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How To Do Cardio To Build Muscle

In this article, I'll reveal how you must do cardio to build muscle. If you do your cardio wrong, chances are, not only will you NOT build muscle, you may lose muscle as well.

There is no "best time" to do cardio, it's more of a personal preference.

There is a "best WAY" to do it, but no best time. Some people like to get it done early in the day, so they don't have to worry about it later.

Some like to do it later in the afternoon, when they are more awake.

The time of day really doesn't matter.

What does matter is when you do it in relation to your weight training. My best advice is try and do cardio on your non-weight training days.

That way, you can dedicate 100% intensity and energy to your cardio.

If you need to do it on weight training days due to time restrictions, it's important that you do cardio about 8 hours apart from your weight training.

So, if you lift in the morning, do cardio in the afternoon/early evening. If you lift in the afternoon, do cardio in the morning.

Separating the 2 about 8 hours apart will give you enough time to recover from your workout before having to do it again.

You want to try and "drink" your meal before and after a workout (both cardio and weight training)

Drinking a protein shake/carb mixture will allow your body to digest the nutrients quicker than if you were to eat a whole food meal.

So you don't have to worry about food sitting in your stomach.

Take a protein shake with juice, milk, or Gatorade 1/2 hour before and again right after your workouts.

This bracketing technique sets up a highly anabolic "window of opportunity" in which you're supplying your body with the nutrients it needs for muscle growth and repair and will also replenish your glycogen that you lost during an intense workout.

In fact, I take a protein shake before and after all of my workouts, regardless if they are weight training or cardio.

What some people do not realize is that cardio can be catabolic to muscle.

Meaning, it can break down muscle tissue, especially if you do not eat enough before doing your cardio.

When you do intense cardio and your body uses all of its stored glycogen, your body can start breaking down muscle tissue for energy.

But by taking a protein shake before and after your cardio, you can give your body the nutrients it needs so that it will not take it from breaking down muscle.

My results and the results of my clients have really shown that taking protein on all days is much better for gaining muscle mass.

I've done that for the past 2 years and it's not by chance I've gained over 30 pounds of muscle mass in 2 years, where before I'd be lucky to gain 5 pounds a year.

After your cardio session, you want to drink another protein drink made with some sort of juice, milk, or Gatorade. Sip one about 1/2 hour before and then immediately right after.

If you cannot get a protein drink, try using a small protein bar like Balance, Zone, or some of the others on the market.

Bottom line, eating before and after your workouts are priority #1 and are the 2 most important times to eat to prevent muscle breakdown.

Try this method of bracketing your workouts with a protein/carb mixture and see how much muscle you pack on in a short time ;-)

It will allow you to do cardio to build muscle and not lose it like so many people do!

Learn how to set up your weight training, nutrition, and cardio to build more muscle mass in less time

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