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Muscle Builder Basics!

by Guest Columnist Mark Cesari
1st place 2003 N.A.B.F. Maine Natural Bodybuilding Championships

Want to be a muscle builder?

Well, no fancy health clubs and no high tech gear is needed!

Just you and the iron. Below is a work out that will turn you into a muscle builder the old fashioned way. There are plenty of excuses for not exercising, but if your favorite is that you don't have time to get to the gym, bring the gym home to you.

All you need is the low-tech minimum a bench, a bar and some weight plates. You can get as good a workout at home with basic weights as you would with a full line of equipment. Itís the quality not the quantity that matters.

Free weights are more flexible than machines, because you can perform endless combinations of exercises without changing equipment. Many experts prefer them because they don't lock your unique body into a standard motion. And they're right there, in your home, ready to use regardless of rain, snow, sleet or a long day at the office.

I became a muscle builder at home when I was fourteen. I found a perfectly good bench and set of weights sitting on the side of the road. I got it home cleaned it up and it was good to go.

I used the bench for quite a long time until my dad bought me a brand new bench and set of weights. I had also started training with the power lifting I had joined about a year later.

A versatile set of free weights, and a bench to use with them, cost only about $300 dollars and won't take up too much room. It would be a good idea to buy your gear at a store that specializes in weight equipment. The service, selection and advice will be a lot better than at one of those mega store sporting-goods chains.

To get started being a muscle builder the old fashion way here is what you need. One bar a typical Olympic-style weight bar is 7 feet long, weights 45 pounds and has a lightly textured surface to help you hold on to. The cost would be about $85 dollars.

One set of weight plates they come in increments of 2 Ĺ, 5, 10, 25, and 45 pound increments. Look for cast iron weights in the Olympic style they have a larger hole in the center to accommodate the bar. Plates start at a cost of about 43 cents a pound.

Two collars which vary in price from about $7 dollars to $30 dollars for a pair. Look for the type that uses tension. Four dumbbells for arm exercises, dumbbells can come in handy, because they allow you to exercise each arm individually. Select a 15 pound set and a heavier set, say 30 pounds. Basic hexagon iron bells start at around 44 cents a pound. Two 15 pound bells will run about $15 dollars a set of 30 pound bells about $30 dollars.

Becoming a muscle builder would not happen with out getting an exercise bench. The kind with a rack for the bench press is the best bet. A good one will run you about $150 dollars. It is important you choose a bench that is heavily constructed and well padded and doesnít rock from side to side.

There are certainly a few other basics like a mirror, a pair of weight lifting gloves that will help. Millions of men and women have become a muscle builder with nothing more than these basics.

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