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Eliminate Sugar To Lose Fat Fast

This article taken from "Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded

If you want to lose fat fast, get rid of as much processed sugar as you can in your diet.

Often times, we as a society, are so against fats in our diets that another culprit often sneaks in and ruins any chance of success you may have had.

I am talking about sugar.

Sugar does not only contain calories, it can effect your potential to release fat.

When you ingest simple sugar, like honey, table sugar, or even if it's in fruit, all of that sugar gets absorbed into the bloodstream at once, so for the moment you experience a spike in blood sugar.

In response this momentary spike in blood sugar, your pancreas increases its production of the hormone insulin. Insulin's job is to remove excess sugar from the bloodstream and store it in the muscles and liver as glycogen.

The pancreas also produces a hormone called glucagon. Insulin acts as a "storage" hormone and glucagon acts as a "release" hormone. Glucagon is the hormone responsible for releasing body fat. When the pancreas suddenly has to release increased amounts of insulin to deal with an increase in blood sugar, it backs off on its production of glucagon. The result - fat release is crippled.

Your pancreas actually manufactures more insulin than you need. About 45 minutes after the sugar spike, you wind up with residual low blood sugar. In order to restore blood sugar to normal, your body begins to get crave sugar again.

This is why you are better off consuming starchy, complex carbohydrates for energy as opposed to simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs provide a steady, slow release of sugars, which prevents sudden blood sugar spikes, keeping the insulin/glucagon balance stable.

When this occurs, you lose fat fast, more readily and more often.

I know there are instances when you need to use a sweetener for certain foods like coffee or baked goods.

Begin to utilize artificial sweeteners in place of sugar. Use Equal, Splenda, or Sweet and Low instead of sugar in your coffee. Equal and other sweeteners can also be used to bake with.

When you begin to cut out calories wherever you can, the chances of creating a calorie deficit become much greater. Since these sweeteners usually contain 0 calories, they can be quite useful when you are attempting to shave off calories whenever you can.

Again, this is why drinking diet soda and Crystal Lite instead of fruit juice and regular soda can help you reduce calories in certain areas that you normally wouldn’t think of.

Start thinking of losing weight and staying thin as a calorie driven process instead of just a process that has to deal with eating more or less fat. Just eating fat will not make you fat; eating more calories than you have burned off makes you gain weight.

So the more you focus on calories versus fat, protein, and carbs, the more likely you are to achieve long-term weight loss success.

So if you want to lose fat fast, start reducing or eliminating sugar from the diet.

This one change allowed me to lose a lot of weight quickly.

Not only is sugar caloric, it also effects the release of fat.

Get rid of table sugar and use Sweet & Low, Equal, Splenda, or other no-calorie sweeteners.

Another great switch to lower calories is to switch from regular soda to diet soda or Crystal Lite.

Cutting calories anywhere you can without causing a major disruption to your lifestyle is one way to ensure weight loss is permanent.

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