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Three Tips To Loose Weight and Gain Muscle

If you want to loose weight and gain muscle, here are the three best tips you can use to do both at the same time.

After all, I'm sure you want to loose weight WITHOUT losing muscle!

And it can be done IF approached correctly.

But to loose weight and gain muscle , you really have to be "right on" when it comes to your nutrition and your training.

In fact, the bodybuilding pros in the old days used to do these 2 separate phases of bulking and cutting.

Not any more!

With today's nutritional advances, almost all bodybuilders (amateur or pro) stay lean AND muscular year round.

It's all based on your calorie intake and nutritional approach.

This "balance" of calories will make sure you're taking in enough to loose weight and gain muscle but not so many extra calories so that you gain fat.

You have to find that "balance".

Also, in your weight training workouts, you should use heavy weight, lower number of reps and sets, and train each muscle group just once a week.

That, and making sure your cardio sessions are short and INTENSE.

So, if you want to loose weight and gain muscle , here's what you do:

1. Find your calories needed each day and make sure you're not going greatly under or over.

2. Keep weight training heavy so that muscle is stimulated to grow. If you do not force muscle to grow by lifting heavy and intense, it will not grow.

3. Keep cardio short and intense. Long cardio sessions are not productive at burning fat and preserving lean muscle.

My good friend, Tom Venuto, has written what I feel to be the "Best" manual to loose weight and gain muscle I've ever come across.

Tom, like myself, is a lifetime-natural bodybuilder and personal trainer. And even though I've routinely gotten down to 5% body fat for bodybuilding shows, I still learned alot of amazing information from Tom's fat loss course.

To loose weight and gain muscle, check out Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

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