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Motivation To Build Muscle

In this article, I'm going to give you motivation to build muscle and I'll also attempt to explain why you may not be getting the results you want from your current workout program.

A little about motivation.

Most people fail to see results in and out of the gym because they're misled and misinformed as to what it truly takes to build muscle and lose fat.

So they spin their wheels doing stuff that really doesn't produce results.

So, a few months later, they give up because of a lack of results. I'm sure you feel this way sometimes.

After all, why workout so hard when you get little in the way of muscle gains or fat loss in return.

The flip side is, when you do what works, you get results. When the results start to come, so does the increase in motivation.

An increase in motivation often means an increase in momentum and even more results!

It's a cycle, albeit a good one!

When you start seeing better and better results muscle gains from your time spent in the gym, motivation will come from within you.

You'll know you're on the "right track" for muscle gain and fat loss, so you'll continue on with your training.

In fact, once you see results, it takes a lot to keep you out of the gym.

When you're seeing little results, it's easy not to go to the gym.

So, the key is uncovering what works to build muscle and lose fat, stick with that, and soon the results will keep you internally motivated.

Happened with me and with many others I've trained. I trained them long enough to show them exactly what to do, and then they run with it themselves.

That's where my Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded program comes in.

It has all the tools you need in order to see results. You just have to work it long enough for those results to start coming.

Once they do, your internal motivation to build muscle and stay in the gym will kick in and soon you're on your way to bigger and better.

I often tell people that the more they try and learn about working out or lifting, the more they may become confused about what to do.

In fact, that is one of the most dangerous parts of reading too much into working out.

Soon, you get overwhelmed with different theories and viewpoints, so you start to become confused.

So you try different things and soon you get away from the basics that were once so productive at building muscle and losing fat.

And it's no coincidence that when you get away from the basics, your results start to go down.

Its information overload that will often lead to confusion on what to do, which in turn will lead to "paralysis by analysis"

Guys like Bill Phillips and myself have learned, through our own training and by helping others, what it actually takes to build muscle and lose fat.

We've learned to sift through alot of the "opinions" that are out there and we base our programs on what really works and what produces results.

So what Bill and I attempt to do is give people the few key areas that absolutely must be done well in order for results to come.

In closing, look at this as your chance to start anew and to start your journey to a "new you"

I want you to wipe your slate clean and to make the commitment to move forward with this program the best you can.

And my Simple Steps program is about pinpointing your focus on the areas that truly matter:

1. Rep and set range that must be followed
2. The number of workouts each week and their duration
3. The best exercises
4. How long to workout
5. What to do before and after a workout
6. The number of muscle groups to train
7. The best supplements
8. How to do cardio
9. How to lose fat
10. How to eat during the day

And that's just a few of the areas that I show you what really works, so you can drop the rest.

The approach is common sense, which is why it works.

So many people search for the latest and greatest routine or supplement, when the answer lies right before them the whole time.

I can assure you, if you follow the program as listed, you will be amazed at what's possible.

Give this program your all for the 12 weeks.

Besides, what do you have to lose from working really hard on it for the 12 week period?

I can assure you, if you really start with a clean slate, give it your best each and every workout, you will surprise even yourself.

Staying positive and being persistent is the key.

After all, that's what separates winners from losers, it's the amount of time the winners are willing to work.

Buckle down, follow the program to a "T" for the 12 weeks and work as hard as you've ever worked.

That will be your key to building muscle and getting results, I guarantee.

If you want more motivation to build muscle, check out this proven program from personal trainer and natural bodybuilder Shawn Lebrun

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