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The Benefit of Weight Lifting

An important benefit of weight lifting is that it speeds up your body's metabolism.

Your metabolism determines how your body utilizes calories throughout the day for energy. Metabolism is simply the speed in which your body burns through food.

Having an accelerated metabolism means that we will burn more calories often because our body will be utilizing and burning off food more often.

This is where the benefit of weight lifting comes in. One way to accelerate your metabolism is by increasing your amount of lean muscle tissue. Since muscle is metabolically active tissue, the more you have the more calories you burn.

This is a big benefit of weight lifting because weight lifting will add lean muscle to your body.

When you add lean muscle tissue to your body composition, you increase the amount of calories your body burns and you also increase your metabolic rate. Muscle requires energy to maintain and it gets that energy from burning calories.

There are studies that suggest that you only expend about 10% of your daily calories through exercise, the rest is expended through your body's metabolic functions.

So again, the biggest benefit of weight lifting is that the more lean muscle tissue you have, the more calories your body will burn throughout the day.

Now, the quickest and easiest way to add muscle through resistance training is to perform your weight lifting with less repetitions and a little more weight. It would stand to reason that if you could lift 100 pounds 10 times, you could lift more weight than that if you had to do less than 10 times.

I incorporate lower reps into my clients workout programs and the results are an increase in lean muscle. Over time, this increase in lean mass will help accelerate fat-loss by dipping into stored body fat as a source of fuel.

The combination of strength training with supportive eating throughout the day will assist your body in adding lean muscle to its frame. This lean muscle will increase the amount of calories you burn off throughout the day. So a big benefit of weight lifting is that you'll lose fat much quicker!

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