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Below Are Just A Few Of The 500 + Testimonials I've Received From Clients Using My Advice

Wes Martin packed on 24 pounds of muscle mass!

Wes before and after muscle gain
"Using Shawn's program, I was able to transform my body. The program is not only designed for adults, but it is successful for teens too! At the age of 17, I gained 24 pounds of muscle thanks to Shawn's awesome program...Wes Martin

Don's before and after muscle building program
I had trained for years with mixed results and forked out hundreds of dollars for supplements. I had tried to get a "body for life", tried to get "max"-imized and followed a 6 week makeover and still had people ask, "Do you workout?" After following Shawn's straightforward techniques and sensible nutrition and supplementation guidelines, I have lost 3 pant sizes and dramatically increased my muscularity, even while eating more and spending less time in the gym,. Thanks for your help in achieving these gains. I look forward to the next 12 week adventure...Don Davis

"Shawn, I LOVE your e-book! I've read several of your articles and other e-books and really like your approach to transforming physiques. Thanks!"...Eric Knous

"Shawn, I know that a week is too early to SEE any significant results, but "Simple Steps" has improved my health, endurance, energy, and mood in ONE week. I am 185 pounds and about 23% body fat. I finally got sick of myself. I found your website and after about 5 minutes of reading I was sold. That was a week ago and I feel better now than I have in a very long time. I needed some direction and I got it. This has really changed my life...Jake Atkinson

"I have read the entire book and start the 3rd day of the workout today. I will say that after the first workout I can tell that the way you have this program setup I get a better, more satisfactory workout. I have no doubt that this routine will show good results. ...Jamie Long

"First I wanted to thank you for the excellent book that you took the time to put together. I've been working out (off and on) since high school and when I read your book it all started to make sense about the gains, nutrition, etc.. Up until now I didn't really take the time to understand the 'hows' and 'whys' of it and your book really answered a lot of questions and finally made sense of a lot of things I doing right and wrong. Way more than I expected." ...Dave Rodriguez

"I think the ebook is very impressive, things are nicely explained, and I now feel much more motivated to work out than I was previously. ...Pak Cheng

Truly an excellent program, you've definitely done a well job putting it all together. I am now on your routine and I can definitely feel it. I have received all the bonuses and everything seems in order. ...Michael Luisi

Let me begin by saying that your material is truly first class and im so glad that i tried your simple steps to build a great body... By the way thank you for your program!...Jake Khalil

"For the past two or three months, I have plateaued and I didn't really know why. As I read your material, I can already tell that I will jettison to the next level. You answer all the questions that I have had particularly about nutrition and cardio. Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge....Bryan Crute

"Shawn, I'm winding down on my second week of your “Get Huge and Shredded” method. So far every thing I have read makes sense because I do see tremendous improvements in the amount of weight I'm able to lift. I do find that I am looking forward to every work out now. It is apparent that you did your research and those of us that benefit owes you a dept of gratitude." Dan Bedingfield

Shawn, great e-book. I will start applying your principles starting with today's workout. Thanks ...Michael Edworthy

I started at 25% body fat 3 weeks ago. I am now 20%bf... brian plasner

"I cant believe how much energy I have now. I have only been on the program for a week, but I am following your eating habits and now I wake up and are ready for the day. Also I use to spend hours a day in the gym and now it only takes me 30 minutes. I look forward everyday to workout!"...Seth Walter

Hey shawn I'm just letting you know your program is working. I'm gaining more muscle and strength and not doing no where near as much work. Joe

Your book is fantastic – I read it all the first day I got it. I had been looking for someone who would just tell me what I need to do to lower my body fat and build muscle and your book does it! Thanks again for all of your help – I really appreciate it...Pooja Modi

I recently purchased your program and have just started week 3. I have already seen results, especially in my chest, which I didn't with any other program I've done... Justin O' Donnell

Thanks alot for the program, i have been on it for only 2 weeks, following it exactly and i am already seeing great results! thanks again, alex avila

Shawn,Your Ebook is great, tons of usefull info, and I need it. I am on week 2 and realizing how right you are about changing the approach and how you think about it... Edward Long

By the way this program is fantastic! I am on my third week and am feeling great. At first I weighed in at a tremendous 128 lbs. I now weigh 131lbs. My goal is 160, and I am aiming at it for mid summer. I am so glad I came across your site. Thanks a lot, Shawn. You are the King of all Kings... Andrew Gormley

hi shawn, ive have read your book and i have found it very interesting yet very simple ... Vikam Modhwadia

Hi Shawn, after your last reply to my enquiry about "Simple Steps" I decided to buy it last weekend. I am only half way through reading it but so far it makes a lot of sence and I am really glad I bought it. I feel confident that your book will help me to achieve my goals. (I'll let you know in 12 weeks!) ... Andy Leck

"Great information here!" Ray Ledesma

"I think your book is simply great, outstanding. I appreciate the very clear way that you write and the excelllent information you provide in both your book and in your newletters that are clear, intelligently written, and provide excellent instructions, very practical and useful. Thank you again, Shawn, I really appreciate and respect the thought and involvemnent you put into your work and the very clear, sensible, intelligent and practical instuction and guidance that you provided." ... Allen Pfotenhauer

"I've read the whole book and its everything you said it would be and more..." Chris Atkinson

Shawn, first off, your program is great and the best i have seen. Thanks...Thomas Patterson

Thanks for your time Shawn, I really appreciate it! And I love all the facts and tips you give in your book. It has been very helpful! Sincerely... Michael Evans

Hi Shawn, Thanks for your support, I am really very happy with your training program and your online helping hand! it is a real pleasure to see the results on my body! Patrick Schoonbroodt

I have read through your ebook and find it to be exceptional. I'm glad I found you! Gordon Gibb

I absolutely love your program! Kyle Shook

By the way I'm on week two of your progam an its partner asked me what kind of program is this? I just said follow my lead and I'll tell you in 8 weeks... Mike Lee

"Thank you, thank you, thank you and by the way did I say thank you? After following your advice on diet and workouts for the first time in my life I have a flat stomach. Okay, its not a 6 pack, but its flat and I never had that before. What a motivation, it just makes me want to workout more! Thought you might like to know...Matt

I recently purchased your e-book on how to get shredded. I have really enjoyed reading it and began the program in earnest this last Monday. I love your program... Gretchen Hannum

Shawn, I just want you to know that I appreciate all the information you give me in your Email. It is all very educating yet more motivating in my challenge to become healthier. Along with the support of your information and my wife of 15 years, I was able to overcome a weight deficit of 45+ pounds last time I checked. I have been as heavy as 235 lbs on a 5'8" frame. I went from size 40 jeans to 33. Thank you and I hope your information benefits others as it has me... Tony Loredo

Hi Shawn, I am following your program for last 3 weeks and I am really happy with the results...Habib Mohammad

In regards to the book I really enjoy it. The amount of intensity I have in the gym has returned and I leave pumped not drained...Andrew Gow

Just like to thank you again to for taking the time to reading my letter. I am pretty far into your book and it has taught me a lot of good things to know... Nate Randleman

Hi Shawn, I am starting your program today and am very exited about it. It seems to make alot of sense. As many people in this world I have tried every product under the sun and 99.9% of it is shit! I shall let you know my success... Jason Bridger-Berkeley

I recently bought your 'get Hugh and shredded' program and I read all 139 pgs. There is a lot of good useful stuff! ... Mike Lorenz

Hi Shawn. I just completed my first week and I am really excited about this workout program. So much of it makes sense! I have been working out on & off for about 20 years and I have never been as excited as I am now. Love the program so far!!

Update: Hello Shawn. I have just finished my 12th week. :-) I am noticing much improvement with the weights. I am lifting more weights then I ever have & I still am excited to get into the gym three times a week. I never have felt better. Love your book!! Mike Mazzucco

hey man! First off wanted to thank you for your program! It all just makes perfect sense and I am loving it. Thanks for the help... Josh

In just 2 weeks after I started this program I started seeing the results I wanted. I've been on it for about 4 months and still getting results. This is the best program you'll ever find. The best thing about it is your results are going to keep going up...Benjamin Lawson MD A1C 55 SUPS/LGSPO

I have been following your schedule and have increased my chest by an inch, dropped my waist by 1.5 inches and gained 3/4 inch on my biceps...Bruce P. Whipple

Hi, I just a few days ago ordered your ebook (it is really helpful)... Josh Horine

Hi Shawn, Wow - I'm really amazed at how much you are offering at such a low price! I'm on page 47 of your e-book and already learned so much that it's unbelievable! It's very interesting and well written... Lana Gibbs

I recently read your book and think it will be a great help!... Bernard Barney

Shawn, First off, thanks for supplying all this great info. i'm so psyched to get going... Chris Capel

Hi Shawn, I have recently downloaded your 12 simple steps to get huge and shredded and have to say that it is an exceptional read...Paul Evans

Shawn: Thanks so much for your quick and thorough response -- I really appreciate it. Shawn, I'll be 50 this year, and I'm celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary with my wife Rebecca in April. That is my motivation. Your program, however, has been the inspiration and the guiding force. I'm really starting to see the results of the hard work, and I'm excited about continuing the journey. Thanks very much for your clear, common-sense instruction. It is making a new man out of me!...Dale Horst

Not only have I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would know about weightlifting this weekend, but I have also pinpointed where I took a wrong turn in my path to success. I will tell you after reading your e-book I am extremely pumped and ready to work. Sincerely...Adam Klunick, Rolla, MO

I want to thank you for the help u have given me. It actually works! I guess i was warming up way too much to have enough energy to lift more than i was lifting. Thanks to you i was able to add 25 pounds to my bench press. Thank you again...James Smith, [email protected]

Shawn, your program seems to be a good fit and am excited to try! I have read the is very interesting and informational, Started the program this morning, I love it! ...Pat Finnie

I really enjoyed your book, excellent. Putting the section about goal setting first was just great; people seem to skip over that. ...Simon Odds

Hey Shawn, I just finished reading your book on how to get huge and shredded. I must admit that reading it has made me realize the shortcomings of my current workout schedule. It made me realize that I have been over training. ...Viswanath Kari

I absolutely loved the e-book, I couldn't stop reading it.... Jeremy Cheney

A couple month ago I bought your book, all I can say is wow. Everything has been working great for me, even now in college your sessions are easy to get in....George Courtsunis

Shawn....Your manual helped me more than you will ever know...Scotty Smith, Atlanta, GA

I have been using "Simple Steps" for 9 weeks straight now. My main goal was to gain weight and put on some muscle. I started off at 153 lbs. and now I am up to 165. Thanks again ...Frank Fiori

Just purchased your book "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" and have learned a lot from it. I have wasted a lot of time in the gym in years past and love this approach better than anything else I’ve ever seen before...Pat Hamilton

Just wanted to say thanks for the program. I'm spending a lot less time in the gym and still seeing more results, and time is very valuable here. Thanks...Nathan Rieber

WOW! Shawn this program of yours is really great. I have just recently got your book and I completed the first days work out and let me tell you, I have never had a work out pump me up that fast on the first day. You see Shawn I am a soldier in the US. Army currently stationed in Korea. I started lifting 3 months ago and I saw some results but not the ones that I should have seen and now I realize why since reading your book and starting your work out program. Already on the first day I can honestly say I have seen a great result. So in ending this letter to you I would like to say THANK YOU for helping me reach my goals... V/R PFC.GRAVES, US.ARMY

I just started your program today and added 25 pounds to my bench and for the first time in ages, I really enjoyed lifting weights. I am on my way!! Thanks again, William Hanna

I have been doing your workout program for about 3 or 4 weeks now and am starting to see awesome results...8 pounds in the past 4 weeks! Patrick McDermott

Thanks for the advice. By the way this is the most I have lifted since I started really working out a year ago and I am only on the second week. I feel better on this workout since I can really focus on two muscle groups and pound them for the 30 to 40 minutes the workout takes to complete...Keith Shupert

Dear Shawn, I have been using your e-book "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" for the past 4 weeks following your workouts and lifestyle change suggestions. I am pleased with the weight loss I have already experienced (15lbs) and reaching a point in the gym of seeing an increase in my ability to exercise properly, gaining lean muscle tissue, as well as loosing inches of body fat. Thanks for sharing from your experience and wisdom and for all you've done to help others achieve good health and fitness...Leroy Hicks Jr

Shawn, it is funny how a simple thing like what's in your report can change a "plateau" in one week! Thanks for doing all the hard work to bring me this information. I have already received "Simple Steps" and am currently in the process of devouring this great book and getting the body I have always dreamed of having...Sincerely, Don Lynch

Dear Shawn, Thank you for all the great information concerning bodybuilding and fitness. It has really changed the way I feel at 51...Dan Svoboda

Shawn, awesome job with this program...the weird thing is, this stuff is so simple to use and the changes are incredible...I don't know why I've never thought of doing this stuff...I'd be so much further ahead if I had gotten your program before I did...Jason Hines, Michigan

Just want to say thank so much to have given me the benefits of the e-book. U know, that I have been working out for nearly 13 years since at the University until now and your method is the best I've known. Thanks so much...Mr. Jee Roslail, Malaysia

I got your book last night and read it today.Very good book! Thanks ... Jason Gust

Shawn, I am impressed with your program, I never thought training could be so easy and actually see results with such short workouts. I'm on week seven and I cannot think of enough great things to say about it. Appreciate the help...Austin Rogers

The only thing more profound than Shawn's transformation was the work ethic and dedication that he displayed during his precontest prep. And it paid off, he was absolutely shredded to the bone! Unlike many bodybuilders who compromise size when cutting up, he actually seemed to get bigger....Chris Goulet, bodybuilder and personal

I just got done reading the whole ebook today! I feel like I understand more in what I'm doing and I'm very happy with that. I've already seen some results after the 3rd week, no joke! I did everything like supposed to, and it really did work!...Martin Foisy

Seeing Shawn prepare motivated me to do what I needed to do to fullfil my dream of competing myself. His balance of definition, strength, size, and symmetry is incredible to witness...Mark Cesari, NABF Maine Super Natural Bodybuilding Championship, Lightweight Division 1st Place

Shawn, I have really learned how to correct the mistakes I was making in the gym and turn my sessions into productive workouts...more weight.. more overload=more real muscle. I have only been using the new methods you teach for 3 weeks and notice a big change in my muscle density already....thanks, Jason

Shawn, I purchased your ebook, have skimmed through it and really like what I see. I am finishing up my last week on Bill Phillip's Body For Life Program, and then am going to implement your plan. It seems to be what I was looking for. And it really seems to solve some of the questionable aspects (to me) of the BFL program...Kerry Spicer, Atlanta, Ga

Dear Shawn, I've been using your workout for exactly 2 weeks now and I like where it's going. Thanks alot. I'm finding myself much more focused and intense in the gym as well as cutting down on spending alot of time there. Thanks again...Tim Snedden

Hi Shawn, I just wanted to touch base with you about the E-book "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" That I purchased from you recently. I enjoyed it very much and found a wealth of information in it. I consider it money well spent. Your information is always very interesting and informative...Gary Marsh

I downloaded the e-book. I already started reading it. It's seems like an awesome book so far. I have already learned so much from it...Michael Zimmer

Hey Shawn, first let me tell you that I have been using your program for 2 weeks and already feel great, look better, and can lift more. I cant wait to keep going. Thanks, Josh

I've been following the instructions in your book and it's been working pretty well. I'm making bigger gains than I was before and seeing constant progress...Eric Mason

Shawn, with this workout and your advice, I feel lucky because I know that I am back on track! Just wanted you to know that you are the key in setting my plan in motion! Gina Lewis

I think you're program is great and I truly believe it is the one that will work for me...Will Hensley

I recently bought your program and I really enjoy it!...Jean-Marc Daigneault

I ordered your book and I wanted to say thanks for the awesome information. It has really help me gain perspective on how my body reacts to working out and nutrition...Ken Matthes

Shawn, after 2 weeks on your program, I gained 6 pounds and my strength increased. A friend of mine saw me and said it looked like someone put a pump into my body and blew it up. My abs are also more cut. Thanks for the program...Pat Fay

Thanks again your book is great and full of information that I know will work if I dedicate myself...Clayton Belcher

I ordered you book about getting huge and shredded and it was very well done I thought it had some extremely new inovative information but you stuck to the basics and gave a great workout routine...[email protected]

Your program is excellent and much easier to follow than any I have used in the past...Bo Russell

I just got the book I ordered from you. I must say that I was VERY impressed with it's format, presentation and what you had to say. I'm with you on very many accounts and you don't seem to really try to push anyting other then the necessity of hard work and a resonable diet. It was well worth $40.00.. Aaron Waters

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your information, and how much it is helping me. I am trying to lose weight and build muscle after several years of overeating and basically being lazy. Your information is practical and extremely helpful. I am already beginning to feel better and expect to see results soon. Again, thanks for what you do to help those of us who need you...Raphael Crawford

Hi Shawn. I bought your program about a month ago & it's going really well, & feeling & looking alot better 4 weeks into it...Robert V.

Thanks for a great product that is only a fraction of the cost of the others I have seen!...Jeff Broxson

Hey Shawn, I just finished reading your e-book and really enjoyed what I learned... Josh Colvin

I have been reading your book and I am so motivated that I have to read it twice to make sure that I do not miss anything. I will begin your system this coming Monday and I will keep you informed on my progress. My lack of insight has been always keeping me with a little gain but not the lean muscle that I want. I will absorb your book as my bible for the next three months and on. I will let you know what I transform into. Thanks You for motivating me. Now it is up to me to get what I want...Carlos Gonzales

I've completed 4 weeks of your program, and I can start to see some changes going on. I got my body fat tested a couple weeks ago by a personal trainer at the gym I go to, and I was down to 5.1%.... which completely shocked me...Dave Bayford

Thanks again for the advice and thanks for the book. It's got a lot of good info in it and stuff that I needed to put me on the straight and narrow. Happy training...Brian Weaver

I finished reading the program, and I loved it. Thanks a ton for writing it, and I can't wait to start...Steve Thoma

Thanks for all of your time again Shawn! Your book is simply THE BEST!!...Michael Evans

I am enjoying some good gains on the first couple of weeks of your program, its seems to be going good...Patrick Cleary

Dear Shawn, Thanks for your support and your very useful and fun-to-read newsletters...David de Waard

Your workouts are awesome. thank-you so much for your time i really appeciate it...Jerry Carri

Shawn, Your program is awesome! ...Todd Glover

Hi Shawn, Thanks so much for the information. I have been following your guide and I just finished week 1. I feel stronger and not tired, plus I have lost about 2 pounds of fat. I am looking forward to week 2 and beyond! Thanks again. I look forward to updating you on my progress! Kindest Regards...Dheeraj

Hi Shawn, First, I wanted to thank you for your program I bought a few months ago. I'm definitely getting stronger, and unlike past workouts (where I think I plateaued) I get sore almost every day!... Dave Busch, Littleton, CO

"Here's the week-by-week results from one of my online clients after using this same training information"

  • WEEK 1: August 1, 2002 Weight: 198 lbs Body fat: 25%
  • WEEK 2 August 08, 2002 Weight 199 lbs Body fat: 24%
  • WEEK 3 August 15, 2002 Weight: 199 Body fat: 22%
  • WEEK 4 August 22, 2002 Weight: 202 Body fat: 20%
  • WEEK 5 August 29, 2002 Weight: 203 Body fat: 18%
  • WEEK 6 September 6, 2002 Weight: 204 Body fat: 17%
  • WEEK 7 September 13, 2002 Weight 205 Body fat: 16%
  • WEEK 8 September 20, 2002 Weight 206 Body fat: 15%
  • WEEK 9 September 27, 2002 Weight 207 Body fat: 13%
  • WEEK 10, October 4, 2002 Weight 207 Body fat: 12%
  • WEEK 11 October 11, 2002 Weight 208 Body fat: 11%
  • WEEK 12 October 18, 2002 Weight 208 Body fat: 10%
Jim Evans, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"Jim went from 25% body fat to 10% and actually gained over 30 pounds of lean muscle mass in the process"

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