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Reduce Overtraining To Build Muscle

If you're trying to build muscle but your training has hit a sticking point, it's time to reduce your overtraining so you can see results. Many people waste years in the gym, doing too much too often and as a result, they fail to build muscle.

Once they learn better and reduce their training, they start making great gains. You don't have to spend a ton of time in the gym to get results. It's more important to spend that time training wisely.

Overtraining seriously effects your chances of building muscle. So it's important that you detect the symptoms of overtraining, so you can take the actions necessary to correct the condition.

Overtraining is the result of subjecting your body to more stress than it can handle. As you exceed the limit of your recovery abilities, your body starts to rebel and switch to survival mode. As a result, muscle growth will come to a screeching halt. To build muscle, you have to find the correct amount of training you can do, without overtaxing your body's recovery ability.

Overtraining can come from undertaking too great a workload in the gym, when working out. You could be doing too many exercises, too many reps, and too many sets. You could be training too frequently and not taking enough rest days.

In order to reduce overtraining to build muscle, you need to know the symptoms. So here are a couple of the most common signs of overtraining.

1. Not making strength gains. To build muscle, you have to lift heavier weight over time. If the weight you lift is staying the same over a long period of time, you're probably overtraining and will not build muscle.

2. Fatigue. If you feel tired throughout the workout or feel sluggish throughout the day, chances are you're overtraining.

3. Not looking forward to training. If you can't stand the thought of going to the gym, somethings wrong. If you have trouble getting yourself there, when usually you're pumped to go, there could be a problem.

4. Difficulty sleeping. If you have trouble sleeping at night, even when you feel tired, your overtraining in the gym could be having an impact on your sleep.

5. Less endurance. If your cardio exercise is more tiring than normal and seems very demanding, you're probably overtraining.

6. Reduced appetite. If you're not as hungry as you usually are, your training could be playing a part. In order to build muscle, you need the proper amount of calories and if you're not getting them because you're not hungry, say goodbye to muscle growth.

As you can see, overtraining is serious. You're not going to build muscle like you could if you're overtraining constantly. So if you feel like you're experiencing some of the above symptoms, immediately take some time off from the gym and rest up.

You'll probably notice the difference within days. Rest and sleep a little more than you normally would. You want to try and get your body back to normal. Consume plenty of nutritious calories during this time and take a meal replacement or protein shake if you have trouble getting whole foods.

And the most important thing to do is, revise your training program so that you reduce the chance of overtraining ever again. This will help you build more muscle than anything else you do.

Train no more than 5 days a week, doing no more than 2 to 3 exercises per muscle group. Stick with 3 to 4 sets of 6 to 10 reps. This is enough to build muscle without overtraining.

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