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Bodybuilding's Top "No Matter Whats!"

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer

Last year, I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend one of Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace" seminars here in Portland, Maine.

For those of you who do not know, Dave Ramsey is a financial consultant, best-selling author, and popular radio talk show host. I highly recommend that if you get to see him speak in person, that you go. He's phenomenal!!

After all, who doesn't want to learn more about money, keeping it, making it, etc...

He spoke of a couple of things that really got me thinking about how things really work in life if you just follow certain principles.

Now, I often go to seminars, not only for my personal benefit, but so that I may relay any information I learn that may be useful to my clients and newsletter subscribers in my business.

Last night was no exception.

Dave first mentioned that, if you want to achieve wealth and become finacially independent, you must learn from other rich, wealthy people, not from people that have their own opinions but nothing to show for it.

I thought of this point in bodybuilding as well.

It seems everyone has an opinion as to what should be done and what works, what the best tips are for size and strength....

But how many people have actually put it to action and have done what they supposedly know so much about.

I can remember growing up, hearing my family doctor tell me how important exercise was to health, yet he was extremely overweight.

Go figure!

So, to put Dave's advice on modeling others in bodybuilding into practice, seek out those that have already achieved what it is you want and copy some of the things they've done.

It worked for him in his life, where he learned certain principles from wealthy people that worked and when he applied them in his own life, he became a millionaire many times over.

Dave also talked about certain truths or "laws" that must be followed if you want to achieve certain things.

These are laws that, much like the law of gravity, occur whether you want them to or not. If you jump off a building, the law of gravity will occur and you'll hit the ground, no matter what.

He called these laws "No Matter Whats" because they work every single time, NO MATTER WHAT you think about them.

I though about this point as it relates to bodybuilding and I realized that there are also many "No Matter Whats" in the bodybuilding world.

I thought about many of them and that if you just followed them, they would work, NO MATTER WHAT!

Here's my top ten list of bodybuilding "NO MATTER WHATS"

1. No matter what...if you stay focused, positive, and persistent, you will WIN in your bodybuilding efforts.

Those people that "keep on keeping on" are winners in all they set out to do. They may not win every single time, but it sure likens the odds they will.

So be positive and have persistence.

Besides, what's the alternative, being negative and quitting?

2. No matter what...if you take SOME form of action, you will be better off than not doing anything. Fat loss and muscle gain occurs by being active. You must move your body to lose a significant amount of fat. Taking some form of action will get you further ahead than over-analyzing the situation to death and not moving at all!

3. No matter what...some people do not see great results because they "know not what to do." In order to get in great shape, you must understand the HOW behind it. Educate yourself on the principles of fat loss, muscle building, and strength increasing and you will never have to hire a trainer again (wait, then I'll be out of business :-)

4. No matter should try and have fun in your bodybuilding routine or you will not want to stay with it for long. Most of you know that optimal bodybuilding is a life-long commitment.

Can you imagine doing something you do not like for your entire life? (besides your job?) Have fun with your workouts, your meal time, and your goals!

5. No matter what...eating small, well-balanced and nutritious meals or snacks every three to four hours will get your metabolism operating more efficiently.

Having a faster metabolism is vital to long-term fat loss.

6. No matter what...progressively increasing the amount of weight you lift over time will have a positive impact on how much lean muscle you build. Who doesn't want more muscle and less fat.

I've never had anyone tell me "Shawn, I'm all set in the muscle department, can we add a little more fat now?"

To increase muscle, lift heavier over time.

7. No matter what...achieving your bodybuilding goals takes time. There's nothing in life worth having that happens overnight. Do not be a get_____quick type of person.(You can fill in the blank.)

8. No matter must create a synergy between proper nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise, and intense, brief weight- training. You must do each one well, and they will come together to produce incredible results.

9. No matter what...bodybuilding requires a lifestyle change. You cannot expect to continue those things you once did that may have gotten you overweight or out of shape in the first place.

To get better, you must do better. You must change your habits so they support you, not hinder you. So cut your ties to them!

10. No matter what...if you want it bad enough, you can achieve it. To take what Dave finished with last year, and put it into my own bodybuilding terms:

Bodybuilding and fitness is "Whatever you will it to be."

The "Will" is the important part. How strong is your "will"?

The choice is yours. You can make it happen. Or you can quit. The choice is "whatever you will it to be!"

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