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Use These Triceps Exercise Tips To Make Them Grow!"

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer
Natural Bodybuilder

If you want to build more muscular, horse-shoe shaped triceps, use these tips in your current triceps exercise routine.

And whether triceps are your worst or best bodypart, these simple tips will help you balance out your physique so that one body part is not so much bigger than another.

1. Limit the number of triceps exercises you do

Regardless of whether your triceps are a strength or a weakness, you should never perform more than two to three exercises for them each workout.

Triceps are a small muscle group, and they respond better to intensity of training than they do to volume. They also get worked when you're not doing triceps exercise directly. For example, when you do chest (bench press) or shoulders (military press) your triceps are getting worked as well. So it's very easy to overtrain the triceps if you're not careful.

Three exercises, performed properly, will always fully work the triceps enough. If you do more than that, you're either overtraining or working with too little intensity.

2. Limit the number of sets for your triceps exercises

Young lifters often tell me they limit the different exercises they perform to three, but then they admit to doing six or seven sets of each one. That's just a different version of overtraining. For triceps, you should limit the total number of working sets you perform to six to nine.

Again, success does not come from the quantity of exercises you do, but rather the quality. You're much better off just doing a couple of sets really well than doing a ton of sets with less focus and intensity.

3. Use proper form when doing triceps exercises

My form is simple when doing the triceps exercise. I use a moderate pace, focusing on stretching and flexing the muscle. At the top of every movement, I squeeze my triceps.

When doing lying triceps extentions, do not bring the bar down to your forehead. That puts way too much stress on your elbows. Instead, bring the bar down towards the back of your head. This is a much more natural movement and you'll also be able to use more weight this way.

4. Include overhead triceps exercises

Overhead exercises overload your triceps differently than pressing movements. Your triceps are more stretched throughout the range of motion. Use overhead rope extensions and seated overhead EZ curl bar extensions in your triceps training.

5. How to train triceps if they're one of your strong muscle groups

If triceps are a strength of yours, you should perform fewer total sets and you should train them directly after you train your chest. This will allow you to focus more on chest.

By training chest first, your triceps will be pre-exhausted and not capable of handling as much weight as if you were to train them separately. They will be tired from handling the pressing movements that chest involve. When the triceps are more tired, they will lift less weight. Less weight lifted means less muscle stimulation, so they will not grow so much. This is an easy way to balance out your physique.

6. How to train triceps if they're a weak muscle group

If your triceps are one of your weaker muscle groups, there are a couple of things you can do to make them bigger and stronger.

You can try training triceps by themselves during a workout. Give all of your strength and energy to just the triceps. This will allow you to focus totally on your triceps exercise routine and nothing else.

If you decide to pair them up with another muscle group, you want to train your triceps first. Try pairing them with biceps instead of chest. Train chest a day or two after triceps, rather than a day or two before, to better prioritize them.

When you train them separately or pair them with biceps, you're not going to tire them out as much. Biceps involve mostly pulling movements, whereas chest involved pushing. Any pushing movement will involve the triceps as well, so you'll want to stay away from pushing movements so that you don't pre-exhaust the triceps.

These were just a few of the simple but powerful techniques you can use with your triceps exercise program to help you develop a big, muscular pair of arms.

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