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The Best Weight Lifting Exercises To Do.

Here's a list of the best weight lifting exercises to do for muscle and strength gain.

Depending on which muscle groups you are training, pick 2-3 of these weight lifting exercises for each muscle group from among the following list.

Chest -----

Flat bench press with bar, Flat bench press with dumbbells, Incline bench press with bar, Incline bench press with dumbbells

Back -----

Dumbbell one arm row, Cable lat pulldowns to front, Seated back row on machine, Deadlifts, Bent over back rows w/ bar, Lower back extension, Chin-ups (Pull-ups), Shrugs for Traps (Dumbbells or barbell)

Shoulders --------

Seated military press with bar, Seated dumbbell shoulder presses, Dumbbell side lateral raises, Bent-over dumbbell raises, Front dumbbell raises,

Legs ----- Squats, Leg press, Hack Squats, Leg curls, Leg extension, Stiff-leg deadlifts, Lunges with bar or dumbbells, Calf-raises/presses,

Biceps ------

Standing Alternate dumbbell curls, Standing Straight bar curls, Standing Cable curls, Hammer curls (forearms and biceps), Ez curl bar curls,

Triceps ------

Lying Triceps extension (Skullcrushers), Close-grip bench press, Cable triceps pushdowns, Dumbbell kickbacks, Weighted dips,

Abdominals ------

Lying crunches, Leg raises, Cable crunches, Stability ball crunches, Crunches on incline bench,

There is a list of some of the best weight lifting exercises to perform for muscle building and strength gain.

Now, what do you do with these weight lifting exercises for the best results?

Below are weight lifting programs that take these exercises and plug them into step-by-step routines that have you packing on muscle and weight in record time!

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