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A Creatine Benefit You Can Use NOW

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer

A creatine benefit which will immediately help you in the gym is its ability to help your muscles refuel quickly.

Supplementation with creatine is aimed at making sure enough creatine is always available for your muscles to use during times of need. Times like weight training, running, and other intense actions.

Our bodies naturally make creatine, which is used to supply energy to our muscles. It's produced in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, and is transported to the body's muscles through the bloodstream.

Once it reaches the muscles, it is converted into phosphocreatine (creatine phosphate). This high-powered metabolite is used to regenerate the muscles' ultimate energy source, ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Like I mentioned earlier, this is probably the biggest creatine benefit. The fact that it gives you drug-like strength gains and muscle mass increase.

But unlike steroids or drugs, creatine is 100% natural and occurs naturally in many foods like herring, salmon, tuna, and beef. However, the very best source of creatine by far is creatine monohydrate because it contains more creatine per weight of material than any other source.

Creatine is a must use supplement for strength and even endurance athletes. Creatine increases muscle fiber size, strength, and dynamic power.

One of the most important creatine benefits is its ability to enhance energy reserves in muscles. This comes from its muscle protein synthesizing action, while minimizing protein breakdown.

This occurs because creatine has the effect of super-hydrating muscle cells with water. It enhances muscles' growth too-making muscle fibers bigger and stronger.

Another creatine benefit worth mentioning is that it has no adverse effects! Creatine is totally safe and effective. Creatine has never been shown harmfully toxic. Nevertheless, just like with anything, it is not recommended to over-supplement once your muscles are saturated with creatine-there is no reason to.

This means, stick to the recommended dosages, and be prepared to experience the very best muscle, strength, energy, and endurance gains possible!

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