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The Deal With Legal Steroids!

Let's face it, legal steroids and their alternatives are quickly catching up to the black-market products that are not only dangerous, but are against the law!

Sure, when it comes to packing on slabs of rock-hard muscle mass, nothing can beat the potency of the real deal.

However, legal steroids like andro, 1-AD, 1-test, and 4-Androstenediol have taken the bodybuilding world by storm over the last few years.

They are the closest thing to real steroids that are legally available, and the results that people have been getting are quite amazing. Used correctly, they are a safe and effective alternative to steroids.

These cutting-edge supplements use the latest in muscle-building science to greatly enhance strength, energy, and muscle recovery.

It's true, you can get AMAZING results safely and effectively with the closest products to steroids legally allowed!

The first legal steroid to make it big was Androstenedione

Androstenedione is also known as a "prohormone". It was first used to enhance athletic performance by the powerful East German athletes back when they were winning more Olympic medals than any other country.

In fact, Androstenedione was one of the East Germans most coveted secrets.

So how do legal steroids like andro work?

Andro exerts its anabolic effect as a result of an enzyme conversion reaction in the liver. When you take andro, an enzyme in the liver acts on the molecular structure of androstenedione, and through this one reaction converts it to testosterone.

This conversion only requires one enzyme reaction and is a natural process.

There is debate whether taking more of it will increase the effects, since more of the product gets passed by the liver.

Although andro was considered the first of the steroid-like supplements, there have been a large amount of related products to hit the market the past few years.

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