

They get "lost in the shuffle" as to what works and what does not. Something keeps them from reaching their fitness goals they have set for themselves, so they try something new, something different, shying away from the simpler things that actually worked. The cycle of confusion begins. Keep things simple and stick with the basics of good weight training routines and you will get a lot further.

Have you noticed the huge increase of fitness and nutrition products to hit the shelves lately? Diet books, pills, powders, thigh masters, liquid drinks, bun and thigh rockers, ab-this and ab-that machines just to name a few.

Every time you change the TV channel, there is an infomercial on some new weight-loss product or tummy-tuck contraption. Why? Americans are fatter than ever. Why is it the amount of products to the amount of overweight/obese people is also increasing?

We have to ask, is our approach working? Of course it isnít. There is one reason and only one reason these products are saturating the airwaves and TVs. Money. That is it.

These products are making companies (many of them bogus and illegitimate) millions if not billions of dollars a year. How? By targeting peopleís emotions, telling them that if they bought their product, they will look like the girl in the ad or the guy in the commercial.

The deception most of these companies use is downright fraud, but people continue to by into it. This brings me back to why I designed my weight training routines using the basics that work: Simplicity and efficiency.

You do not need anything other than motivation, self-discipline, some free weights, and some direction as to what exercises to do and which ones not to do. You do not need the latest pill product, or fad diet to get you to where you want to be.

The more information thrown out there to the consumer, the more bull to wade through. Keep things simple and you will make life a whole lot easier. The basics of my weight training routines are built around very simple, proven techniques that will aid in fat-loss and lean muscle gain.

My goal is to make things very simple, very efficient, and very effective for my clients. Most people tend to like simple routines. It cuts the confusion. And exercise doesnít have to be complex in order for it to work. Simple, basic ones like bench press and squats are completely more effective.

These principles should not change, regardless of how long you have been weight training or how long you plan on continuing weight training. Once you know what actually causes a muscle to grow and get stronger, why would you want to train any other way?

Bottom line... if you want to build muscle mass, it's important that you stick with the basics of weight training routines. Keep it short and intense and use basic, proven exercises.

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