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Weight Lifting Programs To Gain Weight and Build Muscle!

Are you using the best weight lifting programs possible for weight gain and muscle growth?

Exactly how much weight training is necessary to increase your muscle mass, weight, and strength?

Not as much as you probably think.

Unlike what you may read about in the muscle mags, you do not have to spend hours a day on your routines, seven days a week to get results.

In fact, any more time than 2 to 3 hours a week spent on your weight lifting programs may be counter-productive.

The best results I've witnessed while in the personal training field come from 3-5 sessions a week with weights, less than an hour each session.

Most people like the Monday, Wednesday, Friday approach to their weight lifting routines.

The following outline for weight lifting programs is simple in it's approach, which is also why it's very effective.

If you want to skip the learner's curve and start doing the best muscle-building tips possible, check out the end of this page for info on advanced weight lifting programs and advice.

The key to proper weight training is to establish a good foundation in which to build upon, much like building a solid foundation for a house.

If you cut corners and build a weak foundation for a house, as time goes on, the house will become weaker and less sturdy.

Same thing with weight training.

Keep your weight lifting programs simple. It's more productive to focus effectively on a few exercises than it is to work out with less intensity on many different ones.

Step 1. From the following muscle groups, pick two that you'll be working out on Day 1 of your weight lifting routines:


Day 1 (Monday) of weight training _______ and ________

Day 2 (Wednesday) of weight training _________ and ________

Finally, day 3 will include the last two muscle groups.

Day 3 (Friday) _________ and ___________

There's your three day weight lifting routine.

Here's a sample week:

Monday: back & chest
Tuesday: cardio
Wednesday: legs & shoulders
Thursday : cardio
Friday: biceps & triceps
Saturday & Sunday Off

Step 2. Depending on which muscle groups you're training, pick 2 exercises for each muscle group from among the following list.


Flat bench press with bar
Flat bench press with dumbbells
Incline bench press with bar
Incline bench press with dumbbells


Dumbbell one arm row
Cable lat pulldowns to front
Seated back row on machine
Chin-ups (Pull-ups)


Seated dumbbell shoulder presses
Dumbbell side lateral raises
Upright rows (also works traps)


Leg press
Leg curls
Leg extension

Biceps Standing Alternate dumbbell curls
Standing Straight bar curls
Ez curl bar curls


Lying Triceps extension
Close-grip bench press
Cable triceps pushdowns


Lying crunches
Leg raises
Crunches on incline bench

You only need to do 2-3 exercises per muscle group in your weight lifting routines.

Doing 2 exercises with intensity and focus is better than doing 3-4 with little or no intensity.

Monday: muscle groups ___________ & _____________

1st muscle group___________

1st exercise____________ x 3 sets
2nd exercise____________x 3 sets
3rd exercise (if applicable)__________x 3 sets

2nd muscle group_________

1st exercise____________x 3 sets
2nd exercise____________x 3 sets
3rd exercise (if applicable)__________x 3 sets

Wednesday: muscle groups __________ & ___________

1st muscle group _________

1st exercise ________________x 3 sets
2nd exercise_______________x 3 sets
3rd exercise (if applicable)__________x 3 sets

2nd muscle group __________

1st exercise ______________ x 3 sets
2nd exercise _______________ x 3 sets
3rd exercise (if applicable)__________x 3 sets

Friday: muscle groups _____________ & ___________

1st muscle group _____ 1st exercise ______________ x 3 sets 2nd exercise ______________ x 3 sets 3rd exercise (if applicable)____________x 3 sets

2nd muscle group ___________ 1st exercise _______________ x 3 sets 2nd exercise _______________ x 3 sets 3rd exercise (if applicable)____________x 3 sets

You do not need more than 3 weight training workouts per week if you combine 2 muscle groups in each workout (biceps & triceps).

These are pretty basic weight lifting programs.

Below are weight lifting programs that skip the beginners learning curve and have you packing on muscle and weight in record time!

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