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The Keys To Building Muscle

The keys to building muscle are based upon "laws", like the law of gravity. I don't care how much you DONíT want that rock to fall off the rooftop you just dropped it from---itís going to fall.

Itís the law of gravity--it happens whether you want it to or not. Well, the same can be said for building muscle. If you take certain steps, youíll get certain results.

They will work for you, for your cousin, or any one else that puts them to use. The determining factor, once again, is your effort--how much youíre willing to work at it.

If I was to name the single most important factor that will determine how much muscle you build and how much good quality weight you gain, itís this. Your effort and intensity of that effort.

If you fail to do any of the recommended steps in this program, youíll see little to no results.

But if you take the steps in this program with very little effort and intensity, youíll still see little to no results. Even though youíve taken some of the steps and have done something, thatís not enough.

The world is FULL of people that only give a half-hearted attempt. If you never become one of those people, you will go very far.

If your effort and intensity are the biggest keys to building muscle, than your attitude is not far behind those. Your attitude is how you view things in life and most people go through life with a bad attitude, or view.

You cannot do that with bodybuilding. A positive attitude will get you to and keep you in the gym when it would be easier to be home, watching TV.

A bad attitude will often times keep you out of the gym altogether. With a negative attitude, you think, ďWhatís the use working out, Iím not getting anywhere.Ē

This negative mindset begins to affect everything you do and instead of looking forward to your workouts, you begin to dread them.

On the other hand, with a positive attitude, nothing will keep you from the gym and more importantly, from getting what you want.

So always keep a cool head on your shoulders and feel positive about what youíre doing.

If you allow negativity to creep into your lifestyle, it will affect everything you do in the course of the day and not in a good way.

If youíre wondering why Iíve talked about effort and attitude more than bench presses as the keys to building muscle, itís because the most important piece of your body you can exercise on a daily basis is that tool between your ears.

Your brain is the single most important piece of equipment you have for building muscle, increasing strength, gaining weight, or any other goal you have. Your thinking will either get you ahead of everyone else or your thinking will keep you back---itís your choice.

Building muscle, gaining weight, and increasing your strength goes SO far beyond just exercising. Look around the gym. You see many people exercising. More often times than not, they do not have the ideal physique. They are not as muscular or as ripped as theyíd like to be.

If just plain exercising and lifting weights were all it took to get an awesome body, wouldnít more people have one by now?

The last time I was in the gym, there were maybe 2 people out of 25 that had any sort of ďmuscularĒ physique. I donít say this to be mean, but to rather prove a point.

The keys to building muscle and getting a great physique have more to do with how you think than it does about how you exercise. That may sound like a totally ridiculous statement, but itís 100% true. If it werenít, than a lot more people would already have their ideal physiques.

Iím sure youíve heard of the saying ďTrain smarter, not harder.Ē Well, there is some truth to that statement, but I prefer ďTrain Harder AND Smarter.Ē If you do this, you will take your body to levels you never thought possible. When I began to train ďharder AND smarterĒ I changed more in 10 weeks than I had in 10 years.

But I had to put my ego aside and realize that I didnít know everything I needed to know to get a great muscular body. I still donít know everything, but I am now open to learning what I need to know to get what I want. But the important thing is, I know what works.

After years of trial and error, going through program after program and training routine after routine, Iíve learned that the keys to building muscle are your effort and your intensity during your diet and workout program.

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