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How To Have Fun When Building Muscle

Let me ask you, do you have fun right now when building muscle? Do you tend to stick with something, for any length of time, that isn't fun?

Exactly. Probably not.

So why should your muscle building routine be any different.

If you feel that working out, eating healthy, and doing cardio is a chore, what's the likelihood of doing it long term. So learn to have fun in your fitness routine!

Part of having fun is seeing results. After all, why continue with it if you see nothing in return? And if you find a proven muscle building program to use, you're going to get results
(You'll learn more about one below).

When you start seeing results, (more muscle, less fat) your motivation grows and soon nothing can keep you away from working out.

So the key to long term success is to HAVE FUN when trying to build muscle!

Savor the moments when you finally fit into those clothes, or finally get a 300 pound bench press, or finally run a mile on the Treadmill in 10 minutes.

Or how about when you start to turn more heads on the beach or have people checking you out when you're walking down the street.

Have fun so that you're more likely to continue. We as humans do not like doing things that are not pleasurable.

If you attach too much negative energy with your fitness routine, you're not going to stay with it long term.

Set goals. Make challenges to yourself or friends/family.
Give yourself a cheat day once a week and eat just about any type of food you want. Get out for a walk each night with your spouse, friend, or loved ones.

Enter a bodybuilding show or fitness competition. Model for your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend and show off your new bod. Meet a friend at the gym.

Give yourself a treat (movie, dinner, new C.D.) for hitting your workout goals for the week.

Hire a trainer. Go for a run on the beach. Walk the dog more. Enter a marathon. Park your car as far away from the store in the parking lot and walk.

The opportunities to have more fun while building muscle are endless. Start to look at the process with a different mindset.

Instead of feeling like it's something you "have" to do, look at it as something you "want" to do.

If you associate more fun to your fitness routine, you're going to be more likely to stay with it.

If it feels like pulling teeth, how long before you decide "this is for the birds!"

Life's too short not to have fun in anything you do.
Start having more fun when building muscle and you'll soon see more results in the mirror.

Learn how to have fun when building muscle with this proven muscle building program from personal trainer and bodybuilder Shawn Lebrun.

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