New at weight lifting or bodybuilding... but still want to gain muscle and strength as fast as possible? If so, skip the learning curve and cut out the trial and error...

"Finally, Here's A Simple, Step-by-Step Blueprint That Takes You From Weight Lifting 'Newbie'... To Skyrocketing Past Your Jealous Friends And Gym Buddies In Muscle Size, Strength, And Definition!"

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Imagine the respect and admiration they give you as you start crushing their best lifts! No more getting teased for being the "skinny guy" or the "weak one". They'll be in awe of you, dying to know your secrets!

On the following page, you'll learn the powerful training techniques and nutrition strategies for packing on rock-hard muscle and skyrocketing your strength and confidence. If you want to speed up your results in the gym, this proven system will help you build a muscular body you can be proud of!

Our story begins in your living room. You've just arrived home after another grueling day on the job, competing with your co-workers and battling the traffic on the freeway.

You're tired and don't feel like working out. All you want is something cool to drink and a little R & R in front of the boob tube.

So you grab your favorite beverage, flop down on your LazyBoy, flip on the remote and... THERE IT IS ... right in front of your face. Another infomercial featuring a rock-hard body that looks like it was carved from a solid piece of stone.

And you think to yourself... "some day, I'm gonna have a body like that. One that actually gets respect and turns heads. I'm gonna show everybody that I'm not the 160 pound weakling they all think I am." Someday, some day, some day...

Dear Bodybuilding Beginner,

Please, don't take offense, but does this sound like you? Maybe you're one of those guys who played sports in school... but the years of inactivity have really taken their toll.

Maybe you want to get rid of those mushy, "trouble spots" covering your abs? Or maybe you want to gain a little more muscle mass, so you can look better, feel better, and get noticed more.

Perhaps you're someone who has always wanted to look like you just stepped off the stage of a bodybuilding show... so you can command more respect and attention?

Either way, there's gotta be something driving you, some reason that makes you want to hit the gym.

Could it be that you had an experience like the legendary "97 pound weakling, Angelo Charles Siciliano?"

You remember that famous ad, don't you? The one where he was publicly humiliated when a bully embarrassed him in front of his favorite girl by kicking sand in his face on Coney Island back in the 1920ís. If you've heard the story or seen the cartoon ad, the girl walked off right away.

Carles made a decision that day. From a 97 pound weakling to winning "Most Perfectly Developed Man" contest in 1922, Charles Atlas became an icon whose principles are still in use today by thousands of people around the world.

How did he do it? Simple. He made a decision.

He realized that he wasn't happy with his body, so he knew he had to make a change. So he made a decision to take action and change his situation.

Do You Want More Respect,
Attention, And Confidence...

It's the same decision that you're in a position to make today. Take your wishes and wants and finally put them to action. Build a body you can be proud of.

So if you just started weight lifting or bodybuilding... or you're thinking about starting to work out again, the rest of this letter will be the most important message you read.

Here's why...

muscle gain trophy
That's me with a couple of my bodybuilding trophies

My name is Shawn LeBrun and I'm a personal trainer, fitness author, and natural bodybuilder. I've written hundreds of articles for major bodybuilding sites, I've authored several best-selling training books, and I've personally trained hundreds of clients in person and thousands more online.

Here Are Three Good Reasons I Can
Help You Get More Results From The Gym:

Reason one: As a natural, competitive bodybuilder, I've learned first-hand what it takes to build more lean, rock-hard muscle and lose more unwanted fat. I've spent many years of my life trying many different muscle-building and fat-loss programs to see what works.

So I can save you from all the aggravation and frustration that comes with trial and error.

In fact, I placed in the top 5 for my first ever natural bodybuilding competition using the same training tips I'm about to share with you. So I've proven my advice works, both with my own bodybuilding success as well as that of my personal training clients.

In other words....I practice what I preach!

Reason two: I'm one of the internet's most published fitness and bodybuilding writers, with over 20,000 active subscribers to my weekly fitness newsletter. My articles, tips, and programs are displayed on some of the biggest and most popular bodybuilding sites! My fitness business was also featured on the "Secrets To Their Success" web site.

This means others have found my advice extremely helpful. That's because I write valuable, "real world" tips you can understand and use immediately, not some theory you find in most boring text books.

Reason three: Most importantly, as a personal trainer, I make my living helping people like yourself reach their own muscle-building and fat-loss goals. If I wasn't good at producing results, I wouldn't still be in business! (going on 6 years now)

So let me wrap this up by asking you something very important...

"Are You As Lean Or As Muscular
As You Really Want To Be Right Now?"

Do you currently have the physique you want?

If not, there's only two things you can do.

Keep doing the same thing you're doing now, and get the same exact results you're getting. Six months or even a year from now, if you haven't packed on the muscle size, lost the fat, or gained the strength you want, how happy will you be?

Or, if you're not happy with your current results... you can learn how to do better. And there's really only two ways you can learn what works best to build muscle and lose fat:

Trial and error-- you can spend a lot of time and money like I once did trying to figure out what really works. And when you've wasted that time and money and still haven't gotten the results you want, you're back to square one.

"Or you can from someone that already knows
how to build a lean, muscular physique"

You can also do this one of two ways...

Hire a personal trainer like myself for $50 to $100 an hour to give you a system to follow. But let's be honest, how much training, cardio, and nutrition information can you possibly learn in an hour?

You'd need hours with a trainer to get enough information you can really use. Not to mention the cost of that would run into the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

You can also try and find a program online. But the problem is, options for the beginning weight lifter or bodybuilder can all appear quite confusing when you're just getting started. In fact, itís easy to become extremely misled and discover more questions than answers.

Questions like:

  • How do I really build muscle?
  • How do I increase my strength?
  • How do I begin a muscle building routine?
  • What should I eat?
  • How often should I eat?
  • How much should I eat?
  • Should I eat at different intervals throughout the day?
  • Is there a specific diet for building muscle?
  • Should I take supplements?
  • If so, what supplements should I take
  • Should I join a gym?
  • Can I create my own gym at home?
  • Which exercises should I do?
  • How many reps and sets should I use?
  • How can I avoid being ripped off?

And the single worst thing you can do is pick up a muscle mag off the shelf and follow the routines in there. Let me tell you, doing that will stop your results dead in their tracks!

You can NOT get the best results by copying the "big-name" pro workout routines you read in the muscle mags. You and I both know they don't get that big from just training and taking supplements.

Most of them use drugs and DO NOT train like those of us who don't. The drugs allow them to train for hours a day and see results. You and I cannot do that naturally.

As you can see, you need trusted advice from someone who has been where you are. Someone who understands your frustration with not making gains and knows what it honestly takes for us natural guys to pack on muscle.

In other words, you need to ...

"Copy a simple, step by step system
guaranteed to help you get the best results!"

To get the most out of the time you spend in the gym, you need a method. One that's been proven to work. You need a process you can use, over and over, to gain muscle and lose fat.

So right now, I'm going to show you how you can get a beginner's system you can use in the gym, for a tiny fraction of the price you'd pay a personal trainer.

That way, you can learn in a matter of hours... what takes most people YEARS to learn.

It's true! I can shave off years of trial and error in the gym for you. By following my step-by-step "blueprint", you can skip the learning curve and learn the proven secrets to building muscle, losing fat, and skyrocketing your strength.

In other words, I'll help you get what you want from working out and going to the gym... a lean, muscular physique that turns heads and gets respect. Isn't that why we all work out? To feel better, look better, and get noticed more?

And that's why "Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding" is written just for you, the beginner who wants to learn the truth about building muscle.

muscle building ebook cover

You'll find answers to the questions above, as well as...

  • The pros and cons to joining a gym or creating one at home.

  • You'll learn the different types of equipment that are available to you as a bodybuilder and what purpose they serve.

  • Discover what changes you need to make in your dietary habits and what impact they'll have on your bodybuilding efforts.

  • Learn how to protect yourself against outrageous claims by over-zealous supplement marketers.

All this and much more is at your fingertips. Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding" is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to build more muscle in less time, or is considering becoming a bodybuilder.

Before you take that second step, arm yourself with the most powerful tool any budding bodybuilder should have. What is that tool? Knowledge!

  • Before you even think about your exercise routine...
  • Before you begin researching a nutritional program...
  • Before you shop for supplements...
  • Before you join a gym...

You need to learn better... so you can do better. And once you start to do better, you'll also start to get better results. And that's where Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding" comes in.

Although it's impossible to list all of the advantages you gain by using the effective strategies in this program, I do want to mention some of the main benefits you'll enjoy:

  • You'll learn what it really takes to build more muscle. That will make you feel more confident, have more pride, and increase your self-esteem.

  • You'll learn how to lose ugly body fat. Feel sexier, have a body you're proud to show off, and feel better about yourself. Be more confident around members of the opposite sex.

  • Find out how to increase your strength dramatically. Your bench press, squat, and all lifts will go up! Be stronger, faster, and more competitive at sports. Become the top athlete for your school and sport!

  • Learn, once and for all, which is best for building muscle mass: machines or free weights.

  • Learn how to do your cardio so you burn MORE calories in LESS time. This simple yet important tip will help you burn off more body fat as a result.

  • Discover a simple technique you can use with your nutrition so you burn fat all day long -- even without aerobics!.

  • Learn what to do right before a cardio session that will literally prevent muscle loss from happening.

  • Find out the amount of time you MUST keep your workouts under so you don't overtrain and lose muscle.

  • Learn the most important thing you can do to gain rock-hard muscle weight. And no, you won't gain weight by downing nasty weight-gain shakes! Gain more rock-solid muscle mass in less time by doing this one simple thing.

  • Find out exactly how many days to work out each week. One or two days more or less will ruin your best chances of gaining muscle! If you're working out too many, you'll cut off a few days, saving you time and getting you better results.

  • Learn how to cut the amount of time you spend working out from 6 hours a week to 3 hours, getting even better results! Use that extra time to spend with family, friends, or other loved ones!

  • Learn the best supplements on the market for packing on muscle and melting off fat. Save money and headaches by only using proven supplements like creatine, protein, and a few more I discuss.

  • Learn how you MUST take your supplements to get the best results from them. Learn the best times to take your supplements, what to take them with, and how much of them to take (most people are dead wrong about this).

  • Find out what you MUST DO immediately after a workout to speed up the muscle-building process! It only takes 30 seconds to do and you'll gain a lot more muscle.

  • Learn what foods to eat, how much of them to eat, and when to eat them! Make gaining muscle almost fool-proof by taking all the guesswork out!

  • Discover the absolute best protein, carb, and fat sources and how much to eat of each. Get the right amounts of each and your time in the gym will pay off even more.

  • Learn the specific number of sets and reps to do in the gym to get the most muscle and strength gains in the shortest amount of time. Again, this ONE small change in your bodybuilding routine will add more muscle mass and increase your strength more than any other change you make (and this is where most people fail).

  • Learn the basics of proper nutrition and how to set up your daily eating for a "get-ripped" diet. Speed up your metabolism and burn fat even while you're sleeping!

  • Find out what you MUST do right before bed so you don't lose muscle while you're sleeping.

And that's just the very beginning. You'll learn many more complete facts on training and dieting for results!

In fact, not only am I confident this beginners muscle building routine and training system will give you the inside scoop so you can gain more solid muscle, explode your strength, and lose more fat...

I Guarantee It And Have
The Results To Prove It!

That's because it works.

Below are a few of the hundreds of testimonials I've received from people having great success from following this same advice.

In fact, many of my clients started out as beginners and learned how to speed up results in a lot less time. These are regular people ... both men and women. And they're amazed they can get such fantastic results in such little time by following this system.

"Shawn, I LOVE your e-book! I've read several of your articles and other e-books and really like your approach to transforming physiques. Thanks!"

Eric Knous

"I think the ebook is very impressive, things are nicely explained, and I now feel much more motivated to work out than I was previously.

Pak Cheng

Shawn, great e-book. I will start applying your principles starting with today's workout. Thanks .

Michael Edworthy

Hey shawn I'm just letting you know your program is working. I'm gaining more muscle and strength and not doing no where near as much work.

Joe Evans

Thanks alot for the program, i have been on it for only 2 weeks, following it exactly and i am already seeing great results! thanks again,

Alex Avila

I have read through your ebook and find it to be exceptional. I'm glad I found you!

Gordon Gibb

In regards to the book I really enjoy it. The amount of intensity I have in the gym has returned and I leave pumped not drained.

Andrew Gow

Shawn, First off, thanks for supplying all this great info. i'm so psyched to get going...

Chris Capel

I just started your program today and added 25 pounds to my bench and for the first time in ages, I really enjoyed lifting weights. I am on my way!! Thanks again.

William Hanna

I've been following the instructions in your book and it's been working pretty well. I'm making bigger gains than I was before and seeing constant progress.

Eric Mason

Shawn, with this workout and your advice, I feel lucky because I know that I am back on track! Just wanted you to know that you are the key in setting my plan in motion!

Gina Lewis

Shawn, after 2 weeks on your program, I gained 6 pounds and my strength increased. A friend of mine saw me and said it looked like someone put a pump into my body and blew it up. My abs are also more cut. Thanks for the program.

Pat Fay

Your workouts are awesome. thank-you so much for your time i really appeciate it.

Jerry Carri

Hi Shawn, First, I wanted to thank you for your program I bought a few months ago. I'm definitely getting stronger, and unlike past workouts (where I think I plateaued) I get sore almost every day!

Dave Busch

Dear Shawn, Thank you for all the great information concerning bodybuilding and fitness. It has really changed the way I feel at 51.

Dan Svoboda

I really enjoyed your book, excellent. Putting the section about goal setting first was just great; people seem to skip over that.

Simon Odds

And these are from ordinary people, like you and me.

And if you have any doubt, whatsover, that I'm for real and my advice is proven to work, click here to hear from over 150+ clients of mine that have achieved astonishing results from following my advice.

In fact, the training strategies and techniques in Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding" will help you, no matter what your goals are:

  • If You're a Beginner -- I'll take you by the hand and walk you through everything you need to know to build muscle and shed fat, starting from square one. Save time and cut to the chase by doing what works, dropping the rest!

  • If You Want to Shed Body Fat -- Learn the best fat-burning and cardio tips you can use to get leaner in less time!

  • If You Want More Muscle -- If you want to gain strength, increase confidence, and build powerful muscle, you'll discover the quickest way to do so.

  • If You're an Athlete -- Get bigger, stronger, and better for your sport. Learn which exercises are best at building strength and speed so you can be more competitive for your sport.

  • If You're Advanced -- Discover how to get back to muscle-building basics, cutting out stuff you don't need to be doing. This will save you a ton of time and energy.

Order your copy of Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding" right now and put yourself on the road to building a lean, rock-hard body you can be proud of.

Now, I know the hardest part of beginning any new program is starting. So that's why I'm going to offer up even more reasons for you to download this ebook today.

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to say YES now, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gifts for ordering right now.

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My 3-Month "No-Questions-Asked"
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

I'm so confident you'll be thrilled with your results from using this program, I want you to test this information at my expense!

If, for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding", simply let me know within 3 months and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund. Absolutely no questions asked. Period. That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.

And since you took the time, effort, and faith to give my program a try, I want you to keep the $129.97 worth of bonus gifts -- free of charge, even if you decide to take advantage of the 90-day money-back guarantee. So this offer is better than risk free!

I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this program is for you.

Just get it and try it.

If it doesn't do everything I say and more... if you don't gain more muscle and strength, lose more body fat, increase your self-confidence...

If you're not thrilled with it, just email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. Quickly and easily. So you really have nothing to lose (except fat) and everything to gain (especially muscle) by trying it out".

Go ahead and download your personal copy of Muscle Building 101: "The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding" and start applying your new-found knowledge today!

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P.S. If you're just starting out in weight training or bodybuilding, you need this step by step beginner's guide. It will help you skip the learning curve, so you can cut out all the years of trial and error. So save the time, money, and aggravation by picking up this guide.

And just to recap, here's a sample of the secrets you'll learn in "Muscle Building 101: The Beginner's Guide To Weight Lifting And Bodybuilding"

  • Learn the simple, proven basics of building muscle
  • Discover how to choose a gym
  • Learn about building a home gym
  • Find out how to set up your routine
  • Get diet and body building + Recipes
  • Learn about supplements
  • What About Steroids?
  • Learn about muscle building scams to avoid
  • Discover the proven bodybuilding tips to help you gain muscle
  • Find other fitness and bodybuilding resources

Since I've already made all of the mistakes from years of trial and error in the gym... you don't have to waste your time and energy. So save the aggravation and use my experience as your shortcut guide to getting the body you've always wanted!

"I can already see alot of muscle gains, even within the last month. My chest is building up, back is developing, biceps are growing, legs especially are developing. I feel like I'm just getting started, so this is really exciting." Kerry Spicer

Here's what to do now:

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