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To Build More Muscle -- Get Smart!

If you want to build more muscle, you first have to work at getting smarter!

When you learn better, you can start to do better. When you start to do better, you get better results.

But there comes a point where if you start to read up and try too many different things, you'll get away from the basics of building muscle and losing fat.

That's why it's dangerous for young kids to pick up a muscle mag written by the pros. The workout routines contained in those magazines ARE NOT written for people just beginning or even people considered advanced.

The workout routines written in most muscle mags you see on the book stands were written by pro bodybuilders that have above average genetics (so they can handle more weight training) and also they use performance enhancing substances that should only be used under a doctor's supervision.

So there's a fine line between becoming educated and becoming over educated. You want a working, common sense knowledge in order to build more muscle.

Learn what causes muscle to grow and fat to burn off the body. You don't care about advanced workout theory or new designer supplements.

You want basic, applicable knowledge of what must be done to lose fat and gain muscle. The easier something is to understand, the more likely it will be applied and used.

And since most people fail to see results in their routines because they've been misinformed and misled about what it takes, you need to focus more on common sense.

Most people build muscle the same way (same process must be used). Most people burn fat the same way (same processes must be used)

So learn from others, either through books, websites, articles, or personal conversation, what has worked for them.

Be careful who you listen to though, everyone has an opinion on what they feel works to build more muscle. Before listening, make sure that what they're doing:

1. Works - don't take fat-burning tips from those overweight or muscle building tips from those with no muscle.

2. Is safe - skip the drugs or latest and greatest supplement or workout routine

3. Sounds right. If it sounds like common sense, great, but if you're scratching your head, walk away.

4. Make sure it comes from someone qualified to give advice. Have they done fitness contests or are they certified trainers. Listening to the wrong people can get you hurt.

So if you want to build more muscle, become informed and educated about the basics of muscle building. Visit a bookstore and pick up some books on basic weight training, or aerobics, or fat burning, or nutrition and read through and learn some stuff you can apply.

Skip right over anything that sounds "advanced, too good to be true, too confusing, or anything else that's not basic, common sense.

Building muscle mass and achieving a great physique comes down to just focusing on a few common sense areas (diet and exercise!) So before looking for the advanced stuff, make sure you've learned the basics.

If you resolve to learn just one new thing about cardio, weight training, or nutrition each week for a year, that's 52 new things you'd learn.

Becoming fit is a process, one that involves education, experience, time, and action.

Start to learn better so that you can start to do better.
Itís not what you know that counts. Itís not what you do that counts. Itís what you know AND do that will help you build more muscle!

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