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The Biggest Key To Muscle Development!

If you're after huge and striated muscle development, how you train is going to determine whether or not you get the physique you want.

A key to your muscular development is high intensity training. The higher the intensity you're able to use, the greater the stimulation for muscle growth.

To gain muscle, you need to progressively and continually increase the degree of intensity that you expose your muscles to.

The higher the level of intensity you're able to use in a workout, the more weight you're probably going to be able to lift.

More weight lifted means more muscle stimulation and therefore, more muscle growth.

One of the biggest keys to training with optimal intensity is keeping the workouts short and sweet.

It's nearly impossible to train with high intensity if you're in the gym for over an hour.

In our "more is better" society, many people confuse the concept of intensity with that of duration, or volume.

This philosophy can destroy your muscle development quicker than anything else you do.

To continually make progress, you need to find ways to increase your intensity levels, while reducing the duration of our workouts and the frequency of those workouts so your body can recover and adapt before the next workout.

Continue to find ways to make your training harder and briefer so that your body will be continually forced to adapt. Work out less often so that your body can recover.

Challenge yourself during each rep and each set. Try to beat your previous best weights you lifted or try to squeeze out one more rep.

When doing cardio, try to beat your previous best time or the amount of mileage you ran.

If intensity is the key to muscle development, you can also try using coffee or caffeine pills to increase your energy and intensity.

A cup of java before a workout can do wonders for training intensity.

Whatever you decide to do, it must include using high intensity or else your muscle development will suffer as a result.

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