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How To Lose Stomach Fat

Of all the goals I hear from people I see or talk to in the gym, wanting to lose stomach fat is high on the list.

But it surprises me that so many people want this goal and yet to lose stomach fat remains so hard for many people to accomplish.

But the more I talk with people, I can start to see why they have trouble toning up the "spare tire" section and getting lean, washboard abdominals.

After all, I once received an email from someone asking why, after they've been doing 500 crunches, 500 hanging leg raises, and 500 incline crunches for 3 nights a week for the past year, he still didn't lose stomach fat.

Well, it didn't take long for me to diagnose his problem.

So, in just a couple lines below, I am going to de-mystify some of the common myths about what it takes to lose stomach fat.

To get lean, washboard abs, you need:

1. Low levels of body fat.

Remember that lean, skinny kid we all used to pick on in school, the one who could eat 5 school lunches and not gain a pound.

We called him "Twiggy" or "String Bean."

Well, he holds the key to killer abs.

Having washboard abs simply has to do with having low levels of body fat. All of us already have abs. It's just that most peoples' are covered by a layer of fat.

So no matter how many crunches you do or how long you fry yourself with an "Abtronica (little Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song joke there) you will not lose stomach fat doing exercises alone.

2. To lower your body fat, you need to focus on a combo of two things: Your nutrition and your cardio.

For the best results to burn body fat, you should begin to gradually reduce your calorie intake as you increase your cardio/aerobic intensity.

After figuring your maintenace calorie amount, start to reduce it by 150-200 calories a day until you see results. If you don't see some results after a couple weeks, reduce it again by 150-200 calories. Continue this until happy with your levels of fat and that you feel you can adequately maintain.

Do 3-4 cardio sessions a week, 20 minutes a pop. That's all you need to help condition your metabolic rate to speed up and burn calories at rest.

3. Finally, begin adding resistance to your abdominal exercises.

Use weighted ab crunch machines, put a dumbbell between your feet for weighted leg lifts, or hold a dumbbell against your chest while doing crunches.

So as you're losing stomach fat from working on the first 2 steps, you're also starting to add lean muscle to your abdominals by using the 3rd step.

This creates more lean abdominal muscle so when you do lower your levels of body fat, you have a muscular, carved out midsection.

As all three steps work together, you can bet you'll lose stomach fat and get lean, six pack abs.

My good friend, Tom Venuto, has written what I feel to be the "Best" manual to lose stomach fat I've ever come across.

Tom, like myself, is a lifetime-natural bodybuilder and personal trainer. And even though I've routinely gotten down to 5% body fat for bodybuilding shows, I still learned alot of amazing information from Tom's fat loss course.

To melt away and lose stomach fat, check out Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

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