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How To Diet For
Your Body building Routines

by Shawn LeBrun
Personal trainer

This article taken from my body building course "Simple Steps To Get Huge And Shredded"

This article will show you the best way to diet for your body building routines.

How you gain weight is no mystery. You gain weight by consuming more calories than you burn off in the course of a day. The excess calories, if not used by the body for energy, muscle building, or some other metabolic process, is stored as body fat. It's stored as fat in case there is a future shortage of calories.

Much like you put excess junk you have around the house into a closet for storage, your body stores excess calories you haven't used as body fat for future need.

The problem is, if you continue to eat the same amount of calories (or more) every day, there never is a future need and your body simply continues to store the excess as fat.

If excess calories are the culprit of weight gain, than the answer to achieving fat loss in your body building routines has to do with calories as well. You have to reverse the process that caused you to gain weight. You have to eat less calories.

I do not necessarily mean eating less food. I mean eating fewer calories, which is different.

There are two ways to have an impact on calorie expenditure in your body. Either eat less calories or burn more of them during your body building routines. I do not recommend going to extremes on either one of these but rather doing a little bit of both. When you diet and severely restrict calories, your body goes into a defense mode and begins to hold onto stored body fat.

While on a typical “diet” your body senses possible famine and holds onto body fat in case of future need. Also, your metabolism slows down because there's not as much food to burn through and utilize.

So a drastic, sudden drop in calories is definitely not the way to achieve long term results in your body building routines. Besides, how long could you possibly go on a restrictive diet before the feeling of deprivation makes you give in?

That is why diets traditionally do not work. You eat restrictively for a couple weeks and indeed have some success with weight loss.

But soon the diet becomes much too restrictive and you go back to the older, less restrictive way of eating. When the less healthy, less restrictive lifestyle comes back, so does all the weight you lost.

If you're trying to lose fat by dieting, you're always going to be in a position of playing "catch up".

What I mean by this is, when you come off from a restrictive diet, you are going to "catch up" and eat all of the foods you felt deprived of. Instead of eating moderately and sensibly, the feelings of deprivation cause you to consume much more food than you normally would have if you weren't dieting.

You'll lose some fat on a diet and then gain it all back. Hence the term "yo-yo dieting" or "roller coaster dieting"

The solution? Do not eat restrictively and do not ban any specific foods in your body building routines. I am a big advocate of eating regular, whole foods to lose weight. The foods you eat just have to be in smaller portions.

There isn't any food you have to give up altogether for weight loss to occur. You just have to moderate and eat smaller portions, more often, for your metabolism to operate efficiently.

It is not necessary to count calories forever to lose fat and stay in shape. However, it is important to do so at first, so that you can figure out a ballpark figure of how many calories you should be consuming in your body building routines.

If you're always over this number, fat loss will not occur. After a while, you will learn from habit how many calories you need and what foods you can eat that stay within that number.

But for now, until it becomes habit, it's important to count your calories to see if you are within range of your daily calorie needs.

Reducing calories a little at a time is important so you do not cause an extreme shock to the body and metabolism. Remember, we do not want restrictive eating in our body building routines.

Lowering your calories a little at a time will also allow you to find your "ideal number". That is the number that you drop to that produces the best results for you.

When I was dropping my calories to lose fat for a bodybuilding show, I found my results were really starting to show when I hit 2700 calories. I had started preparing for my show at 3500 calories and really started seeing results at 2700 calories.

When you start to notice results at a certain number, stay with it. By gradually reducing the amount of calories, you are increasing the chance of creating a calorie deficit in which your body will begin to utilize stored fat as energy.

Soon you’ll find the number of calories that creates a deficit in which your body will dip into stored fat and begin shedding more fat in your body building routines.

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