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How To Gain Muscle

This article taken from "Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded

If you want to gain muscle, muscle growth occurs from lifting heavy. If youíre waiting for me to follow up on that statement, it isnít coming.

Thatís as hard and as easy as it gets.

Lifting heavier weight for lower reps over time will add more muscle and strength than anything else you do. The only ďIfĒ Iím going to throw in there is ďifĒ you eat supportively and healthy.

You canít implement these training tips I give you and then go out and eat Ring Dings and Doritos and then curse the ground I walk on.

But let me assure you, the changes you make here will blow you away if you give them your all and stick to them long enough to work.

Now, Iím going to simplify this for you because, well, its pretty simple stuff. Donít make things harder than they have to be.

Here it goes...

To get big, you must lift big.

In order to cause muscle growth and strength increase to occur, you must force your body to adapt to heavier demands (more weight). If you continued to lift the same old weight over time and time again, your body has no need to create new muscle growth and strength.

It can already handle what itís doing with what you have. So, to get bigger and stronger, you must force your body to do so, it doesnít happen by itself. For example, when you stop lifting for a month or more (like Iím sure we all have done for one reason or another) what happens?

You got it; we get smaller and less muscular.

Itís because we havenít been ďforcingĒ our body to adapt and get bigger/stronger. When you go through a ďlayoffĒ where you stop lifting weights, your muscles do not have to handle any additional workload and stress caused by lifting. So your muscles get smaller as a result.

To keep muscle size going up and to keep strength increasing, you absolutely must keep stressing and overloading those muscles. You MUST lift progressively heavier weights over time.

But what is an instant way you can lift more weight, without having to wait weeks or months. Well, let me give you a hint.

If you can lift 100 pounds 10 times, shouldnít you be able to lift more weight, say 150 pounds, if you only have to do it 5 times. By cutting the reps in half, you immediately raise the amount of weight you lift.

Sounds simple, but this is one of the most effective steps you can ever take in your muscle building and strength routine.

The days of lifting 3 sets of 10 reps are over--at least they should be. When you begin to lower your reps and begin to lift more weight, good things happen (more muscle and strength).

So how many reps are best for muscle and strength gains?

Between 4 reps and 6 reps is your rep range for heavy sets. Let me repeat that because its one of the most important things youíll read in this entire program. On all of your heavy sets, you should do between 4 and 6 reps.

If you cannot handle and get 4 reps, the weight is too heavy and you need to drop down a little.

If you can handle more than 6 reps, the weight is too light and you need to increase the weight you are lifting in order to force muscle growth and strength increase to occur.

This rep range will never, ever change if you want to keep gaining size and strength. And it should be done for every single exercise (maybe the exception being abs, dips, and chin-ups, you can use 10-15 reps for abs)

Squats: 4-6 reps
Bicep curls 4-6 reps
Shoulder presses 4-6 reps
1 arm dumbbell rows 4-6 reps

How many reps for bench press? Yup, you guessed it, 4 to 6 reps. Hereís what you do, for all exercises. You start with a nice light set of 10 reps.

**Side note**

If itís your first set of your second exercise for the same muscle group, you do not have to start at 10 reps again--youíre already warmed up.

For example, say you just completed your last heavy set of flat bench press and youíre getting ready to do incline dumbbell presses.

You should not warm up with a light set of 10 reps again, youíre already warmed up and you are wasting precious energy needlessly. Start your incline dumbbell presses with a moderately heavy set of 6-8 reps.

Weíll cover warm-ups more later.

***End side note***

Okay, we started our exercise with a set of 10 reps. Rest 2 minutes and itís time for the next set. Put a little more weight on and do a set of 8 reps.

Wait 2 minutes. Put a little more weight on and do 6 reps. Do not go to failure on any of these warm ups sets, they are just that, to warm up.

***You should only go to failure on your heavy sets, never on warm-ups.***

You should be pretty well warmed up by now.

Now it's time for your 2 (3 tops) heavy sets.

These 2 (or 3) heavy sets should be done with enough weight where you hit failure between 4 and 6 reps.

Again, if you cannot get 4 reps, go down in weight and work your way up.

If you can get 6 or more easily, go up in weight a bit for the next set if there is one of make a note to go up the next workout.

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