If you're tired of spinning your wheels in the gym...

"Discover How To Have A Perfect, Killer Workout.... Every Single Time You Step Foot In The Gym!"

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On the following page, I'm going to reveal a little-known secret resource that will change your workouts... and your life forever.

This powerful secret, if used correctly, will make every single workout... give you the results of three! Keep reading because your days of dreading your workouts and not seeing results are finally over!

Dear Friend,

I magine if every single rep and set of your heavy exercises... were as light and easy as your warm-up sets!

Picture going through your workout and everything just seems to "click". You're focused and intense. The weights feel light, your energy and strength levels are skyrocketing.

You feel an extreme pump coursing through your body as you go from one exercise to the next, lifting more weight than you ever had before."

Let me ask you, are these workouts few and far between for you?

Well, they don't have to be. You can have an awesome workout every single time you wrap your hands around a steel bar!

Here's what this is all about.

Me, after a bodybuilding contest

My name is Shawn LeBrun and I'm a certified personal trainer and competitive all-natural body builder from Portland, Maine.

I've also been an online fitness expert since 2001... having sold well over 15,000 fitness programs. Each and every day, I receive awesome testimonials from happy clients who are following my advice.

I currently have over 20,000 people that read my "Change Your Body" weekly fitness newsletter to get tested and proven fitness information they can trust.

I only mention this to show you that I live and breathe fitness!

It's true. I absolutely LOVE the results I get from my workouts. And I must say, I also love showing off my results onstage, in front of a bodybuilding audience.

But It Wasn't Always So Rewarding...

A few years back, I used to approach each workout with "forced" excitement. You know, that dreadful feeling you get when you know you have to work out tonight. Either because you don't want to put yourself through the mental and physical pain... or you're just tired of not seeing any results from your hard work.

In fact, there used to be a time when I'd have to pop a couple Ripped Fuel or drink some heavy coffee... just to get motivated to lift.

Have you ever felt like that? Not wanting to hit the gym? I know I used to feel that way.

But all that changed when I accidentally discovered an old, out-of-print book on the Internet. It was a book about concentration. I figured it would help me bust through my training plateau and get my butt back in gear.

And even though it was written in 1918... I gladly spent $60 bucks for it!

When I got it home, I sat and devoured this book in 90 minutes. And then I read it again. The more I read it, the more I understood it and could apply it to my workouts... and my life! It spoke to me like it was written just yesterday.

Every single time I would pick it up and read it, ten minutes later... I was pumped and ready for the gym!

And when I went...

I Kept Having The Best Workouts Ever!

I used a few of the techniques the book taught me about concentration. And I was blown away by the results because I literally felt like I could keep lifting.

I was mentally "clear" and everything seemed so focused. Man, it was intensity, at its best!

This little book on concentration was making my workouts more intense than they ever were. Over the next few weeks, I started to attack my body building routine with ferocity. Each time, I trained like it the very last time I'd ever see a gym. In other words, this book changed my mindset, my approach, and my results.

Excitedly, I rushed home one day after a workout and here's what I did. I took this book and started making notes in it that I could teach my personal training clients.

But I knew it could help more than just my personal training clients, so I "repackaged" this out-of-print book for anyone looking to get more results from their time spent in the gym.

I was sure that anyone that lifts, works out, or does any kind of athletic work would benefit from this book. Anyone that wanted more energy, more intensity, and more power to use for their workouts!

The result is my new, 114-page printable ebook called "How To Have A Perfect, Killer Workout... Every Time You Step Foot In The Gym!"

It's already helped many of my clients to achieve the seemingly impossible by learning how to control the mind's potential and put it to use for accomplishing anything.

Look, it's so important to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon what you're working on.

The person who is able to do this uses all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest person would accomplish NOTHING if he lacked concentration.

That's Where Building A
Lean And Muscular Physique Starts!

Before you start to get results from the time you spend in the gym, you first have to decide what you want!

Architects do not start building houses until they have thought of every last little detail. Then they just construct what they thought about.

You cannot and should not just walk into the gym without thinking of what you want to accomplish and just start throwing weights around.

It took me years to figure that out and it was years that I was small and not very muscular.

It starts with thinking about what you want to achieve.

After all, intensity involves a certain mind-body connection. It's both mental and physical. You literally feel the rep, feel the range of motion, and feel the stress on the muscles. You know when you have a really INTENSE workout. You remain focused, nothing distracts you, and each and every rep feels light.

Everything just goes perfectly. No matter which exercise it is you are doing, it will benefit if you use the utmost intensity while doing it. When you can continuously harness this intensity, the gains you make will truly amaze you.

Here's How To Make Every Workout...
Be The Best One You've Ever Had!

Everything you need to quickly and easily blast through plateaus and get the best possible results from your workouts is revealed in "How To Have A Perfect, Killer Workout... Every Time You Step Foot In The Gym!" And in complete, step-by-step detail.

Now you can get this 1918 classic by Theron Dumont originally titled, "The Power Of Concentration" instantly! I've updated it and included my notes and thoughts on how to get the best possible results from your workouts, in the least amount of time!

You'll get to read the exact words that took me from dreading my workouts... to having perfect, results-producing workouts every time I go to the gym.

In 20, easy-to-grasp and practical lessons, the book reveals the techniques used to bring the mind under your control and turn it into an effective tool to help you succeed in everything you do.

Here's Just A Sample Of The
Powerful Secrets You'll Learn In This Manual!

  • How to make every single workout the best it can be!

  • How to destroy your unproductive habits, once and for all.

  • How to develop a powerful and strong willpower to succeed at anything you do.

  • How to get more results from your workouts... in a lot less time.

  • Discover the secret to powerful concentration!

  • How to develop complete self-mastery.

  • Learn how to quickly and easily stop the negative self-talk that holds you back.

  • Learn how to rev up your intensity and desire whenever you choose! (So you don't spend an extra minute in the gym)

  • Discover the single most important thing you MUST DO before you step foot in a gym to start any fat-loss or muscle-building program!

  • Find out how to end fear, once and for all!

  • Discover how to build unshakeable self-confidence!

  • If you're an athlete, learn how to get better for your sport. Learn how to gain a competitive edge and become the top athlete for your school and sport!

  • Learn how to make all your goals become reality.

  • Discover powerful ways to direct your mind to your goals so you always achieve them.

  • Learn what you must do when you encounter set-backs or obstacles, so you can blast through them.

  • Find out why "mental work" should never be difficult.

  • Learn ways to make sure you're always focused when lifting.

  • Discover a simple way to increase your power before working out.

  • Learn simple ways to get rid of nervousness, fear, anxiety or worry.

  • Start reaching ALL of your goals, instead of always chasing them!

  • Learn how to get into the zone and be incredibly focused!

  • Find out how to become more decisive in everything you do!

  • Instantly increase your confidence at will!

  • Discover how to have unbreakable concentration, regardless of your situation or environment!

  • Learn how to end procrastination, once and for all

  • Discover how to instantly de-stress and calm down, no matter what's happening!

  • End all lifelong fears and anxiety through your mindset!

  • End negative self-talk that holds you back from achieving your goals!

  • Learn how to break negative habits, even ones you've had for years!

  • Discover how to speed up your learning process!

  • And much, much more!

This brand-new, 114-page printable ebook is a course of lessons intended to teach you how to concentrate, so you can better use your constructive thoughts and shut out the destructive ones.

Lessons include:

  • The Self-Mastery: Self-Direction Power of Concentration
  • How to Gain What You Want Through Concentration
  • Concentration; the Silent Force that Produces Results in All Business
  • The Training of the Will to Do
  • Concentration Gives Mental Poise
  • Concentration Can Overcome Bad Habits
  • Concentrate on Courage
  • Concentrate on Wealth
  • You Can Concentrate, But Will You?
  • Art of Concentration with Practical Exercise
  • Concentrate So You Will Not Forget
  • How Concentration Can Fulfill Your Desire
  • Ideals Develop by Concentration
  • Mental Control Through Creation
  • Concentrated Will Development
  • And 5 more powerful lessons!

You'll find a total of 20 simple but powerful lessons in "How To Have A Perfect, Killer Workout... Every Time You Step Foot In The Gym!"

Bottom line, if you'd like to achieve ANY of the following...

  • Dramatic fat loss.
  • Increased lean muscle gains.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Increased strength.
  • Increased energy.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem...

Then this course is an absolute must-read! This manual is a 114-page printable ebook. An ebook is a PDF file that's downloaded from my site and runs on your computer. There's no waiting for snail mail and no shipping and handling costs!

You can read it right on your computer screen or print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

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Stop dreading your workouts and start using the simple strategies proven to get you get motivated to conquer the gym! Order this program right now and start having the best workouts you've ever experienced in your life!

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And you know what? Go ahead and KEEP the book. And the $199.97 in free bonuses. Don't even mess with sending them back to me. That's how confident I am that you'll be blown away by this information.

I know that once you see the kind of stuff I'm revealing, you won't want to give it up.

So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Knowledge Is Only Power
When You Take Action And Use It.

So please, don't procrastinate and "think about it". If you're tired of not having the best workouts you possibly can, here's the solution.

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Here's to your success in health and life!

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Shawn LeBrun
Certified Personal Trainer
N.A.B.F. Natural Bodybuilder

P.S. Remember... if you keep doing what you've been doing to try and gain muscle and lose fat, you'll keep getting the same results!

Why bother?

Why not use my manual to speed up your own results much quicker! And without spending the thousands I've spent trying just about every supplement and training program on the market.

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P.P.S. Learning even one or two of these secret techniques will shortcut your success by a year at least. Probably more. These are secrets most people never discover. And since I've already learned them, you don't have to waste your time. Use this manual as your guide and order now.

"I've tried many other programs and online fitness 'gurus' but I've since deleted and cancelled all of those so called 'experts' as I'm having great success with your program.!"

Robert Winterbottom

"I've been lifting for over 35 years. Each year I lost more and more interest. I have two shelves of fitness and bodybuilding books and each one is more confusing than the other. Your info cut through all of the BS. It was simple and to the point."

Mike Sands

"Excited to have a real method to run with"

"I can't tell you the value of what I've learned from your program, there's no telling how much time and disappointment you have saved me. I've been lifting for a little over 6 months now and the last few have been disappointing, and your program has explained why. It is very exciting to have a real method to run with."

Chris Priddy

"Said his life has changed!"

"Shawn, you have helped me so much and changed my life. I have been working out for years and always start out with great results the first week or two and from there just keep spinning my wheels getting nowhere and working harder and harder!

As soon as my eyes laid on your techniques in 'Simple Steps' in regards to sets, reps, and rest between sets, I lit up like a light bulb! You have been very patient with me and answered EVERY question (tons & tons) that I have asked."

Anthony Inosencio

"I'd like to thank you so much for the information you've given me. i've made more progress in the past 3 months of fun than i have in the past 4 years of torture. i can't believe it!! i've lost 30 lbs, and 10% body fat. it's amazing!"


As always thanks for the advice; its finally nice to correspond with someone who cuts through the B.S. and sticks to what works. Grant L. McGrail

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