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Tips To Build Muscle

In this article, I'll go over some tips that will help you build muscle.

First, if you're starting to feel worn out when training, that's the first sign of overtraining. When you get to the point where you're dreading your workouts, there's a problem.

In fact, I just got this email in a couple days ago:

"Hi Shawn, I'm in the 6th week of your program. My body is completely transforming. My waist line is smaller and tighter and my body weight is up. I have also made considerable gains in every area of my body. I am alot stronger already and also alot more muscular! I can't wait for my next workouts now, whereas before I dreaded them because it was the same old thing, going nowhere! The good news keeps flowing...Mike M."

If you feel more tired, more sluggish than usual, that's the first sign of overtraining. If your strength is going down a bit, or if you feel like your more achey or sore, or more susceptible to colds.

Those are all signs of overtraining and the first thing to do is to immediately take a week off from any training. Let your body rest and recover from all of that exhaustive training.

Then, when you get back into it, try and follow the principles of my program the best you can.

They are set up to virtually eliminate overtraining.

If you've read through my program, you know I'm a believer in training each muscle group just once a week.

That is all you need to do for muscle stimulation and overload. Then its up to allowing that muscle to rest and grow, to get ready for the next workout.

Train it too often, like more than once each week, then it doesn't get a chance to recover.

Drop the partial reps, they are useless. Partial reps do nothing for max overload to the muscles. They are another "myth" that many so-called bodybuilding experts feel work.

Believe me, they do not.

You also need to get adequate protein intake. Without enough protein (the building blocks of muscle) than you will have trouble adding lean muscle tissue.

You cannot build muscle if you do not get enough of the raw materials. It's like trying to build a house without the materials. You need one to do the other.

So, if you're skeptical about working out each muscle group just once each week, let me be straight with you on this.

Is what you are currently doing working for you? That's an important question.

I'm amazed at the number of people that keep doing things that just don't work for them!

And my first answer is always "well try something different!"

If what you're currently doing is not getting you what you want, you have to be open to different ideas and viewpoints.

That's why I put in the first chapter of my book to wipe the slate clean, forget all you know about lifting, and follow the program to a "T"

If you have any doubt whatsoever in any program, are you really going to give it your all?

Bottom line, you can read a thousand different articles, each with a thousand different views on training.

Which is right???? Who knows.

I'll tell you how I approach my training, nutrition, and cardio in a moment.

I often tell people that the more they try and learn about bodybuilding or lifting, the more they may become confused about what to do.

In fact, that is one of the most dangerous parts of reading too much into bodybuilding.

Soon, you get overwhelmed with different theories and viewpoints, so you start to become confused.

So you try different things and soon you get away from the basics that were once so productive.

And it's no coincidence that when you get away from the basics, your results start to go down.

Enjoy reading different articles and viewpoints, but ask yourself "Does that make sense?"

Now, here's how I approach my training.

I seek out those that are more advanced than me and those that I admire for both their physiques and how they relay their training information to others.

In other words, I study success.

I find the best in their fields (bodybuilding, fitness, sports, etc) and I see what it is they are doing differently than the others that are not as successful.

In fact, it's an approach I use in all areas of my life. I figure why not study those at the top of their game. But again, I model after people in my field and that have similar goals as I do.

If your goals are slightly different, so would the approach.

Using this method of copying excellence allowed me to totally transform my own body and step onto a bodybuilding stage when I never thought I had it in me.

So, the act of copying other successful people did not steer me wrong, and I promise I will not steer you wrong!

I call this program " Simple Steps" for a reason...

Do these simple, common sense principles the best you can and you WILL succeed. But again, always ask yourself "Does that make sense."

My training approach is based upon my opinion of what has worked best for me and for my clients. So, in other words, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Other people may train differently and get different results, so it's hard to say what the best method is. Always find out what works best for you and stick with that.

You and I both know that many people give opinions that really shouldn't be giving them. Just look at the source before deciding who to listen to.

I once had a fat guy tell me that I should be doing cardio his way!

And yes, building muscle and losing fat can be done at the same time. I did it when preparing for my show.

Not only did I get down to 5% body fat, I gained 18 pounds of lean muscle doing it.

You have to separate the fat burning and muscle building phases and concentrate on each one individually.

I don't mean do them in separate time periods (like bulking up for 8 weeks then cutting for 8 weeks, that's wrong)

I just mean when your weight training, focus on getting bigger and stronger.

When it comes time for cardio, focus on that 100%. Most people do both just half heartedly. You need to put equal emphasis on both.

In fact, there is never going to be a routine that perfectly fits everyone's schedule and lifestyle.

It's doing SOMETHING that is so important, and this program will direct your effort to the most important things you can do.

A large part of the reason I wrote this program is to show people that you can still mix things up in your routine a bit and still see results.

But the underlying principles of the program should NEVER change.

Meaning, stick with the best, basic exercises, use low reps, more weight, more intensity, the best supplements, etc...

Just changing the days you can workout during the week will not affect your results.

I want people to know that you can be flexible in your approach and STILL get great results, if you follow the basics of the program.

So, this program can be adapted to whatever needs a person has.

If they only have 2 days to get in the gym to do weights, this program can still be used.

I want to show people, that regardless of time commitments, schedules, and life problems, they can still find time to better their health and their life.

Again, the principles you learn in this program will never change, nor should they.

The principles are timeless and should be followed for as long as you continue to lift.

This is all based upon the "Less is More" theory of muscle-building and strength increase, so these principles should not change after these 12 weeks.

More weight equals more overload, more overload means more potential muscle growth.

So by all means, substitute what you can and still follow the same principles.

Again, it's the doing "something" part that creates gains.

So, if you're starting to feel worn out and you think you may be overtraining, take a week off. Do not exercise at all.

Clear your mind and get ready to attack this program full steam. Re-read it if you can and ask yourself "does this make sense"

My biggest piece of advice to you is to follow someone you trust, someone that you feel will not steer you wrong, and put your faith into it.

Again, if what you're currently doing is not working for you, its time to make a change.

And I promise I will not steer you wrong.

All of the people on my site that wrote things about this program, they too I'm sure were skeptical at one point.

We all have been burned by so called experts.

Bottom line, use these tips to build muscle for 12 weeks and I promise you will never look back.

Here's proof that the muscle building tips in Simple Steps will help you build more muscle in less time

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