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How To Train For Muscle Gain!

Are you training correctly to make sure that muscle gain will happen?

Muscle grows only if you force it to grow. If muscle is not stressed and forced to respond (by getting bigger) -- it will not.

So you must set up your weight training to ensure that you're progressively overloading your muscles. That is the only way muscle gain will occur.

Overload builds muscle. The more weight you place on your muscles to lift, the more work your muscles must do.

One way it handles the additional work is by growing more muscle tissue.

So, if you keep lifting the same weight over time, muscle gain does not occur, it has no reason to.

Your muscles can already handle the weight you're placing upon it, so there is no need for extra muscle.

However, if you keep increasing the amount of weight you attempt to lift over time, this increase is going to force your muscles to respond and grow.

Of course, you have to provide your muscles with the necessary nutrients like protein and water for muscle gain to happen.

But if you train heavy and intensely and also eat a well-balanced, high-protein diet, then gaining muscle will happen as a result.

You should not make building muscle any harder than it has to be.

It comes from lifting heavier weight over time, overloading the muscles.

Then its up to proper nutrition and rest so that the muscle can recover and grow.

This is the basis for gaining muscle.

Learn if you're training the best way possible for muscle gain to occur. This program will make sure you're training the best way to gain muscle...guaranteed!

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