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Tips To Use In Your Body building Workouts To Get Shredded!

If you want to get absolutely shredded from your body building workouts, there are mainly two things you want to focus on.

After all, most people endure grueling body building workouts for mainly one of three reasons:

1. To lose body fat

2. To gain lean muscle

3. To increase strength

Or all three!

Let's focus on shedding fat and getting lean.

To lose any amount of fat quickly from your body building workouts, you need to focus on creating more of a calorie deficit in which your body is forced to burn more fat for energy.

The more energy your body needs to perform daily functions, the more likely it will tap into body fat stores for that energy.

Shedding fat in your body building workouts is primarily achieved by:

1. Cutting your calorie intake.

2. Increasing your cardio input.

The weight training part of the body building routine remains a constant in this equation. It has little to do with losing fat fast.

To lose any amount of fat fast, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

The best way to do this is by dropping your daily calorie intake by 150-200 calories for the first week or two.

Dropping it slowly like this makes it so you don't shock your body into thinking it's starving. After the first couple weeks, test to see how your results are.

If you're noticing results, stick with this number. If you're not losing fat, decrease your calorie intake by another 150-200 calories each day.

Now, while you're decreasing your calories, you can to increase your daily cardio in your body building workouts.

This combo of decreasing calories and increasing cardio sets up an environment for a calorie deficit to take place.

When I was on the final 2 weeks of prep for my bodybuilding show, I did weight training 3 days a week and cardio 5 days.

Something like:

Monday: Chest and biceps first, then cardio
Tuesday: Cardio
Wednesday: Back and triceps, then cardio
Thursday: cardio
Friday: Legs and Shoulders
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: off

Of course, that's just an example.

So, to get leaner from your body building workouts:

1. Start dropping some calories, get rid of the extras if you eat any. Drop by 150-200 a day for the first couple weeks and test the results.

2. Start increasing the duration and intensity of your cardio.

The combo of those 2 will kick your body building workouts into high, fat-burning gear.

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