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Dumbbell Exercise Routines

Here are a couple dumbbell exercise routines and descriptions you can use in your workouts.

You want to do at least 3 sets of each of these in your exercise routines.

Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Alternate dumbbell curls are very effective dumbbell exercises for your biceps routines.

Grab a set of dumbbells and stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart, giving yourself a sturdy foundation.

Hold the dumbbells at your side with your palms facing your legs.

Curl one dumbbell at a time rotating your palm up as you lift the weight. After fully contracting the bicep, lower the dumbbell under control rotating your hand back to its original position.

Repeat the same with the opposite arm. Alternate back and forth until you have completed your desired reps.

It is important to allow yourself to use loose form on these, do not be too strict. If you stand too strict, you risk limiting the amount of weight you can use and you will also be more susceptible to injury because the movement is not natural.

Also, control the weight, especially as you lower the dumbbells down to the starting position.

Incline Bench Press with Dumbells

Incline Presses can be used in your dumbbell exercise routines for the chest.

Sit on the incline bench with the dumbbells resting on your knees.

To get the dumbbells into the starting position, use your knees to help kick them up one at a time lifting your knee towards your chest. With an explosive motion, push the weight towards the ceiling keeping it in line with your upper chest.

As you push the weight up, bring your hands together so o the dumbbells form an "A" shape when they come together at the top of the movement. With control, lower the weight back to the starting position rotating your palms back so they are facing each other and the dumbbells are again parallel with your body.

When you finish your desired reps, bring your knees up and in line with the base of the dumbbells. Rock yourself forward so the dumbbells are again resting on your knees. Stand up and lower the dumbbells back to the ground.

Those were just a few of the dumbbell exercises you can use in your routines.

For even more dumbbell exercise routines, check out the following excellent resource:

dumbbell exercise routinesDumbbell Exercise Routines

Only have access to dumbbells? Don't want to pay for a health club? Dumbbell Exercise Routines includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations for every muscle group in your body to show you exactly how to get in shape at home.

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