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How To Gain Muscle
With Protein Shakes!

by Guest Columnist Mark Cesari
1st place 2003 N.A.B.F. Maine Natural Bodybuilding Championships

If you want to learn how to gain muscle, you have to learn how to eat on time. In my years as a certified Spinning Instructor and Personal Trainer I've heard this many times...

"I can't eat first thing in the morning!"

Hey, I know how it is. Sometimes we can barely make it to work on time. So gain muscle with the help of protein shakes for breakfast. Starting the day off right with something nutritious in your stomach is far better than nothing in order to gain muscle. I feel naturally I have a thirst for a protein drink as soon as I wake up. I think its my body telling me I need protein after a long period without it.

A protein shake helps me quench that feeling very well. I have used what's called a ready to drink shake (RTD) or you could chose to combine a protein powder with milk or your favorite beverage.

With a blender those ingredients and some ice you can create a frosty beverage to gain muscle with. For even faster time efficiency a shaker cup or bottle can be used to shake it up and go. Certainly by leaps and bounds a better choice then is relying on a vending machine in a time crunch.

No matter what ingredients you chose the shake will provide much needed nutrients. The refreshing shake can have protein, carbohydrates, healthy fat, along with that they will be full of vitamins, and also have minerals as well that we all really need.

Proteins are comprised of nitrogen –containing sub units called amino acids. Since nitrogen is essential for efforts to gain muscle and amino acids are the body’s primary source of dietary nitrogen that makes protein crucially important.

A lot of people misbelieve that drinking a shake is not the way to get off to a smooth start because of taste. As much as I idolize Arnold Schwarzenegger the protein shakes I made from the recipe I found in his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding when I was fourteen left a lot to be desired. Thanks to the many companies that have created and experimented with RTD's and protein powders, the taste is now great.

Officially gone are the days that those of us individuals that want to gain muscle have to choke down some chalky, nasty, shakes. As a matter of fact I just recently had a Chocolate Mint Whey protein from Optimum Nutrition. I felt that it tasted so great I had three scoops during that first day I tried it. That flavor and company is just one example of many I've tried before and really enjoyed the taste of.

The quickness and convenience of protein shakes can't be beat when it comes time to gain muscle. Not just in the morning but at any other time during the day and night. Be sure to read up on the options that are out there.

That way you feel you will make a well informed and confident decision on what type of powder you will make your shakes with. Should you decide on an RTD there will be no need to make or mix the shake. Just pop the top on it then it is ready to gulp down.

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