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Take Time Off To Gain Muscle

After two solid months of training, you need to take time off to gain muscle. After all, you only gain muscle if you rest, recover, and eat properly. So take at least five days off (in a row) and donít do anything "real physical" in or out of the gym

This is very important in the recovery phase of weight training. Proper weight training puts a lot of stress on the muscles and the body. You are damaging muscle fibers that need to be rebuilt and reinforced.

The weight training is just the stimulus for muscle growth. The real growth and repair of the muscle comes when you are out of the gym resting. The rest is what causes them to grow and get stronger. Much like a battery needs to be recharged once in a while so does our bodies.

In order to gain muscle mass, you need to take a few days off after about every two months of intense training. This should be at least five days, preferably seven days.

Do absolutely nothing involving weights, aerobics, or cardio. Nothing. Zilch. Donít even go to a gym unless it is to tan, relax in the Jacuzzi, or shower. Do not do cardio.

In order to gain muscle, YOU NEED TO COMPLETELY REST. You need this time to let your body recover and recuperate from the time youíve spent training. After three days of not doing anything real physical, you will feel more energized.

Donít worry about becoming unmotivated and fearful you might stop going to the gym. The opposite is true. After five or so days of straight rest, you will be so full of energy that you will want to bust down the door to the gym to get inside.

It happens. When you rest your body often, you can expect it to recover from these intense workouts better. If you have been working out for quite some time, such as two to three months, and you donít feel the least bit fatigued on some days, I may have to question if you are working out with the utmost intensity.

Intense and demanding workouts will, sooner or later, start to wear you out. If you donít get enough rest, your bodyís immune system will force you to take some time off (by becoming sick) Think about what stress does to your body. Stress can make you sick. In lab research, scientists subject rats to electric shocks at various times of the day so that the rat has no idea when the next shock is coming.

Talk about stress. Guess what happens. The rat develops ulcers and dies. Although not on the same level, weight training is still a form of stress to the body. You must allow your body to recuperate fully or the residual effects of long-term weight training will shut it down. These are the fundamental principles behind this program. Remember that simplicity and efficiency are keys to creating an effective and result-producing exercise program.

Progressive overload is the only reason a muscle has to get bigger and stronger. If it is not subjected to heavier weight, it has no reason to respond and adapt.

Gaining muscle is that simple. No one should be afraid of using heavier weights with lower reps. We have now learned the way to effectively increase lean muscle mass, which is a large part of the toning equation.

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