Want More Muscle and Strength?

Just copy this weight lifting guide, step-by-step, as I go from overweight...

before weight lifting
(60 days out from contest)

...To Contest Shape!

after weight liftingafter weight lifting

(Actual contest photos 9 weeks
(60 days) later...I'm standing left in both.)

"And by using this powerful weight lifting guide, I guarantee you'll do the same, whether you want to compete or just get head-turning results!

On the following page, Iím going to give you the exact same fool-proof weight training routine I used to pack on solid muscle mass and get ripped...so you can get in the most muscular shape of your life!"

Brandon Douglas
Scottsdale, AZ


On a personal note, about two years ago my appendix ruptured inside of me and I was given a 40% chance of living through surgery. During my weeks of recovery I was put on a liquid diet and as a result I lost about 20 pounds.

When I was fully recovered I weighed in at a dismal 105 pounds. I was never a big guy, but at that point I was 5'9" and 18 years old so I was basically a walking stick. In the two years after that I tried everything I knew to gain back the weight, but as I headed off to college I had only gained 5 pounds back.

Since reading your information, I have gained 35 pounds (I now weigh 145) and I am well on my way to my goal of 170. Thanks...Brandon Douglas, Scottsdale, AZ

From: Shawn LeBrun
Certified Personal Trainer
N.A.B.F. Bodybuilder

Dear Friend:

Why wait for the New Year to make your resolutions to get the body you want?

In fact, if you start now, you can have the physique of your dreams...by the start of the New Year!

And the way you're training now may be cheating you out of 90% of the muscle growth you could be getting from your weight training routine!

Not only that, you may be literally wasting a ton of time in the gym...

When you could double your muscle gains in half the time you're spending now just by making a few small changes in your routine!

In fact, if you want at all to gain more solid muscle mass and increase your strength in a lot less time...

So you can look better, feel better, and get noticed a lot more, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

My name is Shawn LeBrun and I'm a sought-after certified personal trainer who will cut through the bull and show you what it really takes for you to pack on muscle, increase strength, and shed muscle-hiding fat.

Shawn lifting

Not only that, I'm also an N.A.B.F. competitive natural bodybuilder that knows from first-hand experience what it actually takes for real people like you and me to accelerate muscle growth, speed up fat loss, and skyrocket your strength gains...

Without drugs, supplements, or endless hours in the gym.

When I learned and used the weight lifting guide you're going to learn below, I went from an overweight 240 pounds...to stepping on a bodybuilding stage at 5% body fat and ripped with muscle.

9 weeks before I was overweight and completely out of shape!

I only mention this because I feel if I can pack on a ton of solid muscle and slash my body fat, thereís NO reason you can't as well!

So if you're frustrated, not gaining the muscle you want, and want to make a change...keep reading because you're going to learn the following incredible tips:

  • Discover how to increase all your lifts the very first day you try this simple, common sense principle. I'll give you a hint....it involves warming up.

  • Learn the proven rep range that's guaranteed to explode your strength and add more muscle to your frame. And it's not the old 3 sets of ten myth you may be doing!

  • Cut down the amount of time you spend on your weight training routine to 3 hours a week max, while gaining even more muscle and shedding more fat.

  • Learn how you MUST set up your weightlifting and cardio routine to maximize muscle growth and speed up fat loss. Do these two in the wrong order and you'll lose muscle!

  • If you decide to use supplements, discover the proven, best ones to take to help you pack on muscle and get ripped.

  • Find out which exercises you MUST be doing in your weight training routine for the most muscle and strength gains....dropping the worthless ones for good!

  • Learn how to eliminate overtraining and training plateaus and how to get out of one if you're in one.

  • Uncover the keys to gaining weight...quality, fat-free muscle weight that is!

  • Find out what it truly takes for you to get bigger, stronger, and leaner in less time...so you can look better and get noticed a lot more!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Well over 2,500 people have already used this same proven weight lifting guide with absolutely amazing results!

In fact, keep reading because I'll show you how 3 simple changes in your current routine will dramatically help you shed more fat, pack on more fat-free muscle, and increase your strength in only 60 days time.

In just 2 weeks after I started this program I started seeing the results I wanted. I've been on it for about 4 months and still getting results. This is the best program you'll ever find. The best thing about it is your results are going to keep going up...Benjamin Lawson MD A1C 55 SUPS/LGSPO

Shawn, I'm in the 2nd week of your program and must say that I feel I'm getting a better workout than with others I've tried. I'll let you know my progress as I get further along...Eric Reeves

Just wanted to say thanks for the program. Im spending a lot less time in the gym and still seeing more results, and time is very valuble here. Thanks...Nathan Rieber

Shawn, I can't tell you the value of what I've learned from your program, there's no telling how much time and disappointment you have saved me. I have been lifting for a little over 6 months now and the last few have been disappointing, and your program has explained why. I can't tell you how much I want to thank you for your work, it is very exciting to have a real method to run with....Chris Priddy

Shawn, I've been working out for little over a year now. For the past two or three months, I have plateaued and I didn't really know why. As I read your material, I can already tell that I will jettison to the next level.

You answer all the questions that I have had particularly about nutrition and cardio. Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge. If I hit a bump in this newly paved road, I'll be sure to call for some "roadside" assistance! Again, thanks a million! Bryan Crute

With so much "how to build muscle" information floating around (most of it useless) you can become confused...and very frustrated figuring out what it really takes to build muscle and lose fat.

And you may or may not know me yet, I realize, but I honestly hate to think of you wasting your time, spinning your wheels in the gym with a training routine that doesn't produce the results you want.

In fact, I'm confident my weight lifting guide will give you the inside scoop so you can gain more solid muscle, lose more fat, and explode your strength in 60 days time...guaranteed! Please keep reading to learn more about this guarantee.

Three Reasons I Can Help You Gain Muscle, Strength, and Shed Fat:

Reason one: I'm an N.A.B.F. natural competitive bodybuilder who has learned and knows first-hand what it absolutely takes to build more lean, rock-hard muscle and lose more unwanted fat.

In fact, I recently placed in the top 5 for my first ever natural bodybuilding competition using the same training secrets I'll share with you.

Reason two: I'm one of the internet's most published fitness and bodybuilding writers.

Many of my written bodybuilding articles and tips are being published on some of the biggest bodybuilding sites and newsletters online.

My training advice and articles are based on "real world" tips you can understand and use immediately to get results, not some theory mumbo-jumbo you find in most boring books.

I've been lifting for over 35 years. Each year I lost more and more interests. I have two shelves of fitness and bodybuilding books and each one is more confusion than the other. Your info cut through all of the BS. It was simple and to the point....Mike Sands

Reason three: Best of all, I make my living helping people like yourself reach your own bodybuilding and fitness goals.

If I wasn't any good at producing results, I wouldn't be able to pay my bills!

With that said, subscribe to my Free monthly "Change Your Body" Newsletter with tried and true bodybuilding and fitness tips, a $99 VALUE!

This is a private newsletter and your email will never be sold or given away for any reason. You can also un-subscribe at any time...Simply click here to subscribe!

Are you as muscular as you really want to be?

If not, there's only two things you can do about it.

Keep training the same exact way you're training now, and get the same exact results you're getting.

Six months or even a year from now, if you haven't packed on the muscle size, lost the fat, or gained the strength you want, how motivated will you be to continue?


So if you're not absolutely happy with your current muscle, strength, or levels of body fat...

How do you learn exactly what needs to be done to change it?

Two ways:

Trial and error--spend a lot of time and money figuring out what really works to build muscle and shed fat.

Or you can cut to the chase and learn from someone that knows exactly how to fast-forward you to the results you want!

I'll give you the same exact proven training tips I learned so you can change your body as well, in a fraction of the time.

  • Learn there's a certain number of days you should be working out each week. One or two days more or less will not get you the best muscle gains!

  • Learn there's a method using cardio and weights you must be following in your weight training routine. Don't sabotage your muscle-building efforts by mixing these two up!

  • Learn which specific exercises help you gain the most muscle and strength. There's also some exercises you should never do again! (I'm willing to bet you do some of them!)

  • Learn there's a specific number of sets and reps to get the most muscle and strength gains possible. This one small change in your weight training routine will add more muscle mass than any other change you make!

So you really need advice from someone who has been where you are and knows what it honestly takes for the natural guys to pack on muscle.

After just 9 weeks of using the same steps I'm going to show you, I was in the most muscular shape of my life.

Some of the most noticeable changes in 9 weeks were:

  • My body fat went from 15% to 5% I used the same body fat calipers and had a couple people measure me to make sure readings were similar.

  • My workout time in the gym went from 6 hours a week to less than 3 hours total. I started to focus on the things that produced results and dropped the rest.

  • I saw my entire set of abs, the whole "6-pack" for the first time since high school! Sure, my abs were there the whole time, but were hiding under a big layer of fat!

  • My measurements, like chest, biceps, and calves went up, even though my body fat went down. That's because I was losing fat while at the same time gaining lean muscle.

  • My strength on all lifts went up. My bench press went from 265 to 325, my alternate dumbbell curls from 60 pounds to 80 pounds, and my squats from 365 to 450 pounds, all in 9 weeks. This strength increase is what allowed me to gain more muscle.

After just 9 weeks, I was stronger, more muscular, and more vascular than I'd ever been.

I don't throw these numbers out to impress you...

But to stress to you that if I can do it, so can you!

In fact, I want you thinking "Yeah, I can do this too!"

Because now you can cut right to the chase and begin doing what I had spent the last couple years learning.

Here's How I'm Going To Help You Gain Muscle Like Crazy and Skyrocket Your Strength!

muscle book

The "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" 12-Week Weight Lifting Guide and Muscle Building Program: was written by a real trainer and bodybuilder with one goal in mind...

To lay out a step-by-step muscle-building plan with the best weight training, cardio, and nutrition tips from someone qualified to give you advice!

The "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" is a step-by-step weight lifting guide and proven workout program.

It shows you exactly how to gain more muscle, lose more fat, and increase your strength in record time so you save more time and get more results by focusing on what really works.

Gain more muscle.

Feel more self-confident, have more pride, and just look damn good! Will that help you with the ladies more ;-)

Learn how to set up your training to increase testosterone naturally.

Increasing testosterone will add more muscle mass and increase your strength more than any other hormone!

Discover the keys to gaining weight.

Gain weight but make it quality, fat-free muscle mass that you won't get by downing nasty weight-gain shakes!

Increase your strength dramatically.

Be stronger, faster, and more competitive at sports.

Lose more ugly body fat.

Feel sexier, impress others more, and feel better about yourself.

Learn the right way to work out.

Increase your bench press, squat, and all your lifts on the very first day you try this simple, common sense principle!

Learn to set up your workout to be the most efficient use of time and energy.

Drastically cut down the amount of time you spend, from 6 to 8 hours a week to 3 to 4 hours, getting even better results! Use that extra time to spend with family or friends!

Learn how you MUST set up your weight training and cardio routine.

Don't lose hard earned muscle by doing cardio the wrong way, the wrong amount, and at the wrong time!

Learn the best supplements on the market to build muscle and melt off fat.

You'll save money and headaches by only using proven supplements to help you pack on muscle and get ripped. Don't fall for the hype!

Learn which exercises you should be doing in the gym for maximum muscle, dropping the worthless ones for good.

Some exercises are a waste of time and will not help with muscle growth or strength. Find out which ones to do and which ones to drop like a rock.

Learn how to eliminate training plateaus and I'll show you how to get out of one if you're in one.

Overtraining means no gains so learn how to avoid the pitfalls of overtraining.

Learn the number of days you should be working out each week. One or two days more or less will not bring you the best results!

Avoid overtraining (or undertraining, for that matter) by getting in the right amount of training

Learn the specific number of sets and reps you should be doing to get the most muscle and strength gain possible.

This one small change in your bodybuilding routine will add more muscle mass and increase your strength more than any other change you make!

Learn the basics of proper nutrition and how to set up your daily eating.

Burn fat and gain muscle 24/7, even at rest, by learning proper nutrition techniques.

Learn the step-by-step bodybuilding routine and exercise list I used to prepare for my contest. It includes ALL of my exercises and the number of sets and reps I used.

Skip the trial and error and just copy what I did to gain muscle and lose fat. It's all laid out for you, step-by-step!

**INSTANT ACCESS** Download This Weight Lifting Guide
Now Using Credit Card or Online Check--100% Secure Server

If you would prefer a printed version of "Simple Steps", please click here for order instructions.

And that's just the beginning. There's a ton more!

Now, you're probably wondering how and why I can show you all those things.

Let me explain.

Think of building muscle and losing fat like following a recipe. If you add too much of one thing (sets, reps) or not enough of another (rest, protein), the end result is not what you wanted.

Avoid this by following a training recipe I've spent the last 2 years learning and perfecting... a powerful "recipe" for building more muscle and losing more fat.

"Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" 12-Week weight lifting guide and program shows you how to get the absolute best results in the shortest amount of time!

Learn which tips really work to pack on muscle and which don't. Which training methods speed up fat loss and which methods are bull!

By following this "Simple Steps" program, you're by-passing the learning curve and doing exactly what matters.

Imagine if you discovered a fool-proof muscle building and fat loss instruction manual!

Seriously, though, once you discover the common sense principles of this program, you'll ask yourself why you haven't been training this way all along.

In fact, the training tips in this program will help you:

  • If You're a Beginner--I'll walk you through everything you need to know, starting from square one. Save time and cut to the chase!

  • If You Want to Shed Body Fat--I'll give you the best fat-burning and cardio tips you can use right now. Learn the basics of nutrition and how you can literally set up your eating to burn fat around the clock! Get leaner in less time!

  • If You Want More Muscle--If you want to gain strength and build powerful muscle, I'll show you the quickest way to do so. How to get the most out of your time in the gym, doing the right number of sets and reps, the most valuable exercises.

  • If You're an Athlete--Get bigger and stronger for your sport. I'll show you which exercises are best at building strength you can use to excel in your sport.

  • If You're Stuck at a Plateau--I'll show you how to prevent yourself from getting stuck at a plateau and also how to blast out of one if you're in one.

  • If You Want to Increase the Amount of Weight You Lift--I'll show you how to add weight to ALL of your lifts, the very first day you do this!

In fact, here's the week by week results of one of my online clients after using the same training information I'd like to share with you:

  • WEEK 1: August 1, 2002 Weight: 198 lbs Body fat: 25%
  • WEEK 2 August 08, 2002 Weight 199 lbs Body fat: 24%
  • WEEK 3 August 15, 2002 Weight: 199 Body fat: 22%
  • WEEK 4 August 22, 2002 Weight: 202 Body fat: 20%
  • WEEK 5 August 29, 2002 Weight: 203 Body fat: 18%
  • WEEK 6 September 6, 2002 Weight: 204 Body fat: 17%
  • WEEK 7 September 13, 2002 Weight 205 Body fat: 16%
  • WEEK 8 September 20, 2002 Weight 206 Body fat: 15%
  • WEEK 9 September 27, 2002 Weight 207 Body fat: 13%
  • WEEK 10, October 4, 2002 Weight 207 Body fat: 12%
  • WEEK 11 October 11, 2002 Weight 208 Body fat: 11%
  • WEEK 12 October 18, 2002 Weight 208 Body fat: 10%
Jim Evans, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Jim Evans went from 25% body fat to 10% and actually gained over 30 pounds of lean muscle mass in the process using this same weight lifting guide.

Of course, your results could vary from Jim's, but I promise you one thing:

When you use this program, your motivation will grow stronger...workouts will become shorter...more intense, and more effective. The muscle mass will come fast and furious!

weight lifting guide

Here's exactly what you'll get with the 12-Week "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" weight lifting guide:

  • Chapter 1: The Importance of Setting Bodybuilding Goals.
  • Chapter 2: The Weight Training "Musts": Reps, Sets, Rest, and More
  • Chapter 3: Fat-Burning and Cardio Tips
  • Chapter 4: Nutrition: Eating to Burn Fat 24/7
  • Chapter 5: How to Instantly Increase Your Strength
  • Chapter 6: How to Have a Great Workout Every Single Time
  • Chapter 7: The Best Muscle Building Supplements on the Market
  • Chapter 8: Never Hit a Training Plateau Again!
  • Chapter 9: The Best Chest, Back, and Ab Exercises
  • Chapter 10: Blast the Legs and Shoulders
  • Chapter 11: Bigger Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms
  • Chapter 12: Putting it All Together

Whether you want quads the size of tree trunks or biceps that bust out of the sleeves of your shirt....

"Simple Steps" is basically muscle-building and fat-loss "efficiency" at it's best!

Start getting a hell of a lot bigger than the other guys in the gym!

Warning: Do NOT buy any Weight Lifting Guide or Workout Program unless it meets the following 5 criteria!

I want to give you 5 things you absolutely, positively must have in any routine you decide to use:

1:You must get a training program that has been PROVEN time and time again to work!

I have used this exact training method myself to train, prepare, and enter a bodybuilding show.

2: You MUST get a program from a real trainer, one that knows how to produce results.

Before buying into any program, make sure it was written by a real trainer that has produced real results.

I'm certified with a national organization and have been in the personal training business for almost 4 years now.

3:You often have to exchange money for valuable information that will get you what you want.

I've learned over the years that it often pays huge dividends to learn what others already know, saving you the learning curve of figuring it out yourself.

A "thrown-together" program that costs nothing is probably worth nothing. Don't be cheap when it comes to your body and your health.

4:You MUST be able to get your questions answered quickly and in-depth.

Since I'm a real trainer with a real online business, order my program and I will make sure you get all your fitness questions answered. I'm online and accessible.

5: You must be able to trust the person you are getting a program from.

I left my position as a police officer years ago because I felt I could help more people better their lives on a daily basis than police work could allow me.

So I've been a certified trainer for almost 4 years now and I've had my online fitness publishing business for over a year now.

Basically, with the 12-Week "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" weight lifting guide e-book...

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

Look, knowledge is only power when you take action and use it...

Take the best form of action possible right now and pick up the only weight lifting guide and training program you need to get your most muscular body ever.

After all, by picking up a copy of this e-book, you get hours of my training advice for a tiny fraction of the price people pay me to train them.

So if you really want to get ahead, set aside the money you'd normally spend on a week's worth of supplements and get "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" instead.

It will be one of the best purchases you ever make for your body.

Think of it as an investment.

"Simple Steps" shows you exactly how to get the most muscle from your workouts AND it gives you all the tools, everything you need, to start getting results immediately!

A can of protein lasts you a couple weeks. This training information will last you a LIFETIME.

Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what "Simple Steps" users say.

Just purchased your book "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" and have learned a lot from it. I have wasted a lot of time in the gym in years past and love this approach better than anything else Iíve ever seen before...Pat Hamilton

Shawn, I have really learned how to correct the mistakes I was making in the gym and turn my sessions into productive workouts...more weight.. more overload=more real muscle. I have only been using the new methods you teach for 3 weeks and notice a big change in my muscle density already....thanks, Jason

...Shawn, awesome job with this program...the weird thing is, this stuff is so simple to use and the changes are incredible...I don't know why I've never thought of doing this stuff...I'd be so much further ahead if I had gotten your program before I did...Jason Hines, Michigan

In summary, here's what you get:

"Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" is a 139 page PDF e-book that comes with a complete step-by-step 12-Week weight lifting guide and workout program and all the powerful information listed above in the Table of Contents.

An ebook is computer software designed with the look and feel of a real book, but is downloaded immediately after purchase and runs on your computer!

Once downloaded and installed onto your computer, it has the look and feel of a real book!

  • Save a tree if you don't want to print it on paper.
  • Have instant access to your purchase after payment, no waiting for snail mail!
  • Make as many copies as you need, although I ask that you not give it away to others... that's theft and is against the law.
  • Read it with any computer, like IBM or Mac and any browser. It's in universal .pdf format!
  • There's **NO** shipping and handling costs!
  • It's easy to lose or misplace a printed book, but it's pretty hard to lose your computer ;-)

Also, if you respond right away, you pay the special price of only $49.97 $29.95.

I can assure you, this weight lifting guide is worth easily $50 to 60 bucks or more--in fact, I've probably spent well over $500 total on all the books, courses, and programs I bought years ago, so you don't have to!

Now you don't have to spend the 2+ years figuring this stuff out like I did, I've condensed everything you need into a common sense, muscle-blasting step-by-step plan you'll benefit from immediately.

Act immediately and I'll also guarantee you get these 7 bonuses 8 Bonuses, worth well over $447 dollars, absolutely FREE!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES now! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:

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Free Bonus #3 ($19.97)

Free Bonus #3 ($19.97)

abdominal exercises book

You'll also get my six-pack abs report, "The 3 Keys to Killer Abs" sent with your order immediately. This ab sculpting report is one of my most popular and in-demand reports and you'll get it FREE!

Free Bonus #4 ($19.97)
I'll also include the step-by-step bodybuilding routine and exercise list I used to prepare for my contest. It includes ALL of my exercises and the number of sets and reps I used.

Free Bonus #5 ($99.97)
Order this weight lifting guide and muscle-blasting e-book now and I'll also include a month of online personal training, which I normally charge $99.97, for FREE!

With this online training, anytime you have a question, just zip me an email and expect an in-depth, knowledgeable answer within 24 hours!

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Order my weight lifting guide right now and you'll get access to a tool I use every single day of the year! It's a database that lists the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content of every single food known to man! At the click of a button, find the protein, carb, and fat content of any food in literally seconds! This makes your nutritional approach precision-accurate!

You can't lose with my 100%,
ironclad, moneyback guarantee


By the way, the $447.00 worth of muscle- building bonuses are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of my "no-questions-asked" moneyback guarantee:

...If you're still the least bit hesitant about making the best investment you can in a more muscular and ripped body, here's my promise and unconditional guarantee!

I want to eliminate all worry for you...

Order and use my program...If you're not absolutely 100% satisfied with what it's done for you, ask and you shall receive your money back, no questions asked!

I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this training program is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn't do everything I say and more...

If you don't gain more muscle, lose more body fat, increase your strength...

If it isn't life-changing, if it doesn't work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under my no-risk guarantee.

You have nothing to lose (except body fat) and everything to gain (especially muscle).

Don't leave your muscle-building to chance.
Here's how to order your ebook right now!

The first and fastest way to order the "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" Weight Lifting Guide is to click the link below

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Here's to your success in health and life!

Shawn LeBrun
Certified Personal Trainer
N.A.B.F. Bodybuilder

Remember, this weight lifting guide was written by a real trainer and bodybuilder that has produced real muscle building results.

And I'll do the same for you by showing you the informative short-cut you can take with your training to help you stack on some serious muscle!

The only thing more profound than Shawn's transformation was the work ethic and dedication that he displayed during his precontest preparation. And it paid off, he was absolutely shredded to the bone! Unlike many bodybuilders who compromise size when cutting up, he actually seemed to get bigger....Chris Goulet, bodybuilder and personal trainer...www.chrisgoulet.com

Seeing Shawn prepare motivated me to do what I needed to do to fullfil my dream of competing myself. His balance of definition, strength, size, and symmetry is incredible to witness. I'm elated to have joined him in the brother hood of competitive bodybuilding...Mark Cesari, NABF Maine Super Natural Bodybuilding Championship, Lightweight Division 1st Place

Thanks for all your help, this is by far the most intense work out plan I have ever used... Thanx again...-Tony

Shawn, I am impressed with your program, I never thought training could be so easy and actually see results with such short workouts. I'm on week seven and I cannot think of enough great things to say about it. Appreciate the help...Regards, Austin Rogers

Shawn...First I wanted to thank you for the excellent book that you took the time to put together and I think it's great. I've been working out (off and on) since high school and when I read your book it all started to make sense about the gains, nutrition, etc.. Up until now I didn't really take the time to understand the "hows" and "whys" of it and your book really answered a lot of questions and finally made sense of a lot of things I doing right and wrong. Thank you so much. And the follow-ups that you send in my email are great! Way more than I expected...Dave Rodriguez

Why waste hours upon hours surfing the net when you can find a complete "How To guide for building muscle, losing fat, and increasing your strength...right here, right now!

In fact, when you learn what's in "Simple Steps", you'll know more muscle-building and fat-loss information than 90% of the "personal trainers" out there. I work in the field and can honestly say that!

So act now and order before this ebook soon increases back to its regular price of $49.97, which is still a great investment for the muscle-building information you'll discover!

Again, each 139 page PDF "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded" e-book comes with a step-by-step training and workout routine and all 8 Free Bonuses worth $447.00!

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Get The Muscle You Want.
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