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A Weight Gaining Diet and Supplement Tips

Many people ask me what type of weight gaining diet they should consume and which supplements they should be taking to help them reach their weight gain goals.

After speaking with them, I realize often times that all the supplements in the world wouldn’t help because they're under the assumption that just by taking supplements, they'll totally transform their bodies into huge, muscular ones.

Supplements are exactly that, they're supposed to supplement your well-balanced weight gaining diet and your hard work in the gym.

They're not a substitute for them.

In fact, if you do not train correctly or eat a good weight gaining diet, supplements are a total waste of money.

Supplements must be used correctly in your weight gaining diet to be effective.

You cannot be haphazard in your approach to taking them, missing days here and there or cutting down the amount taken to make it last longer.

Supplements must be taken on your off days from training just as well as when you're working out.

It's on your off days that your body is recovering from strenuous workouts and needs the proper nutrition to support muscle growth.

The correct supplements will assist your weight gaining diet if you're unable to get the nutrients required by your body that you'd normally get from ingesting whole food sources.

Using the correct supplements will give you an edge in your weight gain efforts.

I say correct because there are literally more supplements on the market that do not work than those that do.

Undoubtedly there are supplements that offer an array of benefits and value to your own weight gaining diet.

But, again, supplements are not magic.

They are not truly needed to gain weight if you eat correctly.

However, the right ones can help you gain weight if taken correctly.

All-in-one supplements that contain the latest and greatest ingredients are not worth much either.

They usually contain such tiny amounts of the key ingredients that any effect is doubtful.

Also, try not to take too many supplements at one time. Many compete for absorption against each other. Also, if you take many supplements at the same time, you will not know which ones work and which ones do not.

If you take 5 supplements and only 1 or 2 are truly giving you any gains, how are you supposed to know which ones to stick with and which ones to stop using?

Stick with reputable, well-known brands that have been around for a while. The scum companies usually get chased out by consumers, reputable competing companies, or sometimes by the FDA (AB belts for example).

Twinlab, AST Sports Science, Nature’s Best, Met-Rx, Sportpharma, Lee Labrada, EAS, Balance, NOW Foods, Syntrax, Beverly International and Optimum Nutrition are just a few of the brands that have been around for a while and do not have overwhelmingly bad publicity.

Believe me, I've purchased and used supplements as much as the next guy, but to make good and steady gains you must pay more attention to your training routine than your supplement budget.

If you're training correctly and want to add some valuable supplements to your weight gaining diet, learn which supplements work and which are no more than marketing hype, by visiting sports nutrition and supplements expert Will Brink's site.

Even though supplements should be exactly that, something to supplement your hard and consistent work in the gym, there are definitely some you may want to include in your weight gaining diet.

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