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How To Gain Weight And Still Look Lean!

by Mark Cesari
Natural Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer

The key with how to gain weight and look lean is to make the right muscles on your body better. We all have a wish list some where on that list is making the gut, legs, but, and hips to look smaller or better. In the minds of most hours and hours of aerobics with all your meals at the sald bar will whittle or shape your gut, legs, but, and hips away.

That thought is what fuels the common misperception surrounding fat loss. Cardiovascular work and nutritional improvement most definitely are key factors for fat loss though it is not necessary to go to those extremes.

It has amazed people when I have told them that I have been four and a half percent body fat for both natural bodybuilding shows Iíve competed in. Even more surprising to them is that I didnít use excessive amounts of cardio. I only performed two hundred and twenty minutes of cardio each week. Nor did I starve my self to death with salads as my only meals.

The many times I consumed three thousand calories a day or more during a day and consumed other sources of carbohydrates prove that. My results that I have achieved for those shows validate my approach.

For cardiovascular training to help you with how to gain weight and look lean work smarter not harder. When thinking of cardio you donít want to think that more is always better. Instead you want to think that performing cardio better is always better. That is the mind set I have portrayed to the many of my indoor cycling students Iíve had through out the years.

I teach a style where we do interval training. We get our heart rates up higher with higher intensity movements. Then after a recovery period we repeat that same type of interval cycling of our efforts.

Performing your cardio in this way is the most effective way to burn calories. Also it is the most effective way to improve cardio respiratory fitness. In addition to these pluses when doing the interval cardio on indoor cycleís strength is most effectively improved.

When calorie burning, cardio respiratory fitness, and strength are most effectively achieved individuals goals are also most effectively achieved. Even though my personal preference is doing cardio from teaching on indoor cycles, when interval training is performed properly any mode of cardio vascular training will help your fitness goals.

Some types of cardio can help your fitness goals more time efficiently then others. With running as an example you can burn the most amounts of calories in the least amount of time compared to walking. Keep in mind though that some types of cardio also have higher injury potential then others. While walking offers less injury potential to the low back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet then running does.

Depending on if you have had a history of previous injuries will help you decide which mode of cardio to use. If you have had injuries before you should avoid cardio that strains, or pains those body parts.

With my nutrition instead of quickly dropping calorie totals. I started off gradually by doing a general clean up in nutrition. Also the calorie intakes should start off higher. Then slowly drop the calories as time goes on. The body doesnít like drastic changes.

Such as if some one started eating a ton of salads. It is extremely important not to rush your improvements in nutrition. Take your time with it continue to improve and learn. When I was preparing for my first natural bodybuilding show I made the mistake of being a bit drastic with my nutrition at first.

I did the right thing by eating something just about every two hours and eating eight times a day total. The mistake I made was I tried to lower my protein, carbohydrate, fat, and total calorie amounts too much too soon. This was a strategy I used during my high school wrestling days. I was doing even more damage then because I wasnít eating enough times a day.

This improper strategy will cause the body to try harder to hang onto body fat. It will also cause the body to lose valuable muscle tissue you try so hard to attain. The muscle helps keep your metabolism higher then it would be if you had less.

I felt for the first show I started too late with my nutrition. I had started to clean up my nutrition in about the late part of the month of March. I then started writing down everything I was eating and when I was eating it in the middle of May. It wasnít until two months later that I changed my incorrect approach.

I read in an issue of Flex magazine that many bodybuilders rotate or cycle their carbohydrates. They take in different quantities of them on various days of the week. This helped me to hold on to muscle mass and shed body fat way more efficiently then decreasing everything did.

It is of course crucially important to perform the most effective strength training possible. How to gain weight and look lean has to do with increasing the demands on your muscles. If you build up your shoulders and back you are widening whatís above the waist. Which will mean you de emphasize whatís around the waist.

In fact, just adding an inch to your shoulders and back is how to gain weight and look lean because it can make your waist appear a full inch smaller. Adding size to the chest will also help make the waist appear smaller. By committing the time to these details you can start to be one step closer to looking lean.

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