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Avoid These Muscle Building Myths

When trying to build muscle mass, it's important that you skip over these muscle building myths. They will not help you, at all, to gain muscle or strength.

Do not waste your time ďpyramidingĒ. Pyramiding involves going up in weight for a specific exercise until you hit a heavy set and then lowering the weight so that you can complete more sets and reps to failure. Can you see the flaw here?

Why would you ever want to go down in weight if you have reached a certain high point? If overload were the key to getting bigger and stronger (which it is), why would we start doing more sets at a less weight than what you previously did?

You are wasting energy and time. As soon as you have overloaded the muscle with a heavy, max set, why lighten the load and go backwards?

People theorize that by performing more reps to exhaustion, they are forcing the muscle to work harder, which in turn will respond by growing stronger. This is not sensible, efficient, or productive. Itís a big waste of time. This, along with warming up to failure, is two of the biggest mistakes I see people do. I used to do them all the time too. But when I learned better, I did better.

Its no coincidence that Iím lifting weights today that I never dreamed possible just a few years ago. My muscularity has greatly improved from the increased overload in that time as well. All because I have learned to warm-up correctly.

Forced reps are another waste of energy in the gym. One or two forced reps after hitting muscle failure may be fine, but do not have your training partner continue to force you into lifting more sets when you already couldnít finish the ones you were doing.

Forced reps are when your spotter assists you on a lift to the point where they are doing most of the work, not you. If they are helping you lift the weight, you are not truly doing it yourself and you are not reaching true overload.

They are taking weight off for you, to help you, so you are actually lifting less weight.

Again, a forced rep after you hit failure is fine, but one is all thatís needed. Any more than that and your partner is not doing the set, not you.

What we have learned in this part of the program is one of the most productive, results-producing principles you will ever learn, I guarantee it.

Stop doing too many reps and sets before getting to the heavy ones. Involve acclimation sets on all of your exercises to get your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints ready for the progressive overload thatís about to come.

Think quality of sets over quantity of sets. Its not the number of reps and sets that count, it is how you perform them.

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