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If You Want To Receive The Most Valuable and Useable Muscle-Building and Fat-Loss Tips Currently Available Online --You Need To Read This Message!

"Want to shed body fat, build more lean muscle, and increase your energy and strength? How About Increase Your Confidence And Self-Esteem?

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From: Shawn LeBrun
Certified Personal Trainer
Owner of
Monday, March 29, 2003

Dear Friend,

I must admit, I'm mad as @%&^!

Actually, I'm not just mad, I am steaming!

"Why?" might you ask.

Because I'm sick and tired of watching nice, regular people like yourself be taken advantage of and misled by the truckloads of bogus information that you'll find in so many muscle magazines, info-mercials, and supplement ads.

In fact, it's to the point now that I can't watch T.V. or look through a magazine without getting really, really peeved with some of the ads I'm seeing!

You know the ones I'm talking about. The air-brushed supplement ad that shows the depressing before picture and the digitally-enhanced "all-is-better-with-the-world" after picture!

Or the late night T.V. info-mercial that hits all the right emotional buttons, telling you by dialing in with your credit card number, their machine will change your life. Did you know that most of these info-mercials play late at night because that's when people are at their most vulnerable?

You're Being Lied To, Day After Day!

So, as you can see, I'm mad that all of these companies are lying to you about what it truly takes to get in great shape.

I mean, I hate to be the spoiler, but you're not going to lose fat or gain muscle using just a supplement, machine, or electronic ab gadget!

So if you're done with being lied to and want to get in the best shape of your entire life, this message will be one of the most important ones you read!

Here's why:

Losing fat and gaining muscle requires work.

And if you're looking for a quick fix that doesn't require work, please stop reading and go back to dreaming.

But the good news is, it doesn't take alot of work to see the best results. It just takes focused work on a few, key areas.

In other words, you have to know exactly what to do, how much to do, when to do it, etc...

You must work on the vital areas of fitness and nutrition that absolutely produce results.

Trouble is, most people have no idea what these key areas are, so they try this and try that, disappointed with the results.

Or they pick up a muscle mag from the newstands to try the workout routines the "pros" use.

Well, guess what, chances are, you're going to do yourself more harm than good by following one of these pro routines. The pro bodybuilders you see in these muscle mags do not get huge and lean by just working out.

Sure, working out is a part of it. And so is their approach to nutrition. But the thing is, they also use other performance-enhancing methods that they're not telling you about.

"Why I'm Mad... And Why You Should Be Too!"

So when you try and follow one of their routines you read about in the magazine, you're going to overtrain. Not if, but when.

So you cannot follow these pros to get results, when they're doing things that you're just not willing to do!

Well, keep reading and I'll show you exactly what I'm going to do about it and how it's going to help you get the physique you never thought was possible to attain!

Who I am And Why You Can Trust My Advice


My name is Shawn LeBrun and I'm a certified personal trainer and competitive all-natural body builder that knows from first-hand experience what it actually takes for real people like you and me to melt more fat, add more lean muscle and increase your strength and energy.

I've been a human guinea pig for most of my life, trying to uncover what truly works to build muscle and lose fat.

And when I finally uncovered the truth, I was able to go from a very overweight 240 pounds to a lean, muscular 180 at 5% body fat.

I've personally competed in drug-free bodybuilding events, so I know what works to build muscle and lose fat.

I've trained, both in person and online, hundreds of clients and have helped them achieve peak, physical condition.

I've sold well over 5,000 fitness programs online and have received hundreds of successful testimonials from happy users.

And like I mentioned above, I honestly hate to think of you wasting time and spinning your wheels with training info or nutritional advice that doesn't produce the head-turning results you're looking for.

In fact, that's why I created my business.

To offer you proven and fool-proof information guaranteed to help you look your best and feel your best!

My training advice works because it's based on proven, "real world" information you can understand and use immediately, not some theory from people that never practice what they preach.

"Here's How I'm Going To Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life!"

Twice each month, I'm giving you a "brain dump" of EVERYTHING I know about muscle-building and fat-loss, including...

Every strategy, technique, and training method I've personally used to pack on muscle mass and drop fat like crazy.

Like I mentioned earlier, I've competed at 5% body fat and I've gained over 30 pounds of muscle mass, all in the same 3 months. Would you like to do either or both?

But that is not what's important here. The important thing is that I've also consulted with and helped hundreds, in-person and online, achieve physiques they never thought they could.

And now my mission is to give you the same exact information, at a fraction of the cost my clients pay me.

In fact, If You Can't Use It, I Won't Write It!

How would you like information you can use immediately to see results in less time? Tips on cutting edge supplements that are proven to work, fat-loss tips, muscle-building techniques, and motivational messages to keep you moving forward.

That way, you can be informed about what really works without wasting hours of your time, needlessly flipping pages of the latest (and not-so-greatest) ad-filled magazines, trying to pick out what little fitness advice they actually contain?

If You Want The Best Results, You Have To Learn The Best Information!

And you can learn from my 10 year, trial and error education. That way, you can skip the aggravation and confusion of hunting down the most effective and proven muscle-building and fat-loss information available...

Because I'm bringing it all to you so you can save valuabe time, energy, and money. Cut right to the chase and get the fitness tips you need to get in the best shape of your life!

Why I'm Writing The "Get Huge And Shredded" Newsletter

My goal is to offer you the most informative muscle-building and fat-loss newsletter available online!

With tips to...

  • Show you exactly how to gain more muscle, lose more fat, and increase your strength and energy.

  • Save you more valuable time and get more results by focusing on what really works.

  • Gain more muscle so you feel more self-confident, have more pride, and just look damn good!

  • Increase your strength dramatically to be stronger, faster, and more competitive at sports.

  • Lose more ugly body fat and feel sexier, impress others more, and feel better about yourself.

  • Learn the right way to work out to increase your bench press, squat, and all your lifts!

  • Learn to set up your workout to be the most efficient use of time and energy so you drastically cut down the amount of time you spend while getting even better results!

  • Learn how you MUST set up your weight training and cardio routine so you don't lose hard earned muscle by doing cardio the wrong way, the wrong amount, and at the wrong time!

  • You'll learn the best supplements on the market to build muscle and melt off fat and you'll save money and headaches by only using proven supplements to help you add muscle and get lean.

  • Learn which exercises you should be doing in the gym for maximum muscle, dropping some worthless ones for good.

  • Learn how to eliminate training plateaus because overtraining means no gains.

  • Learn the specific number of sets and reps you should be doing to get the most muscle and strength gain possible.

  • Learn the basics of proper nutrition and how to set up your daily eating to burn fat and gain muscle 24/7, even at rest.


Each issue of "Huge And Shredded" will focus on these 3 important areas:

  • Intense weight training.
  • Intense cardiovascular/aerobic exercise.
  • Proper nutrition to support the above 2 areas.
These are the 3 key areas you need to focus on to achieve:
  • Dramatic Fat Loss.
  • Improved Muscle Gain.
  • Increased Flexibility.
  • Improved Strength.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Increased Confidence.

"Huge And Shredded" will focus on only the things that work. No magic tricks, fads, or gimmicks, just simple, down-to-earth stuff that produces results.

Each issue of "Huge And Shredded" will contain:

  • A Weight Training/Workout Tip for Increased Strength and Muscularity
  • A Cardio/Aerobics Tips for Fat Loss
  • A Nutrition/Supplement Tips to Aid Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
  • A Success and Motivation Tips to Keep You Going Strong!
  • What Would You Want Your Body To Look Like If You Knew You Simply Could Not Fail In Fitness?

    And unlike many books that are unable to keep you updated in the latest and greatest breaking research, these "Daily Fit Tips" will get you the best and most effective fitness tips when you need them, which is right now!

    So, is this newsletter really going to be worth the subscription price?

    Well, if you want to see what each issue is going to look like,

    click here to view a sample issue.

    You'll learn which tips really work to pack on muscle and which don't. Which training methods speed up fat loss and which methods are bull!

    Getting tips to help you focus on doing only those things that matter, both in and out of the gym...

    Or with your nutrition...

    Or with your cardio...

    You could be wasting valuable time and money by focusing your attention on things that do not produce muscle-building and fat-loss results!

    That all changes now because the "Get Huge And Shredded" newsletter is guaranteed to get you results!

    Guaranteed because I've developed this sure-fire advice for losing body fat and gaining muscle based on the real world results I've experienced.

    Not only that, 90% of my 100+ online clients are "regular people": teachers, students, parents, business owners, doctors, and lawyers. They're busy people with busy lives. And my training methods have worked for them and will also work for you.

    You get at least 50 times your money's worth!

    Look, knowledge is only power when you take action and use it...

    Take the best form of action possible right now and pick up the most effective daily fitness tips you can use to get your best body ever.

    After all, you're getting hours of my training advice for a mere fraction of the price people pay me to train them in-person or online. my current rate of $100.00 per hour, giving you fitness tips each and every day for an entire year....

    I'm not sure I can do the math on that one :-)

    After all, what price would you pay to cut out the needless stuff and only focus on what gets you the best muscle-building and fat loss results?

    Here's what you get when you order my Daily Fit Tips:

    For an entire year, each and every day you will get a daily fitness tip emailed to your email address.

    Each "Daily Fit Tip" will be short, informative, and to the point.

    Not some long-drawn out boring fitness theory!

    For 365 days a year, just "real world" fat loss and muscle building tips sent to you each and every morning!

    Also, if you respond right away, you pay the introductory special price of only $19.97 $19.95 a month!

    For only $19.95 a month (that's about 60 cents a day!) you will get 2 informative issues of muscle building and fat loss tips sent via email to you.

    I can assure you, the "Huge And Shredded" newsletter is worth easily $100 or more a month.

    In fact, I currently charge $100 an hour for in-person training, so you can get my useful training tips for a small fraction of that.

    Subscribe now and I'll also guarantee you get these 4 bonuses 5 Bonuses, worth well over $299 dollars, absolutely FREE!

    If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

    Free Bonus #1 ($39.94)
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    Free Bonus #2 ($100.00 potential)
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    Free Bonus #3 ($19.97)
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    Each one of these bonuses is designed to help you get the most out of your workouts.

    Free Bonus #4 ($19.97)
    If you order now, I'll send you a link that shows, in real video, how to perform ANY of 340 different exercise that you want to know--for FREE!

    **NEW** Free Bonus #5 ($99.97)

    Subscribe to my "Huge And Shredded" newsletter now and I'll also include access to a food nutrient database so you can find out how many grams of protein, carbs and fat are in the foods you eat, along with the full vitamin and mineral profile in over 6,200 foods!

    You can't lose with my 100%,
    ironclad, moneyback guarantee


    By the way, the $299.00 worth of bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of my iron-clad moneyback guarantee:

    ...If you're still the least bit hesitant about making the investment in your body and your life, here's my promise and unconditional money-back guarantee!

    Order my "Daily Fit Tips"...If you're not absolutely 100% satisfied with what they've done for you, ask and you shall receive your money back, no questions asked!

    I stand behind all of my products and will refund you if you do not feel it's worth every single penny and beyond!

    "What I'm saying is, don't decide now if you want "Daily Fit Tips".

    Just get them and try them out.

    If they don't do everything I say and more...

    If you don't gain more muscle, lose more body fat, increase your strength...

    If it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under my iron-clad, no-risk guarantee.

    So you have nothing to lose (except body fat) and everything to gain (especially muscle)."

    Here's how to order your "Daily Fit Tips" right now!

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    Here's to your success in health and life!

    Shawn LeBrun
    Certified Personal Trainer
    N.A.B.F. Bodybuilder


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