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How To Maximize Muscle Gains

by Doberman Dan

How many times have you heard this?:

"You need to eat some protein at least every three hours to keep your body in a positive nitrogen balance to support muscle growth."

Or how about this: "You need to eat 6 to 7 meals a day spaced 2 to 3 hours apart and each meal needs to include some high quality protein foods."

OK, we’ve all probably heard that or read that a million times but how many are actually doing it consistently?

Most bodybuilders simply can't make gains from their training until they get their diet right. That means consuming the correct ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats at exactly the right times, along with certain macro-nutrients to support muscle growth.

A Russian study showed that when rats' food intake was spread over five meals rather than three, their rate of muscle protein synthesis increased dramatically. This is EXACTLY what we want as bodybuilders!

This "constant feeding" keeps your body in an anabolic state allowing muscle mass and definition to reach full potential. It also burns fat by keeping your metabolism elevated, helps with the uptake and assimilation of nutrients, and keeps energy levels high.

But the biggest mistake most bodybuilders make when they're trying to gain muscle mass is they don't consume enough high-quality food.

The reason almost every personal consultation client of mine wasn't making muscle mass gains was because they weren't getting enough high quality nutrition. As soon as they followed my nutritional advice, they made the best gains of their lives.

Five to six meals a day is absolutely critical if you want to maximize your muscle mass gains while keeping your body fat down. But preparing six meals every day is such a hassle!

And let's be honest. Choking down 6 to 8 dry skinless chicken breasts every day, in addition to all the other food you need for muscular growth, gets pretty old! It's difficult to get all the protein and nutrition you need for muscular gains with solid food exclusively.

Why Work So Hard In The Gym If You're Going To Lose All Your Potential Gains Because Of Inadequate Nutrition?

The most convenient way to insure you're getting all the muscle building nutrients you need is to consume a "liquid meal" two to three times a day in addition to your whole food meals.

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