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Muscle Building Principle Of Rest

I have described on the next few pages an experience I had last year regarding the muscle building principle of rest.

It involved a young gentleman that I have recently started training at a local college. It puts into perspective how important simplicity and efficiency are in weight training.

In evaluating Brianís current fitness level and where he wanted to be, I had him explain what it was he used to do and what it was he was now doing. He had told me he had hit a plateau and couldnít increase his weights on any exercise, in fact, on a few of them, he was going down in weight. He was taking steps backwards.

Some of the best gains as far as increasing muscle mass and losing fat Brian had ever noticed came at a time when he literally knew very little about fitness and weight training.

Here is where the simplicity of muscle building comes in. When he first started weight training, he did the simple exercises because he really didnít know anything else. He did bench press, incline press, barbell and dumbbell curls, shoulder press with dumbbells, and squats, just to name a few. He did very simple, simple exercises. And his gains skyrocketed.

Because he was still in school and busy playing sports all the time, he could only weight-train once in a while, like three times a week. And guess what, his gains continued. And when he did train, he went at it like a mad man (INTENSITY) not knowing when he could get back into the gym.

Even thought he could only make it into the gym for about forty-five minutes after practice, he was seeing better results than the guys who spent two hours in the gym. He would not waste time in the gym when he was there. He would go from each exercise very focused and determined to outdo himself every single time he touched the weights. So he noticed that he really didnít have to spend a lot of time in the gym as long as the time he did spend was well used (EFFICIENCY).

Even though he was doing very basic, simple exercises, he was seeing better results than those who were doing everything and anything for exercises.

Then the unfortunate and the inevitable happened. He got a little cocky, figured he knew a lot about weight training, but that he wanted to know more. So he read more. More muscle magazines and other publications with a hundred different programs from a hundred different people.

He talked to everyone and anyone about weight training and fitness, and got plenty of different answers. He figured the more he knew the better off he was. So he tried this new exercise and that new exercise. He also figured that if he was seeing good results by going to the gym three times a week, if he doubled the time, he would double his results.

He also figured he could double the amount of time for each workout and double his improvements. Boy, he couldnít wait to show everybody that, because he knew more, he was going to do more and be more. So what happened? His gains came to a screeching halt.

He got weaker and couldnít lift as much as he previously could a month earlier. He started getting sick more often. He was fatigued a lot. He just figured that was the price he had to pay for getting into better shape. He really didnít know any better. It got to the point that he was getting tired of weight training and doing anything fitness related. He figured he had seen all the gains he was going to, so fitness kind of fell by the wayside.

Then one day I started talking to Brian and he had asked me to do some work with him. He had told me that he had made the best gains when he was completely new, but as he "knew" more about weight training and tried to incorporate everything he learned, the results disappeared.

I told him I was not surprised by this, knowing that there was only one thing that actually caused a muscle to grow (increased overload). With all of the new things Brian had learned, his approach had moved away from the simpler, compound movements that created maximum overload to the muscles.

He was now trying what everyone else was doing, all the fancy, isolation exercises that were not overloading the muscle. I told him if he wanted to look like everyone else, do what everyone else was doing. If he wanted different, he needed to do different. I had created a program for Brian based on the "simplicity" and "efficiency" principles, much of which is in this book.

I decided to simplify things for Brian, get back to basics, and make his time in the gym the most efficient time possible while still achieving the results he wanted.

From there, he has not looked back. He didnít realize exactly how wrong he was going about things. After a month on his new "program" he had seen better results than a years worth of previous training. He was achieving significantly better results than he ever had.

His weights he lifted went up and so did his energy. He was only spending 2-3 hours a week working out now and was getting better results!

Needless to say, Brian has a new outlook on the muscle building principle of rest. He's more careful with his training and he's sure to take needed time off after every few months.

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