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How Regular Eating Can Help You Build Muscle Fast!

by Shawn LeBrun
Certified Personal Trainer

If you'd like to build muscle fast, then you better be eating often. You need a constant protein intake throughout the day in order to gain muscle mass.

Your body has what is called a free amino acid pool. It's a small reservoir of amino acids that are supplied to help your metabolism repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Only a high quality protein will give you the right ratio of amino acids. The trouble is, your free amino acid pool is totally replaced about 6 times a day. Any deficit in this pool will mean that your body will break down, or catabolize, its own skeletal muscle tissue to provide protein (amino acids).

Yes, that means your body will actually break down muscle tissue to refill this tank with the required amino acids. This is not a good thing because I'm sure you want to gain muscle mass, not lose it.

You can prevent this from happening by eating the proper amounts of protein, carbs, and fats throughout the day. But you need to be eating often. Just eating 3 times a day will not provide your body with the constant supply of nutrients it needs.

If you want to build muscle fast, you need to be eating at least 6 times a day. This amount will produce the steady stream of amino acids from digested protein to constantly maintain the levels in the amino acid pool. If you want to get even better results, try eating up to 8 times a day.

For best results, you want to try eating a small, nutritious meal or snack about every 2 to 3 hours. Try to eat a high-protein, moderate-carb, and low-fat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Then, between those meals, consume a small, protein-rich snack. So you're getting 6 small meals throughout the day, about one every 2 to 3 hours.

This simple but powerful tip will help you build muscle faster than anything else you do. That's because you're going to be preventing muscle breakdown from occuring AND you'll be supplying your body with the protein it needs to build new muscle mass.

If you're only eating a couple times a day, you're not going to gain the muscle mass you could be gaining by spreading your meals out.

Don't spoil the hard work you put in the gym by not setting up your nutrition properly. Start eating better foods more often and I guarantee you'll start to build muscle fast.

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