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How To Avoid Hitting A Muscle Building Plateau

Here are a few tips you can use to avoid hitting a muscle building plateau. And what if you feel that you are, in fact, over training and have hit a plateau?

What are some of the signs of over training? First of all, if you are not looking forward to getting into the gym any more, that may be a sign. If you are sluggish and tired more often than usual, thatís also a sign.

If you are struggling to lift weights that are not normally a struggle, then that is a sign of possible over training. If you are getting sick more than you normally do, you are over training because your immune system is not as strong as it should be. These are just a few of the signs that you may be over training.

If you feel you have hit a muscle building plateau and are over training, immediately take a week off. You may just need some rest. Use this time to heal and continue to eat properly. Make sure your protein level is high for this is the time your muscles need the building blocks to work with. This rest and proper nutrition will be very anabolic (muscle building) to your body. It may be all you need to bust through that plateau.

One way not to overcome a plateau is by trying to work through it. You cannot make something better by doing what it was that caused it in the first place! I chuckle when I see people in the gym doing set after set of rep after rep, trying to break past a plateau. They say that they are trying to "feel the burn, ď trying to bust through that plateau. Feeling the burn is no indictor of muscle growth or success.

Feeling the burn simply means that your muscles have been infused with lactic acid. This has no direct impact on muscle growth. In fact, it impairs it. I see people yelling and making faces, screaming in agony all the while lifting a very light weight for unneeded endless reps. Looks good but it produces limited results. Doing set after set of rep after rep is going to do more harm than good.

Avoid these people that tell you to do this like the plague. Do not associate more reps with better results. I guarantee these people performing this routine do not have the muscularity to back up their theory!

Finally, a word on supplements that may help you avoid over training. The most important is taking a multivitamin and mineral. Also, keep your protein levels high, for no other nutrient is directly responsible for creating muscle tissue.

One muscle building supplement being highly regarded for its positive effect on your immune system is glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that is derived from whole food sources that helps the body in the recovery process after strenuous exercise. It is the single most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and comprises 61%of the amino acid pool in skeletal muscle. It is difficult, though, to get enough of it through whole food sources alone.

I have used this muscle building supplement and have noticed a marked effective in my recovery ability. I am able to train harder, more often. I seem to bounce back from a tough workout better without any negative residual effects.

Hospitals, in fact, give their patientsí glutamine to speed up recovery time after a severe trauma like burns. Weight training is trauma to the body, just in a different manner, so it will directly have an effect in the recovery process. Glutamine is fairly expensive but I feel is worth what it costs. What price can you pay for having a health immune system and the ability to come back strong from workouts?

The big reason steroid users can grow muscle so much quicker than the rest of us is simply because the steroids help them recover from their workouts faster, so they can train more often with better results.

Glutamine will not produce quite the same results as steroids, but I feel you will notice the difference by taking 30-40 grams each day. Less than this amount and I do not think you are supplying the body with enough glutamine reserves to make a largely positive impact.

These are a few things you can do to avoid over training and hitting a plateau. Stick with low reps, short workouts, plenty of rest between heavy sets, and take time off every 2 months of training.

When I work with people, I often notice that their barriers to progess are usually more in their heads than in their body. If they feel they are in a rut, most often, they will start to act like they are in a rut, and this translates into having poor and unproductive workouts.

If you feel you are starting to fall into this trap, resolve to have the best workout you possibly can have. Keep setting high standards and strive to reach them each time you step into the gym. Do not talk yourself into a plateau.

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