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To Lose Body Fat, Reduce Fat Intake

This article taken from "Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded

If you want to lose body fat, start reducing fats from your daily diet.

I remember a saying I once read on a popular sports nutrition website. It said ďIf you eat a lot of fat, you get fat, period.Ē

There's some truth to that, but to lose body fat, itís overall calorie count that matters.

A gram of fat contains 2 1/2 times the calories (9) as a gram of either protein or carbohydrate (4).

That's why eating a diet full of fats can lead quickly to obesity. The fat is much more calorie dense than protein and carbohydrates, meaning the calories add up much quicker than protein or carbohydrates.

However, excess fats, proteins, or carbohydrates can lead to the storage of body fat and obesity.

Fats are a vital nutrient for the body, but most people get more than enough in their diets. It's very tough to lose body fat if you're taking in more calories from fat than you need.

There are fats, called essential fatty acids, that you must get from food to maintain optimal health.

You can get essential fatty acids from sources such as fish, (omega 3 fatty acids) flax seeds oils, and nuts.

Limit your intake of saturated fats. You do not need to get your EFAís (essential fatty acids) from saturated fats since saturated fats can lead to an increase in cholesterol.

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature.

Stay with unsaturated fats, which are those that stay liquid at room temperature.

A total of 10% to 20% of your daily calorie amount is a good number to shoot. That may seem like a low number, but in all likelihood, the amount will be higher anyways.

That's because there can be fat amounts that are hidden in certain foods or miscalculated when youíre trying to add up the amounts in given foods.

Without getting rid of whole foods entirely, itís difficult to completely get rid of fats, in one way or another, unless you eat a strict vegetable diet.

But you do not want to get rid of all fats.

Fat serves a great purpose in our diets and our nutrition.

Fats contain vital substances that the body uses to absorb vitamins and is also used in other necessary metabolic functions.

The trouble with fat is, it tastes good. When we eat stuff that tastes good, it creates pleasure. We as human strive for pleasure and avoid pain.

To combat this, you must start associating more pleasure with foods that support your goals versus foods that hinder the completion of goals.

Sure, fat tastes good but so does being thin.

Itís all based upon your priorities. If being thin, muscular, and in great shape is higher on your list of priorities than is enjoying food, youíll not have a problem limiting the amount of fats in your diet.

Eating and enjoying fat once in a while is not a deal breaker, itís just that its easy to go overboard and keep doing it.

Having a nice steak or some butter on those vegetables every so often is not going to keep you from reaching your goal of wanting to lose body fat. But going overboard will.

It is not knowing when enough is enough that overusing fats become unhealthy and limits the reaching of your goals.

Many people are pleasure hounds and they will give in at the drop of a hat anything that creates instant pleasure for them, including eating a poor diet that tastes great but is high in fat.

So, to lose body fat in less time, begin replacing fattier foods with less fatty ones that also bring you pleasure from eating them.

Another concern with fat is that its less expensive to eat fatty foods than it is to eat nutritious foods that are better for you.

Fat is cheap. That is why it only costs 4 dollars to eat at a fast food restaurant and much more to eat from a menu with more health conscious choices.

The bottom line on fats is this:

Try to get 10% to 20% of your daily calories from fat.

Do not set yourself up for failure by trying to eliminate fat altogether.

Itís virtually impossible as well as unhealthy.

You need fats in your diet to function optimally. You just do not need all that you may be taking in now.

Start with getting rid of the fatty side options, like butter, mayonnaise, and heavy dressing.

Instead of whole milk, use skim or 2%. Shop for leaner cuts of meat and poultry and instead of deep frying, broil or steam.

By just making a few simple choices and eliminating fats from certain areas of your diet, youíll be surprised at how quickly you can lose body fat and reduce your daily calorie amount without much effort.

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