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Supplements To Build Muscle

Many people ask me time and time again which supplements they should be taking to help them build muscle.

After speaking with them, I realize often times that all the supplements in the world wouldn’t help this person because they are under the assumption that just by taking supplements, they would totally transform their bodies into the Greek statues they’ve always wanted.

Supplements are exactly that. They are supposed to supplement your well-balanced diet and your hard work in the gym. They are not a substitute for them.

In fact, if you do not train correctly or eat a well-balanced diet, supplements are a total waste of money because they will NOT help you build muscle.

Supplements must be used correctly to be effective. You cannot be haphazard in your approach to taking them, missing days here and there or cutting down the amount taken to make it last longer.

Supplements must be taken on your off days from training just as well as when you are working out. It is on your off days that your body is recovering from strenuous workouts and needs the proper nutrition to support muscle growth.

There is a place for supplements in just about everyone’s routines. The correct supplements will assist you if you are unable to take in the nutrients that are required by your body that you normally get from ingesting whole food sources.

Using the correct supplement will give you an edge in your weight loss and muscle building efforts.

I say correct because there are literally more supplements on the market that do not work than those that do.

Undoubtedly there are supplements that offer an array of benefits, including supplements that help you build muscle, lose fat, and increase strength. And we will get to which ones I believe are of value.

There are many supplements being sold that guarantee the world to you and produce no results, except a lighter wallet. Just be careful what you read and who you talk to.

Everyone seems to be an expert in supplements, often times recommending a product that they believed caused them to gain strength and size when in fact it wasn’t the supplement at all that caused this.

Buying a supplement because you saw an ad in a magazine that offered amazing results is kind of like buying into one of these get-rich quick schemes. If it were that great of a product, wouldn’t everyone be taking it?

Wouldn’t the effective word-of-mouth advertising by people drastically reduce the need for these companies to spend $10,000 per ad in a magazine?

Ads are produced to do one thing and one thing only. To sell a product. You can literally sell anything if you advertise it enough. Just watch the current slew of infomercial on TV. Its ridiculous that these companies are padding their wallets at the expense of vulnerable people who are misled and misinformed and are looking for the right direction.

Stick with reputable, well-known brands that have been around for a while. The scum companies usually get chased out by consumers, reputable competing companies, or sometimes by the FDA (AB belts for example).

Twinlab, AST Sports Science, Nature’s Best, Met-Rx, Sportpharma, Lee Labrada, EAS, Balance, NOW Foods, Syntrax, and Optimum Nutrition are just a few of the brand that have been around for a while and do not have overwhelmingly bad publicity.

Remember that there is no magic pill, no cure-all supplement. They are beneficial if you use them often, not once a week. They will produce results if taken consistently over time. Most are not instantaneous (except energy enhancers, which work in about an hour).

Meal Replacements

For optimum fat-burning and muscle-building efficiency, you should be consuming a high-protein, moderate-carb, low-fat meal about every three to four hours. This will keep your metabolism running smoothly. This is approximately five to six meals per day. It's tough to prepare this many meals without either hiring a personal chef or spending lots of planning and prep time in the kitchen.

This is the ONE supplement that holds value for anyone looking to lose body fat and lead a healthier, fit lifestyle.

Often times, because of a busy schedule, it may be difficult to eat the correct way and the right types of food. Meal replacements provide a perfect, compact meal in a packet that is high in protein, low in fat (some have no fat) are low in carbohydrates, and contain a wide array of vitamins and minerals.

They are low in sugar and cholesterol. They are very nutrient dense and can be mixed easily and conveniently.

In order to get the same benefits as some of the high quality meal replacements, you would have to put together a large whole food meal like a chicken breast (protein) a potato for some carbs, and a salad for the vitamins.

Meal replacements are a great tool to help you lose fat and build muscle. It allows you to replace a meal that may be higher in calories and fat with one that, when mixed with water, is less than 300 calories. This shake has 30-40 grams of protein, 0-2 grams of fat, and little to no sugar.


Protein is the major nutrient responsible for building muscle. Weight-training athletes require more protein than a sedentary person does. Studies with both strength and endurance athletes have indicted that exercise increased the need for protein and amino acids.

Your body is in a constant flux of protein turnover 24 hours a day. Whether you train or not, your body demands a constant supply of protein to fuel virtually all metabolic processes required for proper health. Add weight training to the equation and the demand for quality protein in the body soars.

It's no secret that protein builds muscle; no other nutrient can do this. Proper protein consumption should be the number one nutritional concern (other than water) for the bodybuilder, endurance athlete, weekend warrior, or anyone looking to sustain or grow lean muscle tissue.

As far as the type of protein supplement you should take, whey protein is the most biologically valuable protein source available, This means that more of it is utilized by the body than, say, egg protein or soy protein. This means more is used for muscle growth and immune system enhancement.

Milk protein, egg protein, and soy protein are other sources or protein available on the market. Try adding a protein shake or two a day and watch your results on strength and muscle tissue development start to increase.


Without a doubt, this one works. You would be hard pressed to find any health food store or drug store that doesn’t carry creatine. This is a must-use supplement for gaining strength, muscle size, and endurance. Virtually every athlete in every sport today uses creatine for these advantages.

Creatine is a compound that is naturally made in our bodies to supply energy to muscles. We just make very little of it and get very little from whole foods. It is used in the body to produce ATP. Creatine will increase muscle fiber size, strength and overall power. It does this primarily by shuttling water into the muscle cells, forcing the body to hold water intramuscularly (within the muscle), not directly under the skin. So contrary to myth, it will not bloat you.

The size you gain is from water being held in the muscle. Considering muscle is over 70% water, this is a good thing. The first time I ever tried creatine, I took more than the recommended dosage, which really isn’t that much. I gained over 20 pounds of body weight and my bench press went up over 30 pounds in a couple weeks.

This was accomplished by taking 20-30 grams a day (loading phase) for the first week and then taking 15 grams after that (maintenance phase). Creatine works and is a very safe supplement. I would include it as a very inexpensive, very effective tool in my arsenal.


Glutamine is probably the most underrated and little known supplement for building muscle. It also may be one of the most important. Intense weight training has an impact on our recovery process and immune system. Glutamine can combat this.

It is used by the body to help recover after weight training. Research has shown a link between stress and your body’s need for glutamine. In fact, the founder of Met-Rx, the popular meal replacement, is a physician that gave his patients glutamine to speed up their recovery time in the hospital. The secret ingredient in Met-Rx that produces such great results is glutamine. Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in muscle tissue.

It comprises 61 % of the amino acid pool in skeletal muscle. Glutamine literally drives muscle-building nitrogen into the muscle cell where it is synthesized for tissue growth. Glutamine concentrations fall markedly after training and remain low until complete recovery. What this means is the very rigors of weight training "leaks" nitrogen-carrying glutamine from muscle tissue.

This fall in glutamine is catabolic to muscle tissue, meaning it breaks muscle tissue down. Supplementing with glutamine spares free glutamine in muscle tissue, counter acts the fall in muscle protein syntheses, and improves nitrogen balance. A bit scientific, I know, but very important to keep nitrogen retention levels high after training. You train with weight to build muscle.

The more intensely you train and the heavier the overload becomes, the greater the muscle growth response will be. Glutamine is a key factor in muscle growth and controlling the whole body glutamine gradients is critical in maintaining and building muscle tissue. The higher the muscle glutamine levels you can maintain, the less chance you have of falling into muscle tissue breakdown.

These are the top supplements that will help you build muscle. Sure, there are many more supplements on the market, but using these mentioned above will produce more results than 99% of the other supplements out there.

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