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The Most Important Weight Gaining Tip!

The most important weight gaining tip I can offer you is:

To get big, you MUST eat big!

Weight gaining is calorie driven.

You'll NEVER gain weight if you do not eat enough calories.

To add size and weight, you must eat enough food to create a calorie surplus.

That's a hugely important weight gaining tip!

If your body requires 3000 calories a day just to maintain its current weight, you will not gain weight if you're only consuming 2000 calories.

Start taking in a little more than your daily maintenance amounts.

Use meal replacements or protein shakes to add some quality, weight gaining calories.

Start eating 3200 calories a day for the first week and test your results.

If nothing happens, go to 3400 calories.

Adding calories a little at a time will allow you to find that number which will allow you to keep gaining weight without taking in so many calories that you quickly start adding a lot of fat.

Adding good, quality weight takes some time, but you can speed up the process by ensuring that you're taking the necessary weight gaining steps.

And THE most important weight gaining tip is to consume enough calories to be used for gaining muscle and weight.

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