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Six Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes To Avoid

by Karen Sessions

Here are some of the biggest bodybuilding diet mistakes to avoid. You have probably noticed that muscle doesn't miraculously appear overnight. Building muscle takes time, patience, and accuracy in training and nutrition. Let's fact it, bodybuilding is a science, and with all the information available to us, it's that much easier to make costly mistakes that can hamper muscle gains.

We have all made the same bodybuilding diet mistakes, but many fail to acknowledge, or even realize they are even making them. Bodybuilding errors can slow muscle gains and decrease fat loss. It can also be the leading cause of plateaus.

Bodybuilding Diet Mistake #1 - Being Impatient

The most common mistake bodybuilders make is dieting impatiently. Far too many constantly jump from one diet to the next without giving any of them a chance to work. Come on now, I know you are guilty of it too. It takes at least 21 days for your body to adapt to any dietary change, and changes do not happen overnight. Give your current diet a chance to prove itself. Then, if you need to make adjustments, include small tweaking.

Bodybuilding Diet Mistake #2 - Eating Haphazardly

The second mistake bodybuilders make is eating haphazardly. Are you still suggesting you are guilt free? Did you know that random eating works against you because it does not keep a steady flow of nutrients moving through your system? In order to build quality muscle, your body must continually have a positive nitrogen balance. The secret to building muscle and losing bodyfat is consistency! Yes, it is that simple! In order to be consistent, it is best to plan your meals. Pre-cooking helps to take the guess work out your next meal. So this means you will have to invest in some Tupperware and perhaps an ice chest so you can have meals handy.

Bodybuilding Diet Mistake #3 - Overeating

The third mistake bodybuilders make is overeating. Come on now, we have all done that. It is true that many calories are needed to provide energy for training and building muscle, but excess calories that are not absorbed will be stored as fat. Keep macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) in balance, and shock the body every once in a while with a high calorie meal. Eating is good, eating to grow is great, but overeating is unacceptable.

Mistake #4 - Not Logging Calories

The fourth bodybuilding diet mistake bodybuilders make is not logging calories, which can lead to either overeating and/or under-eating. I am not saying a thing because we all dislike tracking every blessed calorie. Not only should calories be logged, but also each macronutrient, the time eaten, and the amount. To properly add muscle and lose bodyfat you must keep accurate records of food consumption. Estimating caloric intake leads to miscalculating, hence, failure.

Mistake #5 - Using The Scale

The fifth mistake bodybuilders make is using the scale solely to gauge progress. A hand raise please for all who have used this method only. Yes, it is true that a scale is a measuring tool, but it is unable to distinguish between water, fat, and muscle. The best method is to track your progress through body composition. Scales are beneficial if used in conjunction with bodyfat instruments.

Remember, bodybuilding is a visual sport so photos are an excellent source to gauge progress, as well as taking precise measurements. Also, having an unbiased eye to provide you with constructive criticism will keep you on the right track. A bodyfat composition is a starting point, and if you don't know where to begin you will just keep running around in circles.

Bodybuilding Diet Mistake #6 - Copying Pro Bodybuilders

The sixth mistake, which is made by many beginners, is relying on professional bodybuilders for advice. This is like spitting in the wind, as it will only come back to smack you in the face. We have all admired the physique goddesses that take over the stage, thinking they have all the answers. This is true, but professional bodybuilders have accomplished a great deal. They are on a professional level, and there is a big difference between professionals and amateurs. Professional bodybuilders have been training for years, diet for months, and supplement heavily. Learn to read between the lines about what is displayed in the latest muscle magazine and what is reality.

Avoid these bodybuilding diet mistakes and you will be on your way to amazing results!

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