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How To Gain More Muscle Mass!

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer

To gain more muscle, you need to lift big. Lift big, get big. That's the way it will always be.

Anyone who says that a bodybuilder can gain more muscle from using just machines really isn't seeing the big picture. You need more than machines to pack on slabs of rock hard muscle mass. You need bars and dumbbells that produce enough overload and intensity to the muscles, forcing them to grow.

I'm not saying you can't get big from using SOME machines in your routine. When I started lifting at 12 years old, I could tell it was tougher and took more energy to lift a weight that was free. I could tell it also worked more muscle groups than a lot of the machines I had fooled around with at the school gym.

I think anyone would agree that using squats, deadlifts, or bench presses with free weights is tougher than using any machine. And I personally think you'll gain more muscle from using free weights as well.

Anyone that wants to build lean muscle mass needs to train heavy. That means choosing free weights over machines.

Machines take a lot of the work away from your muscles because the weight is being balanced for you, whereas with free weights, you have to do all the work yourself to balance and hold up those weight.

In fact, that's the major reason free weights will help you gain more muscle. Free weights require the use of more muscles, especially those muscles you're not even targeting.

For example, if you're targeting your biceps by doing standing barbell curls, you're still going to train your abs. Your abs will be used as support, while you're doing your standing curls.

If you were to use a seated bicep curl machine, this wouldn't be the case. Your abs would not have to work to provide support. And its this extra work that free weights cause that really produces results.

Free weights also force you to use more of a range of motion as well. Machines are already set on a specific track which you can't vary from. But with free weights, you can move around until you find the range of motion that works well for you. So this should also cause your intensity levels to go up, since you're working harder to move the weight the way you want it to.

Its very tough to fake using intensity when you're doing squats with 500 pounds of free weights on your back.

You may hate doing the work and may dread leg day with squats, but I can tell you that you're going to get more results. Sometimes you have to force yourself to go above and beyond what you normally would do. You have to work with the heaviest weights you can handle.

You have to gain more muscle and strength through strength training and extremely heavy weights, then add some machines for total refinement and development. But the free weights will build the foundation.

So, regardless of your genetic potential to be naturally big, you still need strength training in your workout program. Good, heavy lifting will add the size and density to your muscles that only heavy overload can do. Focus more on free weights in your routine and less on the machines. And if you avoid free weights like the plague, you're going to have a tough time trying to gain more muscle.

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