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Why Habit Is Important
In Your Muscle Building Program

This article taken from "Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded

If you want more results from your muscle building program, you need to make it habit. And you can do that by studying the successful habits of others.

You can do anything that anyone else has done. You can have anything that anyone else has. You can achieve amazing results from your muscle building program.

How? Because they already have accomplished it so you know it can be done.

The variable is how hard you are willing to get the same results someone else has.

I am not trying to say be like someone else here. I am saying that if there is something you want to have or be in this lifetime, make a study out of what other successful people have done to get it.

Make a habit out of studying successful people and begin doing what they've done in their own muscle building routine.

Sure, there are going to be some limitations and some setbacks when copying others.

You will probably not be able to play pro baseball or basketball if you are in your 50's.

You may not be able to be president of the United States if you've failed to graduate school.

That does not and should not mean you do not set lofty goals for yourself.

The habit of study comes after accepting responsibility and thinking about what it is you want to achieve with your body and health.

In order to achieve great fitness, you must bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be.

What this means is, you have to find a way to get from where you currently are (or are not) to where you want to go.

It's the same principle as using a roadmap. You use a map to get from Point A to Point B without blindly driving around trying to find your destination.

Learning to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go can be done more easily if you model, or copy, after someone that has already achieved some of the same things you want to achieve. For example, say that your best friend recently lost 20 pounds and looks great. Why not ask them how they did it and then, providing they lost the weight in a reasonable manner, copy what it is they did. To achieve success in your muscle building program, you must bridge the gap that lies between where you currently are and where it is you want to end up.

When you determine where it is you want to end up, you need to make certain choices and certain decisions about how it is you will get to your destination.

The quickest way to get there is to follow someone else who has already achieved what it is you want, model after someone that has figured out what works and what doesn't.

This could be a friend, family member, or personal trainer.

You can have anything you want in life if you copy others that have achieved what it is you are looking for. If you want to learn about the stock market, read a book by Warren Buffet. If you want to learn a new language, pick up a Spanish book.

I am going to help you get great results from your muscle building program. Not because I know everything, but because at some point, I had to make the same choice and I know the end result of that choice. Experience of others can save you a lot of time.

In fact, often the only thing that distinguishes successful people from unsucessful ones is direction.

You only get what you ask for in life, so ask for more. The choices you make dictate the life you lead.

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