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What You MUST DO in Any Weight Gain Program!

Are you looking for a proven weight gain program to use because you're tired of being small?

While working as a personal trainer, I've learned that there are 7 things you must do in any weight gain program if you want it to work.

The three areas that really need to be focused on to gain weight are:

1. Nutrition
2. Cardio
3. Weight training.

Of course, the tough part is learning the correct amounts and methods of each of these in your weight gain program. Keep reading because you'll soon know!

Out of the 7 things you MUST DO to gain weight, there are two weight gain tips that are probably the most important things you can use in your weight gain program.

The 2 most important tips to add weight and size are:

1. Lift heavy weight for lower reps.

It's no secret that muscle growth is stimulated from lifting progressively heavier weight over time.

One of the quickest ways is to increase the amount of weight you lift in your weight gain program is by lessening the amount of reps.

You're better off doing 6 reps with 150 pounds than you are 10 reps with 100 pounds.

Light weight for high reps will not create enough overload to the muscles to force them to respond and adapt by getting bigger.

So to get big with your weight gain program, you must lift big.

That's one of the biggest weight gain tips to gaining quality size.

2. The second of the most important tips to use in your weight gain program is to make sure you're eating enough calories.

Weight loss and weight gain is calorie driven.

You will not gain weight if you do not eat enough.

To add size and weight, you must create a calorie surplus.

If your body requires 2000 calories a day just to maintain its current weight, you will not gain weight if you're only consuming 1800 calories.

Start taking in a little more than your maintenance amounts.

Use Meal replacements or Protein Powders to add some extra quality calories.

You can also use Creatine in your weight gain program.

Start eating 2200 calories a day for the first week of your weight gain program and test your results.

If nothing happens, go to 2400 calories.

Adding calories a little at a time will allow you to find that number which will allow you to keep adding weight without taking in so many calories that you quickly start adding fat.

Adding good, quality weight takes some time, but you can speed up the process by focusing on the most important tips in any weight gain program.

Two of the most important are to lift heavy and to consume enough calories to be used for gaining muscle and weight.

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