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"Use This Body building Book to Increase Strength and Pack On Muscle"

The proven "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" 12-Week Body building Book and Training Program was written by me, a real trainer and bodybuilder, with one goal in mind...

To deliver you a step-by-step muscle-building and fat-loss plan that has the best weight training, cardio, and nutrition tips from someone qualified to give you advice!

"Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" is a body building book that's detailed and easy to understand. It's packed with "do this, then do that" advice so you always know what you need to do and when to do it. You don't have to think about anything, you just do the work. So you can follow the plan and not waste time with unimportant stuff.

That way, you have more free time outside the gym. Not only that, you'll also:

  • Gain more muscle. Feel more self-confident, have more pride, and just look damn good! Increase your self-esteem so you can approach others more.

  • Lose more ugly body fat. Feel sexier, have a body you're proud of, and feel better about yourself. That way, you're more confident around others.

  • Increase your strength dramatically. Your bench press, squat, and all your lifts will go up the first day you try this simple tip! Be stronger, faster, and more competitive at sports. Become the "go-to" guy for your school and sport!

  • Learn how a 30-minute window of opportunity before and after your workout can add up to 25 lbs. of muscle to your frame in only 12 weeks. This one simple idea can give you a ton more muscle.

  • This body building book shows you how to set up your training to increase testosterone naturally. Increasing testosterone will add more muscle mass and increase your strength more than any other hormone! Set up your training this way and you'll not only increase testosterone, you'll also increase muscle gains!

And although it's impossible to list here all of the valuable information you'll learn from using this body building book, I do want to give you some additional benefits you'll enjoy:

  • Find out how many days to work out each week. One or two days more or less will ruin your best muscle gains! If you're working out too many, you'll cut off a few days, saving you time and getting you better results.

  • Learn to set up your workout to be the best use of time and energy. Cut down the amount of time you spend working out from 6 to 8 hours a week to 3 to 4 hours, getting even better results! Use that extra time to spend with family or friends!

  • Learn the best supplements on the market to build muscle and melt off fat and how to use them the right way! Save money and headaches by only using proven supplements and learn how to take them to help you pack on muscle and get ripped.

  • Learn how to completely eliminate training plateaus and get out of one if you're in one. Overtraining means no muscle gains so learn how to avoid the pitfalls of overtraining.

All of this is still just a sample of the huge amount of useful advice you'll discover first-hand from this body building book.

  • Find out what you MUST do immediately after your workout to speed up the muscle-building process! Skip it and your gains are dead in the it (it takes 30 seconds) and you'll gain more muscle.

  • Learn what mass building foods you should be eating, how much you need to eat and when to eat them! Make gaining muscle almost fool-proof by taking all the guesswork out!

  • Discover the absolute best protein, carb, and fat sources and how much to eat of each one. Get the right amounts of each and your time in the gym will pay off even more.

  • This body building book shows you exactly how many calories you should be consuming to gain muscle! If you're wrong on your calories, gaining muscle will be next to impossible! You'll uncover an easy, step-by-step formula for finding your exact calorie needs. This way you can eat the right amounts for building muscle and losing fat.

  • Learn the two worst mistakes you can make in the gym. Learn how you MUST set up your weight lifting and cardio routine to maximize muscle growth and speed up fat loss. Do them in the wrong order and you'll lose muscle, making your time spent in the gym almost for nothing!

  • Learn the specific number of sets and reps to do in the gym to get the most muscle and strength gains in the shortest amount of time. Again, this one small change in your bodybuilding routine will add more muscle mass and increase your strength more than any other change you make.

  • Learn the basics of proper nutrition and how to set up your daily eating. Speed up your metabolism and burn fat even while you're not exercising.

  • To get you seeing results ASAP, learn the step-by-step body building routine and exercise program I used to get huge and shredded for my show. It includes ALL of my exercises and the number of sets and reps I used. That way, you can save a ton of time and energy by focusing on what truly works!

Well over 3,500 people have successfully used this same proven body building book with absolutely amazing results.

That's because it works. And when it works wonders, people tell others.

Below are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I've received from people having great success from following the advice you'll learn from the "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" body building book.

Not only have I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would know about weightlifting this weekend, but I have also pinpointed where I took a wrong turn in my path to success. I will tell you after reading your e-book I am extremely pumped and ready to work. Sincerely...Adam Klunick, Rolla, MO

In just 2 weeks after I started this program I started seeing the results I wanted. I've been on it for about 4 months and still getting results. This is the best program you'll ever find. The best thing about it is your results are going to keep going up...Benjamin Lawson MD A1C 55 SUPS/LGSPO

Just wanted to say thanks for the program. I'm spending a lot less time in the gym and still seeing more results, and time is very valuble here. Thanks...Nathan Rieber

Shawn, I can't tell you the value of what I've learned from your program, there's no telling how much time and disappointment you have saved me. I've been lifting for a little over 6 months now and the last few have been disappointing, and your program has explained why. I can't tell you how much I want to thank you for your work, it is very exciting to have a real method to run with....Chris Priddy

Shawn....Your manual helped me more than you will ever know...Scotty Smith, Atlanta, GA

I just started your program today and added 25 pounds to my bench and for the first time in ages, I really enjoyed lifting weights. I am on my way!! Thanks again, William Hanna

I have been doing your workout program for about 3 or 4 weeks now and am starting to see awesome results...8 pounds in the past 4 weeks! Patrick McDermott

Shawn, I've been working out for little over a year now. For the past two or three months, I have plateaued and I didn't really know why. As I read your material, I can already tell that I will jettison to the next level. You answer all the questions that I have had particularly about nutrition and cardio. Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge. Bryan Crute

Shawn, weights are going up, and mass is showing ;-) well, a lot of people are telling me so. When I first began to workout a year and a half ago, my arms were 13 inches. I'm now doing my 6th week of your program and my arms are 15.5 inches! Which is a more than reasonable progress...Patrick Boucher

And these are from ordinary people, like you and me.

So why waste your time with trial and error when you can just copy this body building book to gain muscle and lose fat. It's all perfectly laid out for you, step-by-step!

If you're tired of spending time and money trying every body building book and hyped up supplement you can to pack on quality muscle, that can end right now!

Click here for the body building book that has users gaining, on average, over 20 pounds of rock-solid muscle mass in just over 9 weeks time!

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