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August 20, 2003 -- Issue 30
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Today's article comes from a snippet of my muscle-building and fat-loss program "Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded".

It deals with how to....

How To Build Muscle Fast!
By Shawn LeBrun
Personal Trainer

In order to build lean muscle mass and tone up the body, you need to understand what exactly causes a muscle to grow and become stronger.

In fact, thereís only one way a muscle is going to get bigger and stronger.

**Progressively increased overload.**

Let me re-state thatÖ

The only reason a muscle will get bigger and become stronger is by increasing the amount of overload, or "work" on that muscle.

A muscle responds to stress (weight training) by adapting and growing to handle the future stress that will be placed upon it.

Continue to train a muscle with the same weight and youíll get the same results. You need to progressively "force" the muscle into growing stronger or it will not.

So in order to increase overload, you need to increase resistance. In order to increase resistance, you need to increase the amount of weight, or work, you're doing.

Lower repetitions of an exercise will allow you to increase the overload to that muscle instantaneously.

This forces the stimulation of new muscle fibers that will be recruited to handle the additional stresses that will be placed upon the muscle.

Now, contradictory to myths Iíve heard, this low rep range will not increase the likelihood of injury.

If anything, it will reduce the chance of injury because your muscles are becoming accustomed to handling additional forces not normally subjected upon them, therefore strengthening them.

The less reps you do, the less chance of injury. The less times you get in your car to drive, the less likelihood of having a car accident.

For women, low reps will NOT cause you to "bulk" up unwontedly. Low reps will strengthen and "tone" your muscles quicker than higher reps.

Lighter weights and higher reps will basically keep you from making optimal gains. Itís far easier to train more intensely if youíre focusing on lower repetitions instead of ten to fifteen.

If youíre new to an exercise and are just learning how to do an exercise, ten repetitions are fine. When you become more experienced, start lowering your reps and increasing your weights.

Hereís where efficiency also comes into play. Lower reps, if performed with extreme intensity, will be more effective than ten reps of lighter weight and less intensity.

That is efficiency!

Want to find out the OPTIMAL rep range for growing muscle and skyrocketing strength? Learn how to build muscle the right way.

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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, It can achieve!
--Napoleon Hill

Exercise of the Week:

**Incline Dumbbell Bench Press**

Sit on the incline bench with the dumbbells resting on your knees.

To get the dumbbells into the starting position, use your knees to help kick them up one at a time lifting your knee towards your chest.

With an explosive motion, push the weight towards the ceiling keeping it in line with your upper chest.

As you push the weight up, bring your hands together so o the dumbbells form an "A" shape when they come together at the top of the movement.

With control, lower the weight back to the starting position rotating your palms back so they are facing each other and the dumbbells are again parallel with your body.

When you finish your desired reps, bring your knees up and in line with the base of the dumbbells. Rock yourself forward so the dumbbells are again resting on your knees.

Stand up and lower the dumbbells back to the ground.

Only have access to dumbbells?

Don't want to pay for a health club?

"Dumbbell Routines and Exercises" includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations for every muscle group in your body to show you exactly how to build muscle at home.


Supplements worth checking out....

There's only a few supplements I feel work, most do not!

There are a few supplements that I've taken and wholehearted endorse, but the majority are just slick sales pitches that do not work but are making companies millions of dollars.

One of the supplements I've taken and feel is worth a try:

Protein--- Protein is the major nutrient responsible for muscle growth and repair. Weight training athletes require more protein than does a sedentary person.

Protein builds muscle. In fact, protein should be the number one nutritional concern for people working out.

Protein is the critical nutrient responsible for tendon, ligament, and muscle strength.

Protein is also the least likely of the three nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) to be converted to body fat.

Some of the protein sources I recommend are whey protein, milk protein, egg, protein, and soy protein. I think whey protein is the best because the body utilizes it better than the other sources.

Some of the brands that I trust for protein are: AST VP2, AST VyoPro, Nature's Best Isopure, Met-Rx Whey Protein, Sportpharma Just-Whey.

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Shawn LeBrun
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