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Use Dumbbells To Build Muscle

Many people ask me if they can use dumbbells to build muscle. And the truth is, absolutely. If you can't get to a gym or can't afford to get a lot of free weights, it's amazing the results you can get with just some dumbbells and a bench.

In fact, you can work all muscle groups using just dumbbells. They offer an increased range of motion and plenty of overload to the muscles. Let's cover a few of the exercises in which you can use dumbbells to build muscle.

Deadlifts with dumbbells is an extremely effective muscle builder. Not only are they more comfortable then regular deadlifts with a bar, they cause less spinal compression.

Other ways to use dumbbells to build muscle is with standing calf raises while holding a dumbbell in your hand. Also, 1 arm dumbbell rows are effective at building the back muscles and they offer an increased range of motion compared to bent over rows with the barbell.

Dumbbell pullovers while lying across a bench also works the chest and back muscles.

You can use dumbbells very effectively to build muscle on the chest. You can do flat, incline, and decline presses, as well as flyes. Dumbbells offer an increased range of motion over a barbell, which can lead to more muscle building results.

The only careful consideration to make when using dumbbells to build the chest muscles is, the increased range of motion that dumbbells can offer can also lead to overstretching or tears of the muscle. If you're doing the dumbbell flyes on the bench and you lower the weight and stretch out too far, you could pull one of you pec muscles. So it's important to go slow and be aware of the range of motion you're using.

Dumbells are great for building shoulder muscles as well. Seated shoulder presses with dumbbells are very effective, as are side lateral raises. Trap work can be done with dumbbell shrugs.

Finally, you can use dumbbells to build biceps muscles, triceps, and the forearm muscles. Standing alternate dumbbell curls are a great bicep builder and really help to bring out the bicep peak. Tricep kickbacks and 1-arm tricep extensions are helpful when building the triceps muscles. Dumbbell hammer curls really work the forearms intensely.

When using dumbbells to build muscle, start light and get the feel for the increased range of motion they allow you to use. Slowly build up the amount of weight you lift, over time.

As you can see, there are many ways to build muscle with dumbells. A set of dumbbells and a bench will cost you around $100, which is very inexpensive for a home gym in which you can do just about all your exercises.

You also don't need a lot of space either, like you would with a large home gym machine. A set of dumbbells and bench can fit easily into a corner in the house or in a small room. You don't need a lot of space to use them.

If you want to work out at home, or you don't have the money to afford a gym, it's perfectly fine to use dumbbells to build muscle and see results.

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